Scam-A-Fella Records: Jay Z Gets Dragged By His Marcy Loclettes Over Shady Kaepernick Workout

Roc Nation And NFL Announce Partnership

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Oh no Hov, what is you doin?

Twitter Vs. Jay Z (AGAIN)

Everyone’s buzzing over the shady Kaepernick workout saga that started with the NFL pretending to give the polarizing QB a fair shot and ended with Jay Z’s reported disappointment in his last-minute switch-up to control the easily twistable narrative.

Reps for Roc Nation, however, say those “disappointment” reports are untrue.

At this point, it’s a messy situation that swerved left when Jay Z reportedly pressured the league to hold a workout for Kap that turned out to be a self-serving, reputation-fixing ploy by the Rap mogul currently snuggled in bed with the NFL.

Now, we’re not saying Beyonce’s hubby is a scammer but it’s clear the last-minute “workout” was scammy with a shady stench that sent Twitter into a Jay Z-dragging TIZZY.

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Worst Take: Stephen A. Smith Got His Entire A$$ DRAGGED For Defending The NFL From Kaepernick

Stephen A. Smith attends the Power Final Season Premiere...

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Stephen A. Smith vs. The World

The Colin Kaepernick vs. NFL fiasco hit a fever pitch and a point of no return this weekend. Kap did not like the contract the NFL laid out for him that basically asked him not to sue them under any means. The league also demanded that no cameras be present and that the league control all of the footage. Kaepernick wanted to control his own narrative, taking the practice to a high school in Atlanta where cameras could be present.

Stephen A. Smith decided to get in front of a camera, ignore pretty much every bit of news and evidence about the situation and decide to spout a good bit of nonsense about Kaepernick not WANTING to play. This led to everyone dragging the hell out of him.

Namely Eric Reid, who went scorched earth on Stephen. But he wasn’t the only one…Ava had this to day.

Peep the rest of the world destroying him.

Cut The Crap: Colin Kaepernick & Team Release “Facts” Letter To Clear Up Any Lingering NFL Rumors


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Colin Kaepernick & Team Release Fact Check To Clear Up Rumors

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t been on a football field since 2016, which feels like forever and a day go at this point. The last time he was on the field, he was playing quarterback for the 49ers, before his kneeling activism lead to him being blackballed by the NFL.

Yesterday, Kap’s agent Jeff Nalley released a fact-checker in an effort to clear up any the of rumors or misleading information people have about the activist. In the letter, he points out that during his last season on the field, the 49ers landed 4th in dropped passes with 29th in pass-blocking efficiency, all while having the worst-ranked defense in the entire NFL.

This letter seems to be another attempt for his agent to blast NFL teams on record, as TMZ reports Nalley has reached out to every NFL team and reportedly gotten little-to-no response.

“Not a single team has offered Colin a job since the 2016 season, in which he began his peaceful protest. Not a single team has brought Colin in for a workout. Seattle brought Colin in for a visit but did not work him out. Afterward, Pete Carroll said Colin is a ‘starter in this league’. No other NFL team has interviewed or worked out Colin in the past 3 seasons, despite other false statements in the media to the contrary.”

One of the rumors Nalley addressed in this letter were those circulating that Colin was demanding a specific salary, along with the longstanding rumor that he doesn’t even want to play again. His team made sure to make it clear that those allegations specifically are “completely false” and the notion Colin doesn’t want to play is just plain wrong. In fact, he says Colin has been working out 5 days a week for over three years now, and at this point, he’s just hoping to play again. He also goes on to address why Colin opted out of his 49er deal in the first place, if he’s even eligible to play again, and more.

Nalley closes the letter out in a college essay fashion, pretty much laying out how he doesn’t understand the issue.

“In summary, it is difficult to think of another young player in NFL history with statistics and character as impressive as Colin’s not being given an opportunity to earn a spot on an NFL roster after what he has accomplished.”

At this point, it may be time to try a different approach, or for Colin, a different agent. No matter how pissed off people may be about his kneeling or his NFL settlement check, any agent with respect on their name would get a callback and a conversation, even if it’s not what they want to hear.

Something has got to give because these same old tricks from 2016 clearly aren’t getting the job done and there are more than enough quarterback positions open for someone of Kaepernick’s caliber.

You can read the letter in its entirety down below.

Billionaire Boys Club: Jay-Z Reportedly Set To Become A Part-Owner Of An NFL Team In The “Very Near Future”

Roc Nation And NFL Announce Partnership

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Jay-Z To Become Reportedly Set To Become Part-Owner Of An NFL Team

Jay’s move further establishes his relationship with the league after news of their entertainment and social justice partnership.

100 Problems: Jay Z Faces Spicy Backlash Over Kap-less NFL Deal, Gets SLAMMED On Twitter

Twitter Vs. Jay Z

Everyone’s buzzing over Jay Z’s shiny new partnership with the NFL that puts him at the forefront of the league’s social justice initiatives and hands him the keys to the Super Bowl halftime machine.

Yep, a true power move by a shrewd businessman (and opportunist) who didn’t consult with Colin Kaepernick despite his consistent support of the banned QB-turned-social justice icon.

And that–that, right there–is the part of this story that smells funny which doesn’t seem to be fazing Jay Z at all.

“We forget that Colin’s whole thing was to bring attention to social injustice. In that case, this is a success. This is the next phase,” Hov told ESPN. “There [are] two parts of protesting. You go outside and you protest, and then the company or the individual says, ‘I hear you. What do we do next?’

“For me it’s like action, [an] actionable item, what are we gonna do with it? Everyone heard, we hear what you’re saying, and everybody knows I agree with what you’re saying [in Kaepernick’s underlying message]. So what are we gonna do? You know what I’m saying? [Help] millions and millions of people, or we get stuck on Colin not having a job.”

Hmmm, that sounds all fine and dandy but it’s also fair to question how we got here and why after monthsssss of a career-threatening protest, high-profile lawsuit and multiple attacks from the “President” it was so easy for Jay to make this deal.

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Reasonable Doubt: Jay-Z Sus-ly Says He Spoke To Kaepernick Before Signing NFL Deal — But Colin’s Camp Claims THIS


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Colin Kaepernick’s Camp Denies Speaking With Jay-Z Before New NFL Deal

We’ve known Jay-Z to be many things over the years, but is a liar one of them? According to Colin Kaepernick‘s camp, that may be the case. After news broke on Wednesday that Hov signed a new partnership with the NFL, folks automatically assumed that the rap mogul was undercutting Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling protest. However, Jay discredited the claims during a meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at Roc Nation’s NYC offices, saying:

“There’s two parts of protest: the protest, and then there’s a company or individual saying ‘I hear you, what do we do next?’ For me it’s about actionable items, what are we gonna do about it?”

Both Jay and Goodell also claimed to have spoken to Kap before inking the deal to help the NFL with entertainment and social justice issues. But according to Kaepernick’s attorney, Mark Geragos, the rap mogul did not talk to the former NFL prior to signing the deal. Even Kapernick’s girlfriend Nessa spoke out about the claims, adding that Jay “NEVER included him in the discussion”.

And what does Hov have to say about the backlash? TMZ reports:

“Jay-Z’s camp tells us that he he has absolutely spoken to Kap within the last 48 hours, however … that was NOT before Jay agreed to his new partnership with the NFL. It’s unclear what they discussed, but we’re told this was not a case of Jay checking in with Colin for approval. It couldn’t have been … the deal was already signed.
To be clear … we’re told the question posed to Jay during the media event was simply whether he had spoken to Colin — NOT whether he had talked to Colin about the partnership.”

Chiiiiillle. Who do you believe?

Jigga What? Jay-Z’s Partnership With NFL Causes Mixed Reactions (And Typical Tantrums From Tomi Lahren)


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The Internet Reacts To Jay-Z’s NFL Partnership

So Jay-Z is officially partnering with the NFL and some folks have questions.

According to, Roc Nation — the entertainment company founded by Jigga — is entering a multiyear partnership with the NFL to augment the league’s live game experience and to amplify their social justice efforts. reports:

“As part of the agreement, Roc Nation will advise on the selection of artists for major NFL performances like the Super Bowl. A major component of the partnership will be to nurture and strengthen community through football and music, including through the NFL’s Inspire Change initiative.”

Inspire Change was launched by the NFL in early 2019. With the help of NFL players, the goal of the initiative is to create positive change in communities across the U.S. The league office and NFL teams will work with the Players Coalition and other NFL players to support initiatives that reduce barriers to opportunity. They’ll mainly focus on economic advancement and education, police and community relations, and criminal justice reform.

Roc Nation will also partner with the NFL to create and distribute content across multiple music streaming platforms for a variety of initiatives.

With news of the partnership, reactions have been varied to say the least.

Of course, you had dramatic drywall dirt like Tomi Lahren being outraged:

“Jay-Z will be consulting with the NFL for the Super Bowl halftime show and other performances because apparently the league doesn’t hate America and law enforcement officers at a level satisfactory enough for the former drug dealer.”


But then you had folks down for the cause who were also a little salty. Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid slammed the partnership as “disingenuous” considering the NFL has still blackballed Colin Kaepernick. When a fan alluded to Reid being a hypocrite for playing in the NFL, he responded in a series of tweets:

“You & some others seem to misunderstand that we had no beef with the NFL until they started perpetuating the systemic oppression that we are fighting by blackballing Colin and then me. Nah I won’t quit playing but I will be a royal pain in the NFL’s a** for acting like they care about people of color by forming numerous disingenuous partnerships to address social injustice while collectively blackballing Colin, the person who brought oppression and social injustice to the forefront of the NFL platform.”


What ya think about this so-called partnership? Hit the flip for more reactions to the Jay-Z and NFL deal.

SMH: NFL Player Kenny Stills Reportedly Received Multiple Death Threats After Slamming Trump-Supporting Team Owner

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins

Source: Mark Brown / Getty

Kenny Stills Says He Got Death Threats For For Checking Trump-Supporting Team-Owner

According to TMZ, Kenny Stills says people have threatened to kill him after he criticized Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for supporting Trump.

Mo’ Money: Nike Stock Spiked & The Company Made Billions After Colin Kaepernick Asked Them To Pull The Plug On Shoe

ACLU SoCal Hosts Annual Bill Of Rights Dinner - Red Carpet

Source: Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty

Kapernick’s Veto Helped Nike Cash Out In A Major Way

According to TMZ, Nike deciding to listen to Kaepernick just made their pockets a little bit fatter.

Air Wacks 1: Colin Kaepernick Convinces Nike To Recall Sneakers Embroidered With Racist Betsy Ross American Flag

The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion - Arrivals

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Colin Kaepernick Has Nike Cancel Betsy Ross Air Max 1 Release

Nike was all set to release a pair of Air Max 1’s to celebrate the upcoming July 4 but that is NOT going to happen now.

According to TheDailyBeast Colin Kaepernick saw images of the shoe floating online and called up his business partners at Nike to express his concerns over the Betsy Ross American flag that is embroidered on the back.

This version of the Stars and Stripes has been co-opted by white supremacist groups as a symbol of their hatred of Blacks, Jews, LGBTQ+ folks and everyone else who isn’t a white penis owner.

Obviously, conservative soup cookies, uncle Toms, and auntie Thomasinas who didn’t know that these shoes were being released anyway are now faux livid behind Nike’s decision to dead the project.

LMFAO! Snowflake much?