#BasketballWives: Evelyn Vs. OG EXPLODES Once Again And Here’s Who Twitter Is DRAGGING This Week

Evelyn And OG’s Feud Continues

The Basketball Wives Reunion is in full swing and chaos is reigning supreme. The big story, of course, is still Evelyn and OG fighting it out over their season-long feud. It all came to a

#BasketballWivesReunion: Evelyn’s Crocodile Tears And OG Restraining Order Are Getting Her DRAGGED

Evelyn Lozada’s Basketball Wives Antics

For better or worse, this has been the season of Evelyn Lozada. She has been the straw that stirs the drink on Basketball Wives and has been since the season premier a few weeks

MESS ALERT: Pettiest Reactions To Evelyn Lozada Suing OG Chijindu For “Defamation”

Is Evelyn Lozada seriously suing someone for embarrassing her?
After throwing bottles and jumping tables for almost a decade? pic.twitter.com/5DwKCBXRTm

— BLACK MATLOCK (@KahranAtLaw) October 7, 2019

Evelyn Sues OG For Defamation, Sparks Hilarious Chaos

There’s no messier reality saga

WELP: Evelyn Takes #BBWLA Beef To New Heights–Sues For OG For Defamation

Evelyn Lozada Sues OG Chijindu

Things have gone from bad to worse between two “Basketball Wives L.A.” stars. Evelyn Lozada and OG have been battling on the show over those Chad Ochocinco text messages and after OG thought she successfully

BOSSIP Exclusive: “Basketball Wives” Source Says OG’s Aggressive Storyline Stems From Her BTS ‘Drama Queen’ Actions!

Production Source Says OG Is A “Troublemaker” Behind The Scenes

What happens in the dark always comes to light — last week OG pulled out the receipts while beefing with Evelyn but a well-placed production source tells BOSSIP that Evelyn’s

Evelyn Lozada Is STILL Getting Clowned For Looking Like Boo Boo The Fool Over Old OchoCinco DMs

Evelyn Lozada Blasted For Embarrassing Moment

Evelyn Lozada has had quite the horrible season of Basketball Wives. She’s been getting dragged left and right by every corner of Twitter for instigating drama with OG, slapping her nethers on national TV

And I OOP: Evelyn Tried To Expose OG’s “Thirsty” Ochocinco DMs—But OG Obliterated Her With THIS

#BBWLA Beef…

OG And Evelyn Lozada Clash Over Ochocinco

OG is not letting up on Evelyn Lozada when it comes to those Ochocinco claims. If you watched last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives L.A.” then you saw the aftermath of

Evelyn Lozada Claims She Is Afro-Latina But THESE Old Tweets Suggest Otherwise…Whoops?

Evelyn Lozada’s Race Called To Question

Evelyn Lozada is back in the news with yet more controversy. Her insane panty-patting outburst during last week’s Basketball Wives had everyone making memes about her. That didn’t end the shenanigans. Evelyn was accused

#BBWLA: Evelyn’s Messy Pum-Patting Shenanigans Spark Hilarious Meme Wave


A crackhead: pic.twitter.com/p206Bt4BRE

— Yes… Yes it is. (@TallGlassofStyL) September 27, 2019

Evelyn’s Pum-Patting Shenanigans Spark Hilarity

After all kinds of messy #BBWLA shenanigans, Evelyn stunned viewers with her now infamous pum-patting shenanigans while arguing with bitter rival OG

#BasketballWives: Evelyn Lozada Got Tossed Into The Bushes And Clowned ALL Across Twitter

Evelyn Tossed In The Bushes

The Basketball Wives crew had quite a trip to Costa Rica where things got out of hand very quickly. Evelyn is still trying to bully OG, so she and Malaysia tried to pile on her

#BBWLA Beef: Evelyn Considers Restraining Order Against OG, OG Responds With THIS

Evelyn Lozada Considers Restraining Order Against OG

Evelyn Lozada apparently is none too pleased with one of her “Basketball Wives” castmates and she’s considering legal action. According to The Blast, the reality star was so irritated by Ogom “OG”

#BasketballWives: Evelyn Is Picking Fights With Jennifer (AGAIN) And Getting DRAGGED To Hell For It

Evelyn Fights With Jennifer Again

This new episode of Basketball Wives was full of drama, emotional goodbyes and rekindled feuds. First, let’s give a shout out to Tami, who, after a decade of trailblazing on the show, has decided

“Basketball Wives” Exclusive: Evelyn Lets OG Have It Over Being Messy! [VIDEO]

The Ladies Of “Basketball Wives” Get Real About All The Messiness

A new episode of “Basketball Wives” is coming on tonight and the ladies aren’t holding anything back when it comes to airing out their differences. Watch an exclusive clip

‘Big Sausage’ Complimenting Evelyn Lozada Speaks On Rob Kardashian Tweets, Relationship With Jennifer Williams & More [Video]

Evelyn Lozada Responds To Rob Kardashian Dating Rumors

Basketball Wives has only been back on air for three episodes, and it didn’t take long for Evelyn Lozada to have some off-air drama of her own. The reality star stopped by

“Basketball Wives” Exclusive: Kristen Scott Catches Up With Jennifer Williams About The Fate Of Her Friendships [VIDEO]

Jennifer Williams Talks To Kristen Scott About Her Soured Friendships

The day has finally arrived for the return of “Basketball Wives”! We’ve got an exclusive clip from tonight’s episode for your viewing pleasure. Watch as Jennifer Williams catches up with

Guess Who’s Bizzack!? Watch The Trailer For The New Season Of “Basketball Wives” Returning To VH1 This June [VIDEO]

“Basketball Wives” Returns To Vh1 June 19

“Basketball Wives” is byke! Are y’all excited? Some of your favorite vets are back for a brand new season and there’s another newbie involved too. Check out the trailer below:

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