Mathew Knowles Makes First Appearance With Wife To Talk Breast Cancer Diagnosis With Tamron Hall [Video]

Mathew Knowles | Tamron Hall

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Mathew Knowles Talks Breast Cancer Diagnosis With Tamron Hall

Joined by his wife Gena, Mathew Knowles sat down with Tamron Hall to discuss his breast cancer diagnosis. He told the host that he’s still very worried.

“I’m not comfortable saying cancer free only because there’s still a risk,” he said of being in remission.

Mathew also discussed his famous daughters, telling Tamron that he enjoyed watching Beyoncé and Solange live out their dreams while managing them. And, when asked about an official Destiny’s Child reunion, he kept it coy…

“Well I always say that it would take two years just in preparation.”

Tune into the clip just above to see the moment Mathew joked about replacing Michelle Williams with Gena.

Sorry To This Man: 7 Lucrative Examples Of Celebrity Merch Done Right 

Winterfest 2017

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Celebrity Merch Done Right

Let’s be honest — just because you’re a popular celebrity with hit song or social media influencer with a popular saying, doesn’t mean that merch is cool enough for fans to spend their hard earned coins on it. Besides, some of the stuff that famous folks pass off as merch is downright insulting, or just lame.

But for every wack piece of merch, there’s a fire one selling out like hot cakes. Seeing celebs and listening to their music is damn near free now, so it’s only right that we support their products — the good, relatable, funny stuff at least. Like Keke Palmer‘s “Sorry To This Man” T-Shirts! We could all use one of those.


There are very few examples of celebrities merch being just right. Something that’s dope, creative, archival and inspirational to the consumer in some way. Hit the flip for all the times celebs got it right when it comes to their merch.

Blake WHO? Kris Jenner Plays The Price Is Right & Wins THIS Fab Christmas Gift For Kanye West [Video]

The Late Late Show with James Corden...

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Kris Jenner Plays The Price Is Right On The Late Late Show With James Corden

Just after Blake Griffin bodied her whole family at Comedy Central’s Roasting of Alec Baldwin, Kris Jenner showed her face on The Late Late Show with James Corden. During one hilarious segment, the famous momager played The Price Is Right with the late night television host — and surprisingly, she’s more in touch than you would have guessed.

The Late Late Show with James Corden...

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The stakes: a lawn mower, which Kris commented son-in-law Kanye West would love as a Christmas present. The game: correctly choosing the highest priced items.

Watch Kris do her thing in the clip just above and click HERE if you missed Blake Griffin’s jab about the Kardashians having “daddy issues” and not liking “white d*ck.”


Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Lawyer Blasts NYC DA As Sex Pest Trial Delayed Until October


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“Jerry McGuire” Star In Court Tuesday For Allegedly Groping Club Goer

The lawyer representing Cuba Gooding Jr. in his sex abuse case blasted prosecutors for delaying his trial and questioned whether the actor’s accuser had stopped cooperating.

The “Boyz In The Hood” star was in a Manhattan courtroom Tuesday for what was supposed to be the start of his trial for forcible touching and sex abuse. Instead, Assistant District Attorney Amanda Long asked that the trial be delayed a month so that her office could hand over additional security footage from the night of the alleged incident to the defense. Long also announced that the Chief Medical Examiner had also completed a DNA report, but did not reveal the results.

Gooding Jr., sporting a grey suit, a faux hawk and heavy bags under his eyes, said nothing during the hearing. But his lawyer Peter Toumbekis complained that the DA’s Office was dragging its heels when it came to prosecuting the nearly three-month-old case.

“We stand prepared to move forward with the trial today,” Toumbekis said.

Cops arrested the veteran thespian back in June after a woman told police that an inebriated Gooding Jr. grabbed her breast during a night out at a Manhattan club. Gooding Jr. has denied the woman’s allegations.


Source: ANGELA WEISS / Getty

Outside the court, Gooding’s other lawyer Mark Heller speculated that the DA’s office was buying time because his client’s accuser had stopped working with authorities on the case.

“It’s our perception that they are not getting the cooperation of the complaining witness, who was not present today in court,” Heller told reporters. “We believe that the District Attorney is trying to procrastinate and coax the complaining witness to be more compliant with them.”

Heller said that Gooding’s alleged victim’s version of what went down doesn’t jibe with security footage of the alleged incident.

“If this does forward to a trial, I think it will be very clear that she contradicts what the video and the true facts really are,” he said, “and I think that will obviously, no doubt, result in the jury seeing that there’s no case here.”

Gooding Jr.’s trial is now set to start on Oct. 10.

Pure Comedy: Issa Rae’s Women In Film Acceptance Speech Has Zero Chill And We’re Here For It [VIDEO]

Issa Rae

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Issa Rae’s Women In Film Speech Is Hilarious

We love us some Issa Rae and we’re so thrilled to learn she won the Emerging Entrepreneur Award at the Annual Women In Film Awards Gala this weekend in Beverly Hills…

Issa’s acceptance speech was definitely one for the books. She credited her hip hop heroes for inspiring her to flip the script and take a non-traditional approach with her acknowledgments. Watch it below:

So goooood and funny right!?!

Frank Ocean Talks Starting A Family, Leaving Def Jam & Navigating His Love Life In New Interview


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Frank Ocean Opens Up In A ‘Dazed” Magazine Interview

It’s rare the elusive Frank Ocean opens up about his personal life to the public. But more recently, he’s become a little more transparent. It helps when his own friends are interviewing him.

In the summer issue for Dazed magazine, Frank had everyone from Billy Porter to Janet Mock to Big Freedia ask him a question and in most cases, his answers were direct and to the point and in other cases, he gave a little more details.


One detailed response came when Frank described getting out of his Def Jam contract with the album Endless and releasing his album Blonde on his own. Rapper JPEGMAFIA posed the question:

JPEGMAFIA: How did it feel fu**ing over a label like that (Ocean released Endless in 2016 to fulfill his contract with Def Jam, releasing Blonde independently one day later)? Old white ni**as do that to us all the time, but how did it feel giving them a taste of their own elixir? And what did you build in the video for Endless? Can I live in it?

FRANK OCEAN: Eyy, Peggy! You know, it’s funny talking about it these days because I couldn’t really tell anybody anything for a couple of years. Couldn’t tell anyone at the label, obviously. But I also couldn’t talk with anyone at Apple because the industry is too small and it would’ve gotten back to the label for sure. So I kept it to myself and a few in my circle. I carried my hard drives around with me when I travelled because I used to not store anything online. Those drives became a physical representation of the stakes. If the files had leaked, everything would have worked out very differently for me. When August came around and both projects were uploaded I felt the euphoria, yeah, but mostly I just needed to sleep. I probably slept something like 15 hours. To answer your second question, I built a 12-foot staircase with my fucking bare hands some days before! It’s in my storage, you want it??

Frank, who came out as loving a man in 2012, also discussed navigating the industry as a queer person with Billy Porter:

BILLY PORTER: How are you navigating being queer in the music business? Do you feel marginalized? If so, why do you think this is the case?
FRANK OCEAN: I navigate it pretty smooth so far. If anything my personal life needs the GPS sometimes.


Another interesting moment came when Raymond Buck asked Frank about the future, and he had a simple answer:

RAYMOND BUCK: What’s left for you to achieve?
Building a family.

Well, well…

Seems like Rihanna and him are on the same wave when it comes to familial dreams.

For more of what Frank has to say, you can check out his full interview(s) here.

No More Drama: Mary J. Blige & Ex-Hubby Kendu Off The Hook In Second $2 Mill Foreclosure Case (Exclusive)

Patrick McMullan Archives

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Bank Sued Queen Of Hip Hop Soul Over Mortgage Debts

Mary J. Blige has scored a victory in a case accusing her of not paying the mortgage on her $2 million mortgage on her New Jersey mansion, BOSSIP has learned.

Apex Bank has abruptly abandoned a foreclosure suit against the “No More Drama” singer after accusing her of not paying the house’s bills in months.

Last year, we exclusively revealed that the bank sued Blige and her now ex-husband, Kendu Isaacs, alleging that they defaulted on a $2 million mortgage. Blige bought that home back in 2001, and the 6,100 square foot home has six bedrooms, a master suite on its own private floor and sits on an acre lot.

On May 17, the court clerk threw the case out because Apex Bank refused to move forward with litigating it, court records obtained by BOSSIP show. The case was dismissed without prejudice, meaning that the bank can refile the suit against Blige in the future.

Patrick McMullan Archives

Source: Patrick McMullan / Getty

The move likely means that MJB and the bank came to an out of court settlement over the debt.

It’s the second time in less than a year that Blige has been let off the hook in a foreclosure case against her, according to court records. Last year, the bank sued her and Isaacs for not paying the mortgage on her $12 million estate a few towns over, but dropped that case as well.

Although Blige can put those cases behind her, she is still having to deal with legal woes stemming from her alleged housing choices. We exclusively revealed that a judge has allowed a Beverly Hills landlord’s case against her and Isaacs to continue in order to recover nearly $60,000 in back rent and fees.