Florida Crazies

Florida Crazies: Man High On Coke And Meth Steals Mail Truck And Leads Cops On Medium-Speed Chase

Florida Man High On Drugs Crashes Stolen Mail Truck After Chase

Florida is forever a forum for f***ery.

TheDrive is reporting that a man has been arrested for carjacking a USPS mail truck and leading police on a chase down

Florida Crazies, But We Get It: Woman Stabs Herself In The Stomach 3 Times Because She’s Tired Of Living In Trump’s America

Florida Woman Stabs Herself Repeatedly Because Trump Is President

Listen, normally we chide the state of Florida as a wasteland of society’s most deviant deplorables, but in this case, we KINDA get it.

According to an article on The Smoking

Caught Lackin’: Jets Baller Le’Veon Bell Is Relieved Of Over $500,000 In Jewelry By Two Sticky-Fingered Thotties

Le’Veon Bell Robbed Of Over $500,000 In Jewelry By Two Women

And he…OOP!

We’ll never understand why athletes are so trusting of these women that they deal with, but here we are. New York Jets running back Le’Veon Bell

Florida Crazies: Miami Woman Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting Burger King Manager Over Some French Fries

Woman Allegedly Assaults Burger King Employee Over Fries

A Florida woman was charged with attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, armed burglary, assault and criminal mischief in a Burger King after being told she couldn’t get free fries.

Police in

Florida Dumbazzes: White Gang Tried To “Punish” Black Member With Alleged Sodomy And Misspelled Racist Tattoo, “F**k, Niger”

Florida Gang Misspells N-Word Tattoo On Black Member

Florida is such a moronic state. Even when they are practicing hate, their lack of education jumps OUT.

According to FoxNews, a gang in the “Sunshine State” was looking to punish

Florida Crazies: Cape Coral Crook Dons Dress And Commanders Cart To Not-So-Sneakily Steal Similac From Store

Florida Man Wearing Bonnet And Dress Caught On Camera Stealing Baby Formula

Florida is always gonna Florida and today’s example of the southmost state’s shameful shenanigans comes live from Cape Coral.

According to Fox4Now, police are on the hunt

Florida Crazies: Cape Coral Crook Dons Dress And Commanders Cart To Not-So-Sneakily Steal Similac From Store

Florida Man Wearing Bonnet And Dress Caught On Camera Stealing Baby Formula

Florida is always gonna Florida and today’s example of the southmost state’s shameful shenanigans comes live from Cape Coral.

According to Fox4Now, police are on the hunt

Florida Crazies: Youth Pastor Forced 15-Year-Old Into Sex By Threatening To Call ICE On Her Family

Florida Youth Pastor Threatens Teen’s Family With ICE To Force Sex

As every Kodak Black Instagram story further proves, people from Florida truly ain’t s#!t.

A story in the NYPost also serves as evidence against the southernmost state in Ameria

Why Florida, Why: Miami Mother Accused Of Beating Son With Meat Tenderizer Over Homework Dispute

44-year old Martha Ciguenas was arrested on Monday on an aggravated child abuse charge after officials say she 9-year-old son with a meat tenderizer during an argument over his homework. According to the police report, the boy didn’t tell Ciguenas

Florida Crazies: Good Samaritan Murdered At Waffle House For Paying For Food And Giving Out Money

Good Samaritan Killed Inside Florida Waffle House

You KNOW when both Florida AND Waffle House are in a headline that some f**ks**t is afoot.

According to the Gainesville Sun, 25-year-old Ezekiel Luke Hicks is the primary suspect in the

Why: Pregnant Woman And Her Boyfriend Brutally Beaten By Florida Motorcycle Mob [Video]

Florida Motorcyclists Attack Pregnant Woman

On Sunday, a pregnant woman and her boyfriend were attacked in Florida by a mob of motorcyclists after one of the bikes slammed into the couples car while doing a wheelie. According to Edgewood police,

Jesus Take The Wheel: Mother Arrested For Killing Her Daughter To “Prevent Her From Having Sex”

Mom Accused Of Killing Her Daughter For A Really Strange Reason

This story is absolutely insane.

A woman has been accused of stabbing her daughter to death after telling investigators that she killed the 11-year-old to keep her from having

Florida (Of Course) Woman Claims That ‘Demons Made Her’ Steal Rental Car [Video]

Woman Says Demons Made Her Steal A Car

Another day, another Florida story. A wayward woman is making national headlines for bizarrely blaming her rental car pilfering ways on outside forces. WJXT reports that Gardina McCullough, 23 appeared in court

Get Your Life Together: High School Band Director Doesn’t Regret His Sexual Relationship With A Student That Has Him Under Arrest

High School Band Teacher Arrested For Relationship With Student

The former band director at Florida’s South Broward High School began a sexual relationship with a student after consoling her during her breakup with another teenager, the student told police–And he

Florida Cr-, Wait What?! Ex-Palm Beach Police Officer Found Guilty Of Manslaughter And Attempted Murder Of Black Motorist

Florida Cop Convicted Of Killing Black Man

Listen, you already know how we come in here and drag the trash a$$ state of Florida to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean on the regular, but today, they finally did something

SMH: Florida Rapper Livestreams Shootout With Police After Allegedly Beating His Wife [Video]

Florida Rapper Livestreams Shootout

23-year old Florida rapper Big LA was arrested on Thursday after live streaming his shootout with the police. LA, whose real name is Laforest Duron Gray Jr., reportedly had the cops called on him after he

WTF: Fraudulent Florida Doctor Misdiagnoses Patients, Promises To Treat Them With His Own Blood

Fake Doctor Misdiagnoses Patients

Hernando County Police arrested 73-year old Onelio Hipolit-Gonzalez for falsely posing as a doctor and promising he could cure serious ailments, including cancer, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease, by using his own blood.

Hernando County detectives arrested

Florida Crazies: Female Politician With ‘Habit’ Of Licking Faces Has Resigned

Florida official resigns after being fined for face licking https://t.co/7FFwuMKrSh pic.twitter.com/23LrgPT8sn

— ABC7 Eyewitness News (@ABC7) February 7, 2019

Florida Commissioner Nancy Oakley Resigns Following Harassment Complaint

An alleged sexually harassing representative has resigned.

Commissioner Nancy Oakley is being accused

Florida KFC Worker Tosses Fingerlickin’ Chicken In Man’s Face Because Of THIS [Video]


Florid KFC Worker Arrested For Fried Chicken Assault

A Florida KFC employee was recently arrested for a finger-lickin’ fade. According to the Miami Herald Ronald Jenkins recorded a video of a KFC worker handling food without gloves. That woman

Clocked Cooch: Florida Police Find Four Rolex Watches Stuffed Inside Woman’s Vagina

Miami Springs police find stolen Rolex watches in suspect’s vagina https://t.co/bCSDwz8mx5 pic.twitter.com/DIl4vF0TLW

— Miami Herald (@MiamiHerald) January 11, 2019

Florida Police Find Stolen Watches Inside Woman

A bizarre Florida (of course) arrest is going viral. Miami Springs police say a

K9OD: Florida Police Dog Given Narcan After Overdosing On The Job 

A K-9 for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida is still recovering after overdosing on Ecstacy while sniffing for Narcotics on a cruise.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman, Tod Goodyear, told reporters,

“(The dog) started having some problems with balance

Of Course, SMFH: Racist, N-Word Spewing, Florida Cop Gets “Last Chance” To Keep Job After Being Fired

Boca Raton Cop Fired Over N-Word Gets Second Chance

The lengths that cops will go to in order to protect one another is pretty sickening and it’s almost always at an innocent person’s expense. Crazy how that works.

A Sun-Sentinel

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