Here’s What Happened When Cardi Gave Offset $500,000 Bodak Bucks For His Birthday

Cardi Gifts Offset $500,000 & Blows Up Twitter

Some wise person once said ‘money can’t buy happiness’ and we’re here to tell you that’s a damn lie. No, seriously, IT IS and certainly doesn’t apply to Offset who was GEEKED when his wife Cardi gifted him $500,000 for his birthday in a next-level rich bish flex that sparked hilarious hysteria across Twitter.

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B-Day Bag Secured: Cardi B’s Birthday Gift For Offset Was Cash…LOTS Of Cash

offset & cardi b

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Cardi B’s Birthday Gift For Offset Was Cash…LOTS Of Cash

What do you get the man who has everything? Some money, apparently.

Cardi B and Offset are out here enjoying life to the fullest, and when it comes to special occasions, they definitely know how to do it right. The married couple celebrated The Migos member’s birthday this weekend by doing what they do best; spending the night throwing a whole lotta money–and luckily for Offset, he had some extra cash on hand thanks to his wifey’s thoughtful gift.

Since Belcalis didn’t know what she should give her husband for his 28th trip around the sun, she opted for something simple: $500,000 cash. She posted a video of her gifting Set with the cash onto her Instagram page, so we all get to see his reaction when the rapper presents him with the huge wads of money.

“Little something something for the Birthday boy @offsetyrn,” she wrote underneath the video.

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Little something something for the Birthday boy @offsetyrn ❤ Y O U

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“So, you got every car, you got every jewelry, you got everything, every shoe, what else can I get someone that got everything,” Cardi questioned before gesturing toward the fridge, which housed all of the precious cargo. “That’s $500,000. You can buy a car, you can buy more clothes, you can buy more jewelry, you can buy me more Birkin bags.”

Kinda makes you wonder what Cardi will get Offset once Christmas rolls around in 2 weeks, but we’ve got a feeling the hubby would probably be fine with some more cash.

After the gift exchange, the married couple went out on the town in Los Angeles to celebrate his birthday in a big way. All that cash ended up coming in handy when the whole crew made their way to HD Buttercup strip club for the Set Gala: Funhouse Edition, where Cardi, Offset, Quavo, and more posted videos of the incessant money throwing. To make things even more exciting, attendees also grubbed on some Popeyes chicken sandwiches from the Migos menu throughout the night.

Happy birthday, Offset!

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H A P P Y G D A Y S E T @offsetyrn

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Oh, Word? Now Everyone Is Thirsting Over Cardi B’s Bodyguard And Saying THIS About Offset


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Cardi B’s Bodyguard Is Fine

Cardi B has tried to turn her court appearances into her own personal fashion shoots. Just this week she went to court rocking her biggest hat possible and a flashy little number that was bound to turn heads. However, she did not turn as many heads as her bodyguard, who accompanied her on this fateful day.

He simply goes by Price and the whole internet was ready to name that price for him to guard their drawls with his…nevermind. The petty just jumped out, too, because a lot of people decided to use this as a chance to encourage Cardi to get back at Offset for his transgressions. See:

Y’all are no good. We are going to avoid the petty (for the most part) and focus on this man’s looks. So take a ride with us and see more of this brother. Hit the flip:

P-Pops & Jollof: Cardi Shares Her Spectacular Nigeria Adventure, Sends Passport Twitter Into A TIZZY

Cardi’s Spectacular Nigeria Trip Shatters Twitter

We stan a culturally diverse queen who shared her spectacular journey through Nigeria in viral clips, Instagram-melting flicks and hilarious recaps that took her relatable energy to another level.

Oh yes, Cardi Chioma B had the time of her life partying in the gorgeous country where she made it rain in the skrip club, ate like a West African queen and blessed poor communities with her time and money.

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Skrrting Around The Truth: Exactly Zero People Believe Offset’s Dirty Dog Messages Came From Being Hacked And It’s Hilarious

Power 105.1 Powerhouse 2019 - Inside

Source: Brad Barket / Getty

Offset Hacking Scandal

Here we go again, everyone. It’s been some months since Offset has been involved in some sort of infidelity claim in his marriage with Cardi B. The scandals and accusations have threatened to doom their marriage in the past, but now it appears as though the couple is putting on a unified front.

On Tuesday Offset was accused of hopping into the DMs of Tekashi’s girlfriend Sara “Jade” Wattley. She posted screenshots and all. Then, hours later Offset’s Twitter account sent out three tweets that seemed to indicate he had been hacked. Cardi B herself even took to IG to back her man, saying he was hacked.

However, Twitter sleuths don’t think this is adding up. First, the DMs came from IG and the tweets didn’t pop up until many hours later. This has led skeptics to believe Offset faked his own hacking. How low would that be?

Whatever the case, it has all led to comedy hysteria. Take a look at the jokes and claims that Offset got caught with his hands in the cookie jar again.

Headline Heat: Cuban Doll Explains Fall Out With Cardi B Over Offset, Beef With Female Rappers & More 

Cuban Doll On Headline Heat

It’s pretty safe to say that the women of the rap game have completely dominated the music industry in the past couple of years. So many dolls with bars have come up in the last year that sometimes it’s hard to keep up. But when it comes to Cuban Doll, it’s very hard to confuse her with the next rap chick.

The Texas native has only been spitting for a while, and already she’s had her fair share of drama, wicked headlines and hip hop beef. Fortunately for us, Cuban recently stopped by to clear up some of the wildest headlines BOSSIP has written about her, and even shed some new light on some old drama regarding her relationship (or lack thereof) with Cardi B and Offset.

Watch the video above to see what else Cuban Doll had to say, and check out her latest EP ‘Savage Life’ available everywhere.


Keep Cardi’s Cakes Clear Of The Kitchen: Rapper Offers To Peel Vegetables For Thanksgiving With Offset’s Family

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - July 17, 2019

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Cardi B Not Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner For Offset’s Family

Expect Cardi B to do all of the eating and none of the cooking Thursday, as she heads South to Atlanta for Thanksgiving with Offset’s family.

“I’m really excited,” the star, 27, told PEOPLE of Thanksgiving. “I’m going to Atlanta. I spend it with [my husband] Offset‘s family… Now that my daughter’s a little bit older she likes to interact with kids,” says the proud mom. “I’m excited to see her with her siblings [Offset is father to three other children from previous relationships]. It’s gonna be fun. A lot of open space down there in Atlanta so I can’t wait.”

And while she’s a woman of many talents, Cardi won’t be playing chef for the family meal, although she’s down to pitch in on the prep efforts:

“No. I could help mash up the potatoes, know what I’m sayin’? Y’all want me to peel some vegetables, I’ll help you with that!’”

“I mean if y’all want me to cook a dish, I’ll do it. But I don’t guarantee it.”

“I think I could do a really good mac and cheese,” she says. Still, says Cardi, “I don’t play with my mac and cheese either, so I feel like if I’m gonna go in and do it, I’m gonna do it good. But I don’t think they’re gonna trust me enough.”

Yeah, we can see why Offset’s family won’t leave her to do the mac and cheese. Would you trust an amateur to execute everyone’s fave?

What’s your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal? Who handles mac and cheese duties in your fam?

Cool It With The Culo Questions: Cardi B Hates Being Asked About Her Butt [VIDEO]

Cardi B

Source: Bauer-Griffin / SplashNews / Splash News

Cardi B Answers 73 Questions For VOGUE

Cardi B is the latest celebrity to be subjected to “73 Questions” with VOGUE and while some of her response were to be expected, others surprised us! Cardi is the Queen of being her own boss, so we weren’t surprised that she’s raising Kulture to be an independent woman but after all the work she’s had done it’s a little unexpected that she doesn’t like answering questions about her upgraded assets. Check out the segment below:

What was your favorite part about the interview? We love it that Kulture slept through the entire thing.

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Everyone from Cardi B to Swae Lee, Kim Kardashian and LeBron James put their best feet forward.


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Rah Ali On Headline Heat

Whether it be Hip Hop or Reality TV drama, Rah Ali‘s name has come up in some way, shape or form regarding female beefs of the last couple of years. We haven’t heard much from the entrepreneur/reality star since her infamous fight with Cardi B during last year’s Fall Fashion Week, but Rah is finally sharing her side of how ish went down.

Rah recently stopped by to clear up some of the wildest, most reckless headlines BOSSIP has written about her, and stayed true to her nature by keeping it all the way real. The former Love & Hip Hop New York star dished on her beef with Cardi’s BFF Star Brim, her fall out with Remy Ma and much, much more.

As for the infamous “footages” of her fight with Cardi, see what Rah Ali had to say in the video above.