Donald Trump

Unhinged Habanero Fat Shames Supporter At His Rally, Folks Think He’s Out His Grease Gobbling Mind

Trump Fat Shames Man At Rally, “Go Exercise”

Dingy Dorito’s once again saying something stupid. Y’alls President had a campaign rally Thursday in New Hampshire and he inadvertently disrespected one of his own supporters. During the event, security dragged out

#ElPasoShooting Rihanna, Cardi B & More Respond To Ya’lls Ain’t Doing Sh**, Domestic Terrorism Enabling President

Celebrities React To The Mass Shootings In Texas, Ohio and California

This weekend was full of tragedy, once again, due to acts of gun violence and domestic terrorism.

First, 20 people were left dead and 26 injured in a mass

Racist Republicans Pt. 251: Rand Paul Offers Ilhan Omar A Ticket To Somalia So She Can “Appreciate America More”

Sen. Rand Paul Tells Rep. Ilhan Omar He’ll “Buy Her A Ticket To Go Visit Somalia”

The racism of the Republican party continues to rear its grotesque head with someone else coming after Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Senator Rand Pau

*Sigh* It’s Only Monday & Trump Calls Al Sharpton A “Con Man” Who “Hates Whites & Cops,” Sharpton Claps Back

Trump Calls Al Sharpton A “Con Man” & He Responds With Receipts Against Trump

So naturally, when Trump called Baltimore a “disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess,” folks were going to come out the woodwork to drag the trifling Cheeto.

Tired Of This Sh**: Ya’ll Scum Of AmeriKKKa A$$ President Tells Women Of Color Congresswomen To “Go Back” To Their County

Donald Trump Tells Progressive Democrat Congresswomen To “Go Back” To Their Country

The day Trump is out of office will truly be THE DAY.

Ya’ll raggedy a$$, racist a$$ president had the adolescent AUDACITY to come after Democrat congresswomen, specifically

David Letterman Digs Into Kanye’s Trump Love, Sunday Service And Struggles With Mental Health For “My Next Guest”

David Letterman Gets Kanye To Open Up About Late Mom, Mental Illness And Trump

In case you haven’t already heard — we’ll have another chance to get a better understanding of Kanye West and his “interesting” life and philosophies thanks

Florida MAGAs: Trump Speeches Will Air EVERY HOUR On Three Florida Radio Stations Until The 2020 Election

Three Florida Radio Stations Will Air Snippets Of Donald Trump Speeches Every Hour

We shouldn’t have to remind you of the 2016 election to caution you against 45’s influence. The Cheeto charred man in the White House has a base

Oh Really??? Omarosa Seeks To Join Pay Discrimination Lawsuit Against Trump Based On Gender

Omarosa Files Documents To Join Lawsuit Against Donald Trump For Pay Discrimination Based On Gender

It seems Trump reject and former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman is joining the fight against Trump, who’s being accused of gender discrimination by

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