Spit Bubbles Too: Champagne Papi Accused Of Dumping Drool On Layla Lace’s Face During Alleged Oral Assault

Layla Lace Lawsuit Settled For $350K, Spills The Spittle On Dirty Deeds Drake Allegedly Did Despite His Denials

The details of this lawsuit are pretty gross… If you’ll recall, a woman named Layla Lace (real name Laquana Morris) accused Drake

Don’t Hit “Send”: 16-Year-Old Girl Convicted Of Child Porn After Sending Own Nudes To Friends

Teen Girl Convicted Prison

You may be asking yourself “Wait, really???”

The answer is “yes.”

According to DailyMail, a 16-year-old girl referred to only as “S.K.” has been convicted of child pornography charges in Maryland after she

Fappy Wife, Happy Life: Will Smith Reacts To Jada Pinkett’s Admission Of Prune-Fingered Porn Addiction [Video]

Will Smith Talks Jada Pinkett’s Porn Addiction

Earlier this week the internet’s collective ears perked up when Jada Pinkett talked about her previous porn addiction during the new episode of her consistently-viral Red Table Talk.

During an Aladdin-promoting appearance on

People Ain’t Isht: Dozens Of Women Call Tips Hotline To Brag About Having Sex With Accused Child Rapist R. Kelly

R. Kelly Tip Hotline Flooded With Calls From Women Bragging About Sex With Singer

R. Kelly is a piece of s#!t. Period. But that hasn’t stopped DOZENS of women from calling a hotline meant to help victims to share grocery

The Breakfast Club: Teairra Mari Comes Clean About Her Finances, 50 Cent, Public Humiliation, And Spazzing Out Over Sex Tape [Video]

The Breakfast Club Interviews Teairra Mari

Teairra Mari is STILL dealing with the blowback (no pun intended) from her sex tape “leaking” online. The truth behind how the explicit video ended up on her ex-boyfriend’s Instagram page is still in

Crackback Block: Detective Says Robert Kraft Was Getting “Fingers In The Butt Crack Area” During Slippery Spa Session

Robert Kraft Had Butt Penetrated During Spa Visit Says Detective

Robert Kraft‘s last trip to his favorite freaky Florida day spa ended with handcuffs and embarrassment.

Today, he suffers less from the former, but possibly from the latter…


Fap Out, Tap Out: Female MMA Fighter Beats The Brakes Off Creepy Chicken Choker During Sexy Photoshoot

Brazilian MMA Fighter Beats Up Alleged Masturbator During Photoshoot

Fellas, under NO circumstances, should you pull out you crank your soulja boy when you see a sexy woman on a beach in her bikini.

That goes double if said woman

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