Scam-A-Fella Records: Jay Z Gets Dragged By His Marcy Loclettes Over Shady Kaepernick Workout

Oh no Hov, what is you doin?

Twitter Vs. Jay Z (AGAIN)

Everyone’s buzzing over the shady Kaepernick workout saga that started with the NFL pretending to give the polarizing QB a fair shot and ended with Jay Z’s reported

Worst Take: Stephen A. Smith Got His Entire A$$ DRAGGED For Defending The NFL From Kaepernick

Stephen A. Smith vs. The World

The Colin Kaepernick vs. NFL fiasco hit a fever pitch and a point of no return this weekend. Kap did not like the contract the NFL laid out for him that basically asked him

Cut The Crap: Colin Kaepernick & Team Release “Facts” Letter To Clear Up Any Lingering NFL Rumors

Colin Kaepernick & Team Release Fact Check To Clear Up Rumors

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t been on a football field since 2016, which feels like forever and a day go at this point. The last time he was on the field,

Billionaire Boys Club: Jay-Z Reportedly Set To Become A Part-Owner Of An NFL Team In The “Very Near Future”

Jay-Z To Become Reportedly Set To Become Part-Owner Of An NFL Team

According to TMZ, Jay-Z has his sights set on becoming a part owner of an NFL team in the very near future. Hov has been plotting on

100 Problems: Jay Z Faces Spicy Backlash Over Kap-less NFL Deal, Gets SLAMMED On Twitter

Jay Z: Said no to the Super Bowl you need me I don’t need you…

NFL: Come get this check…

Also Jay Z: pic.twitter.com/JVcR6IOq5M

— Jawn Wick (@Hunitproof) August 13, 2019

Twitter Vs. Jay Z

Everyone’s buzzing over Jay Z’s

Reasonable Doubt: Jay-Z Sus-ly Says He Spoke To Kaepernick Before Signing NFL Deal — But Colin’s Camp Claims THIS

Colin Kaepernick’s Camp Denies Speaking With Jay-Z Before New NFL Deal

We’ve known Jay-Z to be many things over the years, but is a liar one of them? According to Colin Kaepernick‘s camp, that may be the case. After

Jigga What? Jay-Z’s Partnership With NFL Causes Mixed Reactions (And Typical Tantrums From Tomi Lahren)

The Internet Reacts To Jay-Z’s NFL Partnership

So Jay-Z is officially partnering with the NFL and some folks have questions.

According to NFL.com, Roc Nation — the entertainment company founded by Jigga — is entering a multiyear partnership

SMH: NFL Player Kenny Stills Reportedly Received Multiple Death Threats After Slamming Trump-Supporting Team Owner

Kenny Stills Says He Got Death Threats For For Checking Trump-Supporting Team-Owner

According to TMZ, Kenny Stills says people have threatened to kill him after he criticized Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for supporting Trump.

The Dolphins receiver slammed

Mo’ Money: Nike Stock Spiked & The Company Made Billions After Colin Kaepernick Asked Them To Pull The Plug On Shoe

Kapernick’s Veto Helped Nike Cash Out In A Major Way

According to TMZ, Nike deciding to listen to Kaepernick just made their pockets a little bit fatter.

Nike shares are surging after the company’s decision to recall its special

Air Wacks 1: Colin Kaepernick Convinces Nike To Recall Sneakers Embroidered With Racist Betsy Ross American Flag

Colin Kaepernick Has Nike Cancel Betsy Ross Air Max 1 Release

Nike was all set to release a pair of Air Max 1’s to celebrate the upcoming July 4 but that is NOT going to happen now.

According to TheDailyBeast

Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans White Woman Weeps After Being Called Out By Nessa Over Anti-Kaep Posts 

Nessa Diab Vs. Jenelle Evans

Rule number two in the White Privilege handbook — when confronted on your ish by a person of color, start crying crocodile tears. Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans all about that handbook, because she definitely

Dat Way: Quavo Brings Hollywood To ATL For His 2nd Annual ‘Huncho Day’ 

Quavo Celebrates His 2nd Annual Huncho Day

Quavo‘s may be celebrating his 28th birthday is today, but the real turn up took place over the weekend for his 2nd annual Huncho Day in Atlanta.

The Migos rapper brought the

Midnight Train Cancellation: Gladys Knight Is Getting DRAGGED For Agreeing To Sing The National Anthem At The Super Bowl

Gladys Knight’s Fans Aren’t Happy That She’s Agreeing To Perform At The Super Bowl

According to TMZ, Gladys Knight is hoping her performance at the Super Bowl can “unite the country” and her fans are NOT happy. The legendary

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