Epitome of a Bad Mother

SMFH: Texas Woman Arrested For Allegedly Letting Man Sexually Assault Daughter For $400

Texas Woman Allegedly Let Man Sexually Assault Daughter For $400

A Texas woman was recently arrested for a disgusting act that she allegedly let happen for cash. The Odessa American reports that police took Shirley Harmon, 36, into custody on

To Slurp & Neglect: Ex-Cop Admits She Was Getting Sexing Her Supervisor While Baby Daughter Died In Hot Patrol Car

Ex-Cop Had Sex With Supervisor While Baby Daughter Died In Hot Car

We’re reported about a LOT of ain’t s#!t cops in our day, but this broad right here…

According to Sun Herald, former Mississippi police officer Cassie Barker

Jesus Take The Wheel: Mother Arrested For Killing Her Daughter To “Prevent Her From Having Sex”

Mom Accused Of Killing Her Daughter For A Really Strange Reason

This story is absolutely insane.

A woman has been accused of stabbing her daughter to death after telling investigators that she killed the 11-year-old to keep her from having

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Texas Mom Arrested After Leaving Her 5 Children Alone For Days To Go On A Beach Trip

Mother Charged With Child Abandonment After Beach Trip

Some of y’all just really shouldn’t have kids….

One mother from Texas has been charged with child abandonment for leaving her five children at home alone for several days while she traveled

Celebrity Seeds: Blac Chyna Doesn’t Want Baby Dream Anywhere Near Rob Kardashian’s Boo Alexis Skyy

Blac Chyna Doesn’t Believe Alexis Skyy And Rob Kardashian Are A Couple

Blac Chyna and Alexis Skyy are mortal enemies that are only rivaled by Scoprion and Sub-Zero.

After catching a feather-flappin’ fade last week the ladies are likely to

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