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WTF?! Florida Police Officer Gets Suspended After Arresting 6-Year-Old Girl For Throwing A Tantrum

Orlando Cop Gets Suspended For Arresting A 6-Year-Old Girl

A police officer in Florida was facing a ton of backlash online after arresting two children, which included detaining a 6-year-old girl for throwing a tantrum. Now, the officer has been

Catch Fade: Footage Of Dallas Cowboys Baller Tyrone Crawford In MASSIVE Brawl Inside Florida Bar [Video]

Dallas Cowboys Player Tyrone Crawford On Video In Florida Brawl

Things got WAY outta hand at Coyote Ugly in Panama City Beach, Florida when Dallas Cowboys baller Tyrone Crawford got into it with staffers at the bar according to TMZ.

Heartbreaking: Florida Teen Kills Toddler He Was Babysitting Over Her Crying

14-Year Old Babysitter Murders 3-Year Old

14-year old Jonathan Godwin has been placed under arrested for allegedly murdering a 3-year-old girl that he was babysitting. Jacksonville Police accused Godwin of repeatedly hitting the girl in her chest, back, legs and

Florida Crazies: White Man Convicted Of Manslaughter For Killing Unarmed Black Man, “Stand Your Ground” Defense Doesn’t Hold

Florida Man Found Guilty Manslaughter Of Unarmed Black Man

A Florida white man, Michael Drejka, is going prison for the murder of a Black man Markeis McGlockton after a dispute in a convenience store parking lot according to NBCNews.

Janky Journey: Cable Cord Snaps On Amusement Park Slingshot Ride Just Before It Launches [Video]

Amusement Park Ride Breaks Down On Passengers

Final Destination movies are nothing compared to cheating death in real life. Two Florida tourists are counting their lucky stars this week after facing quite a scare on a Cobra Adventure Amusement Park

White Male Terrorist: Cops Pop Would-Be Mass Shooter After Girlfriend Reports Plan To Kill 100 People [Video]

Florida Police Arrest Man Planning To Murder 100 In Mass Shooting

Tristan Scott Wix was arrested in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida yesterday after his girlfriend told local police that her psycho ex was planning to murder 100 people.

According to

BREAKING: Financier Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide In Jail While Awaiting Sex Trafficking Trial 

Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide

66-year old multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell early Saturday morning following a successful suicide attempt. The famous financier, who was facing federal sex trafficking charges, was found hanging in his

Bite Into Crime: Florida Woman Allegedly Chews Off Boyfriend’s Thumb And Leaves Pieces Of It On The Floor 

Florida Woman Reportedly Bites Off Boyfriend’s Thumb

Florida love is a different type of love, apparently. A Lutz woman got into a fight with her child’s father over the weekend and reportedly bit off part of his thumb and left

Florida Food Fougazie: Raw Piece Of Chicken Crawls It’s Way Off A Dinner Plate At Korean Restaurant [Video]


Raw Chicken Comes Back To Life On Customers Plate

People often joke about meat possibly still being alive when eating at fast food restaurants — and that was the case for one Florida customer who went to get their

Once Upon A Time In Florida: Two Women Tell The Manager At Burger King To “Go Back To Mexico” For Speaking Spanish

Florida Women Under Fire For Telling Burger King Employee To “Go Back To Mexico”

The people of Florida keep on Flordia’ing…and it’s not pretty.

The general manager of one Burger King restaurant in Florida was told by one of his

Faulty Finesse: Dunkin’ Donuts Manager Allegedly Hired A Fake Employee & Pocketed All Their Checks

Dunkin’ Donuts Worker Made Up A Fake Employee To Collect Their Paychecks

A Dunkin’ Donuts manager in Florida was arrested for allegedly hiring an employee that didn’t exist and then pocketing all of the checks that fake worker received, according

Florida Crazies: Jacksonville Girl Licks Tongue Depressor At Doctor’s Office And Puts It Back, Mother Posts To Snapchat, Gets Death Threats

Daughter Licks Tongue Depressor, Mother Posts Video On Snapchat

We hope all y’all disgusting bastards and bishes go directly to jail and do not collect $200 for all this lickin’ y’all doing.

According to News4Jax, a girl and her

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