Rolling Fades: Lil Yachty Addresses Alleged Video Of Him Giving A Beat Down At Rolling Loud [Video]

Lil Yachty Rolling Loud LA 2019

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Lil Yachty Addresses Alleged Video Of Him Giving A Beat Down At Rolling Loud [Video]

Lil Yachty has always been known to mind his business and not bother a soul. Everything about his personality is a free spirit, fun-loving, babyface rapper. A rapper who doesn’t smoke, drink or talk crazy at all. There was his arrest in college for credit card scamming but he’s from Atlanta where you have to know how to credit card scam to graduate. It happens, besides that, you really can’t find any evidence online he’s ever bothered a soul. Usually when someone has the spirit and image Yachty has there is always that one person who just has to try him. Usually you see the person that goes against the grain coming a mile away but this time a random stranger decided to get bold with the rapper and it didn’t go the way he thought it would.

This past weekend marked the 2019 Rolling Loud fest held in Los Angeles California. After Yachty’s set, he was heading for the exit when an unidentified attendee of the show walked between his crowd of around 10 people and pushed the rapper. When confronted the man decided to get disrespectful. That’s when Yachty seemingly had enough and hit the man with a left hook and his team jumped in to assist.

After his team jumped in, a video seemingly shows the rapper giving the man a few kicks to remind him ain’t nothing sweet. After the video went viral Yachty went on his Instagram to address the matter. You can hear his side of the story below. Even staying out the way Yachty has landed his second wave of bad press after his bounced check situation with a jeweler. Maybe next time Yachty should let the crew handle it to avoid lawsuits.

Victory Slap? Insta-goon Wack 100 Allegedly 6-Pieced At Rolling Loud LA For Talkin’ Crazy About Nipsey Hussle

Prolific Presents The Game "Born To Rap" Listening Event During BET Weekend

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Wack 100 Allegedly Beat Up At Rolling Loud By Nipsey Hussle’s Friend

Last night, Instagram’s most notorious s#!t-talker, Wack 100, is said to have been on the receiving end of what has been described as a “6 piece” from Nipsey Hussle’s former bodyguard JRocc.

This furious fade is rumored to be partly a result of Wack’s recent decrying of Nipsey’s career status as a non-legend who only gained popularity posthumously. Those comments prompted a response from T.I. that eventually lead to Wack saying this:

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When you call a spade a spade they wanna make a face card a Spade – Naw the question was Legend in Music… And because I’m not acting like the sheep following others across the field they find a way to distract you from the real topic which was “LEGEND IN MUSIC “ …. All the other shit don’t concern me. I don’t know this mans financial profolio nor do I care. But what I do know is the “Music” stats. @troubleman31 Your far from slow & you yourself stated “BEFORE” wasn’t the “AFTER” Now ima let y’all mental midgets argue bout that …… Wack gone stand strong in what he believe in and can prove with facts. The Yessa Master shit or I jumped cause he jumped ain’t the ways of a stand alone man… I can do this dance all day long you know why —- Cause what’s deemed to be a legend in music has been documented for many many moons ….. Now for the next 10 hrs I wanna see you clowns go crazy about the mans words that you say ain’t relevant !! #BAN

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It is also rumored that Wack has said other disparaging things about Nipsey in the past and those comments were allegedly captured by secret recording that Nipsey’s people have heard. (other reason)

All that led to the hands that introduced themselves to Wack’s face last night. The actual fight was not captured on cell phone but the aftermath sure was. Check out the videos below.

Wack responded to the brouhaha on Instagram per usual.

We have a feeling this will NOT be the last time that hands and possibly feet are administered to Mr. Wack 100 behind his Nipsey comments.

Out Of Pocket: Cleveland Browns Baller Myles Garrett Rips Off Mason Rudolph’s Helmet And Bashes Him With It [Video]

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns

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Myles Garrett Likely To Be Suspend For Bashing Rudolph With Helmet

Myles Garrett took things to never-before-seen level on the football field last night during the last 8 seconds of the Thursday night game as his Cleveland Browns took on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Garrett got into a fracas with the Steelers’ Mason Rudolph where he ripped off the QB’s helmet and bashed him over the head with it. A huge brawl ensued and things go very ugly.

Check out the video below to see how it all played out.

The reactions to this incident have been outrage and incredulity. Stephen A. Smith held no punches on ESPN’s Get Up this morning.

The NFL is going to have to suspend Myles Garrett for a very long time, many believe as many as 10 games, and rightfully so, however, here’s something else to consider…


#LHHNY Returns This December With A Gang Of Familiar Faces … And Plenty Of Old Beef! [VIDEO]

Kimbella, Yandy Smith-Harris and Chrissy Lampkin

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Old Faces… And Drama Return With 10th Season Of “Love & Hip Hop: New York”

VH1 revealed Monday a first look trailer of Season 10 of “Love & Hip Hop: New York” which is scheduled to return to the network on December 16. Longtime fans of the show may be happy for the return of some old faces, like Tahiry Jose, who is coming back after taking several seasons off, as well as Mendeecees Harris, Yandy’s husband, who is set for release for prison in 2020. We can likely expect some old drama to rear its ugly head as the beefs between Chrissy and Yandy and Chrissy and Kimbella are clearly not dead. Check out the thirty second clip below:

Here’s a little more detail about what to expect:

Chrissy Lampkin returns to N.Y.C. to work on both her business endeavors and relationship with her longtime fiancé. In order to fully move forward, she realizes there are amends she must make with her past.

Remy Ma wants it all! She’s balancing motherhood, co-hosting “State of the Culture” with Joe Budden and is determined to finally drop her album. With Remy trying to juggle everything, Papoose has to step up for full-time daddy duty. Can this Black Love power couple prove that you can have both a successful career and family?

Erica Mena is back in N.Y.C. to plan her fairytale wedding to Safaree Samuels and prepare for the arrival of their first child. But when their past relationships with other cast members begin to interfere, will this couple be able to maintain their happily ever after?
Still picking up the pieces of their shattered relationship, Joe Budden and Cyn Santana struggle to move on but Joe’s past transgressions threaten their attempts to find peace.

Kimbella is holding it down as a single mom of four now that her husband Juelz Santana began his prison sentence. She is focused on keeping her family, and his music legacy, afloat while he’s away.

Yandy Smith-Harris’ business is booming since her days as an assistant, but will her path to success hit a roadblock with Chrissy’s return to the Big Apple? With her husband Mendeecees in prison for the last few years, Yandy is ready for their family to reunite, but will his homecoming tear apart the family she’s built?

Rich Dollaz, Tahiry Jose, Olivia Longott, Somaya Reece, Juju, Jonathan Fernandez are also set to appear this season, along with newcomers Phresher and Jennaske.

Whose return are you most excited to see?

VH1 kicks off the 10th season of its groundbreaking series “Love & Hip Hop: New York” on Monday, December 16 at 8:00pm ET/PT with back-to-back episodes. Will you be watching?

Basketbrawl Is Our Favorite Sport: Joel Embiid, Karl-Anthony Towns, And Ben Simmons Catch Fade [Video]

Joel Embiid Karl Anthony Towns Ben Simmons

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Joel Embiid And Karl-Anthony Towns Fight In Philly

Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns mixed it up last night in Philadelphia after months of jabbing at each other on Twitter.

The fight eventually turned into a bench-clearing brawl that ended with Ben Simmons arm wrapped around KAT’s neck.

Embiid, never one to bite his tongue, had plenty to say about who he is and what he’s not in the post-game presser…

We love this game!

Catch Fade, Yeah Aight: Blueface Jumps Into Massive Melee In The Middle Of His Show [Video]

2019 Rolling Loud New York

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Blueface Jumps Into Brawl During His Show

Blueface was totally with the s#!ts the other day during his show in Santa Cruz, California.

According to TMZ, the rapper jumped off the stage in the middle of the show to throw fiery fists of fury with some folks who were trying to bring the funk to his friends.

At the end of the day, no one was arrested or reported injured but Blueface bounced and the concert was shut down.

Chin Checked: ATL Rapper Russ Pulls Up On Guapdad 4000 & Swiftly Lays Hands On Him For Talking Slick

Guapdad 4000

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Russ Pulls Up On Guapdad 4000 For Talking About Him In A Song

Bay Area rapper Guapdad 4000 has had a pretty good past 12 months. Last year, when Drake was on tour with The Migos, he finessed Drake into making an appearance at his party. Might not seem like a big deal, but the party was advertised as a Drake after party–which Drake actually knew nothing about, but Guapdad still got him to show up via Instagram. Makes sense why Guapdad is a self-declared scamming genius.

In January, he was one of the artists invited to J. Cole’s rap camp for his Revenge Of The Dreamers sessions at Tree Sound Studios. He ended up making the cut and had the stand out chorus on the track “Costa Rica,” also landing another feature on “Wells Fargo”–makes sense to have the top scam rapper on a track named after a financial institution.

With all the attention from the Dreamville project, Guapdad has been staying busy prepping his newly released project, Dior Deposits. With all this happening for his career, what could go wrong? Well, it all turned left when he mentioned the Atlanta rapper Russ.

Russ usually keeps to himself,  just touring the world with all of his sold out shows. But when someone mentions him, he pulls up with the smoke… Well, most the time he sends his security to handle the situation. When internet personality Adam 22 was talking reckless about the rapper, he was at the nail salon minding his business when someone allegedly attacked him on behalf of Russ, mafia boss style.

As if this wasn’t enough to let artists know that Russ wasn’t for the slick talk, he also allegedly had the rapper Smokepurp jumped at one of his shows.

On Guapdad’s new album, he takes a very small jab at Russ on his track, “Prada Process” featuring 6lack. On the song, he has a line that goes “You doin’ right but we don’t care, we call that doin’ Russ”. Not even 24 hours after the release of the track, both Russ & Guapdad were scheduled to perform at the Mala Luna festival in San Antonio, Texas. With Guapdad 4000 being the opener and Russ being the headliner, Russ took it upon himself to show up earlier to see what the diss was all about.

Russ ended up approaching his trailer, but before Guapdad could even explain himself, Russ allegedly slapped the ever-loving taste out of his mouth. In the video–which ended up getting leaked to social media–you can hear the slap echo through your phone, then see Guapdad get out of harm’s way while the rest of his team took a beating and he escaped through a crack in the fence.

After the altercation, Guapdad took to Instagram to call out Russ and ask for the one vs one. However, Russ never showed back up for that direct fade.

If you’re the organizer of a festival, you really can’t try and hold your headliner accountable or cut their set, because you can’t leave thousands of fans disappointed. We’ve seen this all before: when the headliner doesn’t show up on that stage, it damn near starts a riot.

Russ also decided to hop on Instagram to comment on the video Guapdad released stating what happened. Russ explained the situation from his perspective and it makes a lot of sense, but did he have to go so hard? The line doesn’t even seem that serious.

It looks like Russ is restoring the feeling in hip-hop and figured, “why not check him just to let people know they can’t play with his name?”

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#russ replied to #guapdad4000 video

A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) on

Rest Well: Slick-Talkin’ Soup Cookie Rocked To Sleep For Calling Black Woman N-Word At Corner Store [Video]

A group of whole wheat soda crackers in an open package

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White Guy Knocked Out For Calling Black Woman N-Word

White people have to understand that there are consequences and repercussions for using the n-word. Consequences come in many shapes and sizes, but the ones you’re about to see fit this s just right.

Press play below to see exactly what can happen when you come out of your mouth wrong.

AND he was calling a Black woman the n-word? Yeah. Gotta go to night-night.

Hate Or Hearsay? Ex-Employee’s Lawsuit Claims Rosario Dawson’s Mother Attacked Him With Transphobic Violence

Premiere Of Dimension Films' "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" - Arrivals

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Rosario Dawson’s Ex-Employee Sues Her Family For Transphobic Attack

A transgender man who used to work for Rosario Dawson has filed a lawsuit claiming that he was abused and attacked violently by her mother a fit of transphobic rage.

According to TMZ, Dedrek Finley, formerly known as Deidre, says he moved from NYC to LA in 2017 at the request of Rosario’s mother Isabel. Dedrek had been a family friend for years but had not told the Dawsons that he was trans until he arrived in California.

Dedrek says that Rosario’s family, namely Isabel, her husband Gregory, and brother Gustavo, weren’t really feeling the trans lifestyle and allegedly made jokes about him and used the incorrect pronouns. He claims that he repeatedly told Rosario but she didn’t do much to put an end to the abuse.

He claims Rosario also engaged in transphobic abuse because when Dedrek complained, Rosario allegedly said, “You’re a grown woman.” He claims he corrected her, but she replied, “Whatever.”

Dedrek was living rent-free in a guest house on Rosario’s property and was charged with doing renovations. After the relationship with the family went left, he was told he had to move out. Dedrek alleges that Isabel knocked on his door on April 28, 2018 to talk but when he refused she threaten to kill his cat. Isabel also allegedly ripped a screen off a window, pulled him out through it, and began to beat him screaming, “You’re not so much of a man now.”

He says Rosario then yelled, “Mom, stop being petty.” He says he thought she was coming to his defense, but instead he claims Rosario helped pin him so her mother could continue the beatdown.

Dedrek also claims that one of the women took his cell phone possibly to delete a video that he had of Isabel threatening him and to stop him from calling the cops. At some point the police were contacted and a restraining order was placed against Isabel. His lawsuit checks assault, battery, trespass, discrimination, civil rights and labor violations as grievances for which he is seeking damages.

No word from Rosario’s people about these incidents. Cory Booker’s people have got to be SHOOK.

State Fair? Frederick County Sheriff Wants Teen Brothas Charged With Hate Crime For “Knockout Game” Manslaughter

handcuff and pistol on table

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Teen Brothers Arrested For Allegedly Killing Man During “Knockout Game” At Fair

Things turned deadly at the Great Frederick Fair when a 59-year-old John Weed was found unconscious and was ultimately pronounced dead Saturday after being airlifted to R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore.

According to Fox5DC, Frederick County Sheriff wants two teen brothers, ages 15 and 16, charged with a hate crime on top of the respective first-degree assault, second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and second-degree assault charges.

“This was such a brutal, unprovoked attack – not only the attack itself, but the fact that after the man was down, they spit on him repeatedly. I’m so disgusted – I’m angry, I’m upset for the family,” the sheriff said.

Sheriff Charles Jenkins also says the boys may be charged with manslaughter or second-degree murder and he’d like to see them charged with a hate crime, but did not elaborate on the basis of that charge.

Despite the sheriff’s wishes, the boys are being charged as juveniles but their father disputes the circumstances under which his sons attacked the man.

Let him tell it, one of the boys’ friends asked John Weed for money and the 59-year-old proceeded to spit on them.

According to WJLA, law enforcement believes that the teens were playing “the knockout game” and Weed just happened to be the randomly chosen victim.