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BeyBey Blesses The Brits With Her Bounteous Beauty At London Lion King Premiere

Disney’s “The Lion King” marked its European premiere Sunday in Leicester Square in London, welcoming a host of royal and celebrity guests including Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The event was in support of the conservation

Corey Got A Big Ol’ Butt: Kris Jenner And Her Heavy Hipped Honey Swirl It Up In The South Of France

Corey Gamble Is Having A Hot Boy Summer With Kris Jenner

Corey Gamble is currently having the time of his life yachting the South of France with his cougar love thang Kris Jenner.

We’re proud of Corey out here having

Dirty Game: ASAP Rocky Kept In Inhumane Conditions In Swedish Jail, Feces, Dirty Water, Inedible Food, Soiled Yoga Mats

ASAP Rocky Held In “Inhumane” Disease-Ridden Swedish Jail

Sweden is doing ASAP Rocky filthy.

Pretty Flacko has been jailed in the Nordic country for two weeks while Swedish authorities decided whether or not to charge him with aggravated assault for

It’s History, Bruv! Stormzy Becomes The First Black Brit Solo Artist To Headline Glastonbury Festival

Stormzy Makes History With Legendary Glastonbury Festival Performance

You may not be familiar with UK Grime music, but just know that Stormzy is a king amongst kings across the pond. At the risk of disrespect, we can only liken him

Champion Chillin’: Kawhi Leonard Brings His Family To Barbados For Fun In The Sun

Kawhi Leonard Vacations In Barbados With Family

Well that’s a familiar face! Kawhi Leonard gave island paparazzi his best boo boo face this week while vacationing with his family in Barbados .

Kawhi and wifey Khrishele Shipley took their daughter

¡Coño! 11th American Dies After Trip To Dominican Republic, Sick Denver Man Forced From Plane Returning Home

11th American Dies After Trip To Dominican Republic

Listen, by no means do mean to be alarmist, but what the f**k is really going on down in the D.R.?

According to the Denver Post, an 11th American has

So Sad: A Pair Of Suicide Bombings At The Tunisian Capital Leave 1 Dead & Several Wounded

Suicide Bombings In Tunisia Leave 1 Dead And More Wounded

A pair of suicide bombers blew themselves up in separate attacks on police on Thursday in the Tunisian capital, killing one police officer and wounding several other people, according to

Spit Bubbles Too: Champagne Papi Accused Of Dumping Drool On Layla Lace’s Face During Alleged Oral Assault

Layla Lace Lawsuit Settled For $350K, Spills The Spittle On Dirty Deeds Drake Allegedly Did Despite His Denials

The details of this lawsuit are pretty gross… If you’ll recall, a woman named Layla Lace (real name Laquana Morris) accused Drake

F**k 12: Dominican Authorities Investigating David Ortiz Shooting Believe Hit Man Is A Crooked Cop

David Ortiz’ Shooter Thought To Be Crooked Cop

Yesterday we reported that David Ortiz aka “Big Papi” was shot in the back in his home of the Dominican Republic.

Today, according to NYPost, we get word that Dominican authorities

Kush Chronic-les: Jamaican Scientist Looks To Re-Create Bob Marley’s Beloved And Long-Lost Loud Pack

Jamaican Scientist To Re-Create Bob Marley’s Favorite Cannabis Strain

Bob Marley is no longer with us, and gone with him is his favorite strain of marijuana, but it appears that a resurrection a gwan…

According to DailyMail Dr. Machel Emanuel

Just Leave Him, Sis: Woman Forced Her Cheating Husband To Lie On Top Of Their Car Naked As Punishment

Woman Forced Her Cheating Husband To Lie Naked On Top Of Car

A woman in Colombia decided on what she thought was the perfect way to humiliate her cheating husband: by making him lie naked on top of their car

Drugs Are Bad M’kay: Man Dies On Flight After Reportedly Ingesting 246 Bags Of Cocaine

Man Dies After Ingesting Almost 250 Bags Of Cocaine

A Japanese man died on Friday after reportedly ingested a whopping 246 bags of cocaine. He was on a flight from Mexico City back to Japan and began having seizures shortly

Fatal Finesse: Minnesota Man Pleads Guilty To Faking His Own Death For $2 Million Insurance Payout

Moldovan Man Admits To Faking His Own Death For Insurance Money

A Moldovan man who resides in Minnesota pleaded guilty to mail fraud after faking his own death so that his wife could collect his $2 million life insurance claim.

Sweet Sweet Sweet Bajan Nights: RihRih And She Bestie Went Tuh Town

Rihanna And Melissa Forde Have A Night Out In Barbados

RihRih and her bestie Melissa were photographed having a night on the town this weekend for a Bridgetown party thrown by her brother Rorrey. As the Bajans say… they were

A Mod Ting, Bruv: Stormzy Drops Stunning New Single And Visual For “Vossi Bop” [Video]

Stormzy’s New Music Video For “Vossi Bop”

If you’re not familiar with UK grime artist Stormzy then we highly suggest you watch the video then make yourself familiar with his past work.

There is often debate among American rap fans

Seriously?! McDonald’s Issues An Apology After 2-Year-Old Sucks On A Used Condom Found In The Restaurant

Toddler Finds Used Condom In McDonald’s Lobby

McDonald’s has issuesd an apology after a 2-year-old was seen sucking on a used condom that they discovered in the restaurant.

The mother–who chose to be identified only as Wendy–said she rushed her

Bigot King: New Burger King Mocks Asian Community With Obviously Offensive Chopsticks Ad

Burger King Ad With Chopsticks Sparks Anger In Asian Community

At this point, in 2019, we have to assume that any company who produces a racist ad or product is doing it on purpose specifically to cause outrage.

After ALL

Will Smith Runs A Half Marathon In Cuba, But Will He Reach His Goal Time? [VIDEO]

Will Smith Runs Half Marathon In Cuba

In the latest episode of “Will Smith’s Bucket List” Will heads to Cuba and pushes the limits of his mental and physical strength by running a half marathon in sweltering heat with less

Elsewhere In The World: 3 Dead In Tram Shooting In Dutch City Of Utrecht, Police Have Finally Arrested Suspect

3 Killed In Utrecht Tram Attack

Just moments ago, police, via NPR, in the Dutch city of Utretch announced that they have arrested the man suspected of killing three people aboard a tram this morning in what appears to

Seriously?! Woman Fakes Her Own Kidnapping & Murder After Finding Out Her Boyfriend Is Poor

Woman Fakes Her Own Death To Avoid Breaking Up With Boyfriend

A 37-year-old woman from Wuhan–in central China’s Hubei Province–was recently arrested after it was revealed that she had faked her own kidnapping and murder in order to avoid having

Yolked Up: Aussie A$$hole Senator Fraser Anning Slapped With Egg On Live TV After Blaming ChurchChrist Massacre On Muslims

Australian Senator Fraser Anning Slapped With An Egg

Take that, take that, take that.

Yesterday, following the news that 49 people were killed and 20 more injured during terrorist hate crime shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand,

Christchurch Catastrophe: 49 Muslims Killed And 20 Injured In Live-Streamed Terrorist Attack On Two New Zealand Mosques

49 Killed In Terrorist Attacks On Two New Zealand Mosques

Horrifying news coming out of New Zealand to start the morning.

49 Muslim worshippers have been pronounced dead and twenty more have been injured in a terrorist attack on TWO

Seriously?! England Man Suffered From A Deadly Skull Infection After Cleaning His Ears With A Cotton Swab

Man Who Cleaned His Ear With Cotton Swab Got A Skull Infection

Well, this is absolutely frightening…

A man in England has (understandably) sworn off cleaning his ears with cotton swabs after developing a potentially life-threatening infection, which not only

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