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Interesting, Innit? Top Boy’s Little Simz and Michael Ward Answers “Netflix Nine” Questions About Lives And Careers [Video]

‘Top Boy’ Actors Michael Ward And Little Simz Answer “Netflix Nine”

Top Boy is a whole lot more than “that new Drake show”. And while Aubrey is certainly worthy of some credit for getting the cult classic series back onto

Oh, Canada: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Put On Blast For Wearing “Brownface, Turban, Robe In Year Book Photo

Justin Trudeau Outed For Wearing Blackface

White folks just can’t seem to get enough of wearing Blackface. You’d think it was the hottest new fashion trend the way they unabashedly rock our skin. You can’t say you love us,

Aw, COME On! Bubbling Bull Baby Batter Goes Boom As Australian Animal Semen Facility Goes Up In Fertile Flames

Bull Semen Facility Catches Fire In Australia

Things went…awry at an Australian artificial insemination facility this week when a massive fire broke out according to Newsweek.

At least 100 cylinders of bull semen were destroyed at the Yarram Herd

People Ain’t Isht: Racist British Soup Cookie Trains Dog To Attack Pakistani Store Owner

Allegedly Racist Woman Convicted Of Letting Dog Attack Asian Store Owner

A 41-year-old woman in Manchester, U.K. has been convicted of racially aggravated common assault, racially aggravated harassment and having a dog dangerously out of control after allowing her

So Sad: 14-Year-Old In Kenya Commits Suicide After Alleged Shaming By Teacher For Having Her Period

Kenyan Schoolgirl Kills Herself After Being Shamed By Teacher

A 14-year-old girl in Kenya took her own life last week after a teacher allegedly embarrassed her for getting her period in class.

The young woman’s death has prompted protests from

Seriously?! Cashier In Tokyo Arrested For Allegedly Using His ‘Photographic Memory’ To Steal 1,300 Customers’ Credit Card Info

A Cashier In Tokyo Stole The Credit Card Information Of 1,300 Customers.

A cashier in Tokyo, Japan been arrested after allegedly stealing the credit card information of a whopping 1,300 customers–and he supposedly did it all using just his memory.

Blackballed: Donald Trump Says Bahamian People Seeking Refuge From Dorian Are “Very Bad Gang Members And Drug Dealers”

Donald Trump Casts Aspersions On Bahamians Seeking Refuge From Dorian

Donald Trump, the President of 53% of white women’s United States, pretty much hates Black and brown people.

At every turn, Trump villainizes non-white people as violent degenerates who

Doggie Biscuit: Mexican Gang Captures Alleged Rapist And Has Pit Bull Chow Down On His Penis

Pit Bull Eats Alleged Rapist Genitals

The last thing in life you ever want to do is piss off a Mexican gang. They don’t play fair, especially when you’re an accused rapist.

According to DailyMail, a gang

In-humanitarian Effort: 130 Bahamians Kicked Off Ferry From Freeport To Florida For Not Having U.S. Visa

130 Bahamanias Forced To Disembark Freeport Ferry Over U.S. Visa Restriction

Hurricane Dorian absolutely decimated the Bahamas, specifically Freeport. The people there are DESPERATE for aid and dozens of them suffered a heartbreaking embarrassment at the hands of the United

#BOSSIPSounds: U.K. Rapper Wretch 32 Delivers A Power Statement About Mothers And Empowering Women In “Mummy’s Boy” [Video]

Wretch 32 “Mummy’s Boy” Music Video

Some of you may not be familiar with our rap bredren across the pond in the U.K., but we assure you they are not the umbrella-twirling, tea & crumpets-eating stereotype that you have probably

Melee In The Motherland: South Africa Suffers Wave Of Xenophobic Violence Against Foreigners And Migrants

South Africa Erupts Into Xenophobic Violence

South Africa is currently enduring a bloody wave of violence as police scramble to arrest looters, rioters, and arsonists in Johannesburg and the capital Pretoria.

According to Al-Jazeera, angry protesters appear to be

Seriously?! The State Of Vermont Will Pay You $10,000 Just To Move There

Vermont Is Paying People $10,000 To Relocate There

If you’re looking for a way to make a quick $10K, a move to Vermont could be in your future.

The sparsely populated state made headlines last year when officials approved plans

Moving On: A$AP Rocky’s Sweden Sentence Will Not Be Appealed By Prosecutor

A$AP Rocky’s Suspended Sentence Will Not Be Appealed

A$AP Rocky just wants to put his whole Sweden situation behind him, and that’s become very clear with word on Tuesday that the prosecutor in the assault case would not be appealing

Not Again: Costa Rica Reveals Their Death Toll From Tainted Alcohol Has Risen To 25

Death Toll From Tainted Alcohol In Costa Rica Has Risen To 25

Almost a month after Costa Rica released a national alert to warn residents and visitors of 19 deaths caused by counterfeit alcohol, that already shocking death toll has

Some Sweet Black Lovin’: Usain Bolt Takes A Baecation With His Beautiful Boo Thang Kasi Bennett

Usain Bolt Vacations In Spain With Stunning Girlfriend

It looks like Usain Bolt and his stunning better half Kasi Bennett are still going strong. The couple were photographed living it up in Formentera this week. The couple were previously plagued

No F***in’ Problem: ASAP Rocky Found Guilty Of Assault In Shady A$$ Sweden, Luckily He’s Never Going Back

ASAP Rocky Found Guilty Of Assault In Sweden

A$AP Rocky has been found guilty of assaulting 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari in Sweden but fortunately, he won’t have to suffer the consequences some of us feared he would.

According to reports in

You Can’t Be Serious: British Cops Say People Mocking Faintly-Follicled Pharmaceutical Felon Could Be Investigated

British Cops Warn Social Media Users About Mocking Drug Dealer

Hair ye, hair ye, let it be known that if you have jokes about this on-the-run drug dealer then the blokes who wear badges in Britain may put you under

Hometown Heroes: Worshippers In Norway Stopped A Mosque Attack By Wrestling Gunman To The Ground

An Attack In Norway Was Halted When Worshippers Wrestled The Gunman

Fighting off a gunman with your two bare hands? Apparently, it can be done.

Two brave men in Norway were able to stop a shooting at a mosque before

Pink Feathered Party Gal RihRih Revels In The Road During Barbados Cropover Celebrations

Rihanna Takes Photos With Friends And Fans At Cropover In Barbados

RihRih has been home in Barbados for a few days for cropover festivities. The singer headlined the big celebration Monday, wearing a pink feathered costume and bantu knots for

Get Your Life Together: A Brazilian Gang Leader Dressed Up As His Teenage Daughter To Try Escaping From Prison

A Brazilian Gang Leader Dressed Up As His 19-Year-Old To Escape From Prison

A Brazilian gang leader tried to escape a high-security prison by dressing up as his teenage daughter — and yes, leaving his daughter behind in jail was

Shaq The Mack: Shaquille O’Neal Spotted Swimming With A Sweet Thang In Spain

Shaq Spotted Romancing New Beauty On Yacht Vacation

It’s safe to say Shaq’s summer is going swimmingly! The retired NBA baller was photographed this week in Formentera de Segura Spain, yachting with friends and swimming with a beautiful new companion.

Race Matters: G-Eazy Owns His White Privilege After Jada Pinkett Smith Calls Out Double Standard In A$AP Rocky’s Swedish Arrest

G-Eazy Responds To Jada Pinkett-Smith Tweet About A$AP Rocky Sweden Arrest

A$AP Rocky’s Swedish detention is some bulls#!t and each that the passes the call for his release gets louder and louder stateside.

Yesterday it struck Jada Pinkett Smith that

Oh Word? Yeah, Aight: Swedish Ambassador Says Black People Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Pull Up Despite A$AP Rocky Situation [Video]

Swedish Ambassador Says A$AP Rocky’s Charges Might Be More Serious

Cap. Cap. Cap. Cap. Cap.

Apparently, the Ambassador to Sweden is doing some damage control in light of the bad PR the country is getting behind A$AP Rocky’s wrongful arrest

Nordic Nonsense: Quavo Reveals That The Cuff-Happy Cops In Sweden Tried To Lock Him Up Before [Video]

Quavo Says He Was Almost Locked Up In Sweden Like A$AP Rocky

Migos frontman Quavo was out in LA when TMZ ran up on him to ask his thoughts on Sweden’s piss poor treatment of A$AP Rocky.

Huncho took time

BeyBey Blesses The Brits With Her Bounteous Beauty At London Lion King Premiere

Disney’s “The Lion King” marked its European premiere Sunday in Leicester Square in London, welcoming a host of royal and celebrity guests including Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The event was in support of the conservation

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