DVSN And Future Deliver Visuals For Cuffin’ Season Anthem “No Cryin’”

DVSN "No Cryin" Feat Future

Source: LeSean Harris / Warner Records

DVSN And Future Drop Video For No Cryin’”


Last month, dvsn released this year’s new R&B club anthem “No Cryin” featuring Future and today, the OVO Sound duo share the new video for the track.  Dvsn – singing heartthrob Daniel Daley and award-winning producer Nineteen85 – continue their hot-streak this year.


The visual guest stars Keke Palmer and shows a “troubled” relationship and a group of girlfriends encouraging sis to hit the club for the night to forget her man. Dvsn and Future remind us of the golden city boy rule: “ain’t nobody crying in the club.”  Peep the video above and tell us what ya think!

Unpredictable Future: Lori Harvey’s Mom Cautioned Her Not To Date Rappers Or Athletes! [VIDEO]

Future Side By Side with Lori Harvey and her mother Marjorie

Source: ENT/ SplashNews / Splash News

This Old Footage Of Lori Harvey Shows Her Mom Marjorie Giving Dating Advice, “No Athletes, No Rappers”

Future has been less than shy about spending time with Lori Harvey in recent weeks, but we dug up some old footage of Lori on her dad’s show getting advice from her mom that included to stay away from rappers and athletes. Pretty funny stuff in retrospect when you consider Lori was engaged to pro soccer player Memphis Depay and has been linked to everyone from Trey Songz to Diddy. Check out the clip below:

The really interesting part is that prior to marrying Steve, Marjorie is rumored to have had some pretty unconventional taste in men herself — can you really blame Lori for not taking a word of that advice?

New Music: DVSN Links With Future To Give Us A Collab We Never Knew We Needed

DVSN "No Cryin" Feat Future

Source: LeSean Harris / Warner Records


DVSN Releases New Song “No Cryin” Featuring Future

Today, OVO Sound’s hottest R&B duo DVSN release a super necessary new track titled “No Cryin” featuring Future. The melodic Autumn vibe arrives after two previous songs from the group dropped earlier this year titled “Miss Me” and “In Between.”  DVSN, composed of singer Daniel Daley and super producer Nineteen85, has led a whole wave of solemn sounds and Toronto tunes and is back with a track you’ll want to get on board with! Check it out here and let us know what ya think!

Swerved Too Late: Pettiest Reactions To Lori Harvey’s Shady Hit & Run Shenanigans

Lori Gets Cited For Hit & Run, Sparks Petty Chaos

Hot Girl Hall of Famer Lori Harvey is back at it AGAIN with the headline-snatching shenanigans. This time, stirring up hysteria over an alleged hit & run accident in Beverly Hills currently fueling endless waves of petty memes across the internet.

Peep the pettiest reactions to Lori Harvey’s shady hit and run shenanigans on the flip.

The Internet Detectives Are CONVINCED These IG Pics Prove Future And Lori Harvey Were Post-Diddy Vacationing Together

future lori

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Are Future And Lori Harvey On Vacation?

Lori Harvey has had quite the 2019. She spent most of it in some secret relationship situation with Diddy after starting the year seemingly juggling a who’s who of men from Trey Songz to Future to Justin Combs. Then she and Diddy apparently broke up in the last couple of weeks and she went on vacation to clear her mind.

However, a few Internet sleuths have done some detective work and seem to believe that she isn’t on vacation by herself. Instead, she may be out with Future:

See? We may be about to find out what happens when the Final Boss of Hot Girl Summer goes against the Final Boss of F*** Boy Fall. It’s about to get spicy!

Twitter had a LOT of thoughts.

F-Boy Fall: Pettiest Reactions To Future Taking Joie Chavis On A Baby Mama Baecay

Gunna Drip or Drown 2 "A Listening Experience"

Source: Prince Williams/Wireimage

F-boy Fall is heeeeeere!

Future’s Baby Mama Baecay Stirs Up Chitter-Chatter

Say whatever you want about Pluto’s foremost philanderer, Future loves his baby mamas and treats his faves (Joie & Brittni) to lavish getaways for their troubles. This time, it was Joie’s turn to soak in some sun in Turks & Caicos with the father of 7 (or a possible 8 or 9).

Naturally, the reactions to her exotic baecay were extremely mixed but it’s clear she was enjoying her turn as a contestant on Future’s baby mama spin wheel.

Peep the pettiest reactions to Future & Joie’s baecation on the flip.

Beef Over: Rocko And Future Squash Their Beef And Reunite Onstage In Atlanta

Rocko & Future

Source: Photo by Prince Williams/FilmMagic

Rocko And Future Squash Beef And Reunite On Stage In Atlanta

This summer, Future and Meek Mill have been traveling across North America on their Legendary Nights Tour along with Megan Thee Stallion & YG.

Last night, their tour stopped in Future’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia and the show did not disappoint. Future brought out 21 Savage, Lil Baby, and more, but the biggest surprise of the night was the rapper bringing out his former business partner Rocko.

It was widely reported the two have been at odds for a while now over Futures’ old record contract. Future wanted to be freed, while Rocko just wanted what was agreed upon when the contract was signed initially, which caused some tension. In the summer of 2017, we reported that Future refused to pay Rocko his portion of his summer tour earning–but Rocko wanted his coins!

Future took to social around that same time to call Rocko a “con artist” after reports surfaced that he asked the judge to freeze Future’s accounts. Rumors circulated that this contract fulfillment is why Future ended up releasing two back-to-back projects along with several other albums and mixtapes over the past few years.

Looks like all is good now and they may have come to terms with the old contract dispute. Either way, the city of Atlanta rejoiced and celebrated while Future and Rocko performed “Chosen One” for the first time in half a decade live in ATL.

Check out some fan reactions to their long-awaited reunion down below:

Word, Dunny? Lonzo Ball Says Future Has More Classics Than Nas, Riles Up Timb Boot Twitter

Lonzo Ball Vs. Timb Boot Twitter

Ex-Laker-turned-Pelican Lonzo Ball has Timb Boot Twitter in a TIZZY after basically saying Future has more classic projects than legendary lyricist Nas during his now viral interview on Big Boy’s Fuse Show.

Now, to some this sounded like pure blasphemy while many (MANY) others actually agreed with the 21-year-old baller/rapper who stirred up another spicy millennial vs. old head war across Twitter.

Peep the hilarious chaos over Lonzo siding with Future over Nas on the flip.

Future’s Ex-Boo Brittni Reacting To His Messy Paternity Drama?

Official Big Game Take Over Hosted by Diddy+Jeezy+Future

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Brittni Has Something To Say After Future’s Paternity Drama…

Yesterday rapper Future made headlines after being officially declared the father of a newborn baby. The paternity suit, between him and a model named Eliza Reign, had been pending for months before that and now it looks like his ex is throwing shots at the messy situation.

Brittni Mealy, who officially called things off with the codeine lover last year, posted this photo with the caption, ‘minding my business’ on Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

Minding my business 🤸🏼‍♀️ @paradiso_ibiza

A post shared by Britt 🦄 (@thebrittni) on

In related news, Eliza Reign took to Instagram to address a few things about her Future situation. In her stories, she addressed claims that she was trying to “secure the bag” by dragging Future to paternity court. Reign said that’s far from the truth. She alleged she actually LOST $100k messing with the fleeting father.

I lost over 100K having my lil angel. Lost wages and spent a great chunk of my savings. Haven’t been able to work since I was 5 months pregnant. Closed down one of my physical location of one of my businesses because I didn’t have reliable help to fil in my absence.

You can read Eliza’s entire claim here.


Hot Girls Up! Megan Thee Stallion Responds To Future’s Fugazee ‘Hot Boy Summer’ Playlist With One Of Her Own 

Megan Thee Stallion

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Megan Thee Stallion Drops ‘Hot Girl Summer’ Playlist

At first, the Hot Girl vs. Hot Boy Summer thing started out as a joke. That was until Future took it upon himself to take on the title as Head Coach of the Hot Boys.  Now, judging by by folks on social media, it’s officially a competition to see who will come out on top at the end of the Summer.

Even though Hot Girl originator Megan Thee Stallion tried to put an end to the game, the Hot Boys just couldn’t stand to see Hot Girls enjoying themselves.

Future went as far as to create his very own Hot Boy playlist on Spotify.

But H-Town Hottie Meg wasn’t too fazed.

She dropped a playlist of her own shortly after, officially making it a competition between Hot Girls and Hot Boys for the rest of the Summer.

Looks like Hot Girls are up 10.