F**k 12: 3 California Correctional Cops Brutally Beat Brown Man To Distortion, Allegedly Called Him “Terrorist”

San Joaquin Correctional Officers Beat Brown Man In Alleged Racist Attack

Three correctional officers stand accused of beating 24-year-old Jacob Servin beyond recognition inside a San Joaquin County Sheriff jail facility according to CBS Sacramento. Servin says the attack

Cops Kill People: Colorado Springs Shooting Of Fleeing De’Von Bell Ruled “Justified”, No Evidence Of Weapon

De’Von Bell Killing Ruled Justified By Colorado Springs Grand Jury

Back in August, we reported that Colorado Springs police had gunned down a young brotha named De’Von Bell by shooting him in the back four times as he was running

Justice Abroad: Australian Cop Charged With The Murder Of Indigenous Yuendumu Man Kumanjayi Walker

NT Police Charged With Murder Of Aboriginal Teen Kumanjayi Walker

“The world is a ghetto” is a lyric that was made famous by the group WAR back in 1972 and they couldn’t have been more right.

According to The Guardian,

#EveryonesChild: NFL Players Coalition Releases New PSA About Police Violence In The Name Of DJ Henry

NFL Players Coalition Video Promotes DJDreamFund

The pain of losing a child is something that most parents fear most in life. The pain of having a child murdered by lyin’ a$$ police pigs who see Black skin as a threat

Cops Kill People: Alabama Cops Gun Down Allegedly-Armed Dana Fletcher, Wife Says He Had No Weapon

Alabama Police Kill Alleged Black Gunman, Wife Refutes Claim

Dana Fletcher was shot dead by police in Madison, Alabama this past Monday night in the parking lot of a Planet Fitness according to AL.com.

Let the cops tell it,

F**k 12: 10 NYPD Cops Storm Subway Train With Guns Drawn To Arrest Black 19-Year-Old For…Jumping The Turnstile

10 NYPD Officers Pull Gun On Teen For Jumping Turnstile

The NYPD must have really thought that they were a part of the military unit that went killed Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi this weekend they way they pulled up on this

GTFOHWTBS: Eric Garner’s Killer Daniel Pantaleo Sues NYPD For Wrongful Termination, “Never Put Pressure On His Neck”

Daniel Pantaleo Sues NYPD For Wrongful Termination

Daniel Pantaleo, the former NYPD police officer who killed Eric Garner with an illegal chokehold is now suing the department for wrongful termination. The basis for his argument? In essence, “I didn’t

Accountability, Is That You? Phoenix Cop Who Threatened To Shoot Pregnant Black Couple To Be Fired, Finally

Phoenix Cop Who Threatened To Kill Pregnant Black Couple Fired

Back in June, we reported on an incident between the Phoenix police and a pregnant Black couple over accusations that their eldest daughter had “stolen” a Barbie doll out of

#AtatianaJefferson: Ex-Fort Worth Cop Aaron Dean Arrested And Charged With Murder In Tarrant County

Aaron Dean Arrested For Murder Of Atatiana Jefferson

Atatiana Jefferson‘s family is one step closer to getting the justice they deserve after their daughter was tragically taken away from them as a result of state violence.

According to NBCDFW

Cops Kill People: Georgia Cop Found Not Guilty Of Murder Of Unarmed Anthony Hill, Faces 35 Years On Other Charges

Georgia Cop Found Not Guilty Of Murdering Anthony Hill

Previously, we reported that naked and unarmed Anthony Hill, an Afghanistan war veteran, was killed by an Atlanta-area Dekalb County Robert “Chip” Olsen back in 2016. Today, according to CNN

Cops Kill People: Off-Duty Chicago Officer Used Unregistered Gun To Kill Black Man During Argument

Chicago Cop Killed Black Man With Unregistered Gun

Back in November of 2016 off-duty Chicago police officer Joseph Treacy shot and killed Joshua Bell after threatening to shoot his girlfriend during a verbal altercation.

According to ABC7Chicago, Beal was

See Ya In Court: Vallejo Residents File Lawsuit Against “Out Of Control” Police Department For Civil Rights Violations

Vallejo Police Department Sued By Residents For Civil Rights Violations

Vallejo residents are sick and tired of being on the receiving end of racism, brutality, and police violence by local authorities and they’re going to court seeking justice.

According to

Good, Pig: Ex-Atlanta Cop Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison For Kicking Unarmed Teen In The Head

Former Atlanta Cop Sentenced To 20 Years For Kicking Unarmed Teen

We love the smell of sizzling bacon in the morning.

According to CBS46, a former Atlanta police officer, Matthew Johns, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for

F**k 12: Phoenix Cop Investigated For Calling Female Colleague “C** Dumpster”, Saying He Wanted To Rape Her, And Beating Civilians

Phoenix Police Investigated For Rape Threats, Brutality, And Stealing Money

A police officer in Phoenix is under serious investigation for a series of infractions including, but not limited to beating civilians, threatening witnesses, wrongfully seizing money in a drug bust

Hometown Hero: Khalid Puts On Benefit Concert In Support Of El Paso Shooting Victims

The Great Khalid Foundation Puts On Benefit Concert In Support Of El Paso Shooting Victims


Last Sunday night, Khalid put on a special benefit concert for his hometown, El Paso, TX, in response to the tragic mass shooting which

F**k 12: DeKalb, Illinois Cops Choke Out And Taser Black Man For Marijuana Possession [Video]

DeKalb, Illinois Police Choke And Taser Black Man In Viral Video

Police officers in DeKalb, Illinois were caught on camera using the same chokehold the ultimately killed Eric Garner on another Black man who was accused of marijuana possession.


BREAKING NEWS: NYPD Commissioner Fires Daniel Pantaleo For Killing Eric Garner Over Meaningless Cigarettes

Daniel Pantaleo Fired For Using Chokehold That Killed Eric Garner

Daniel Pantaleo has been fired from the NYPD for using the chokehold that ultimately killed Eric Garner during a July 17, 2014 arrest.

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill announced Pantaleo’s dismissal

Cops Kill People: Protesters Gather At Colorado Springs Police HQ To Demand Justice For De’Von Bailey

Colorado Springs Police Kill Teen De’Von Bailey

Folks in the Colorado Springs community have gathered to demand justice for 19-year-old De’Von Bailey who was gunned down by police under suspicious circumstances to say the very least.

Surveillance footage captures portions

Cops Kill People: Protesters Gather At Colorado Springs Police HQ To Demand Justice For De’Von Bailey

Colorado Springs Police Kill Teen De’Von Bailey

Folks in the Colorado Springs community have gathered to demand justice for 19-year-old De’Von Bailey who was gunned down by police under suspicious circumstances to say the very least.

Surveillance footage captures portions

F**k 12: Mississippi Man Beaten Bloody With Police Flashlights During Traffic Stop Sues For $1 Million

Mississippi Man Sues Police For $1 Million Over Bloody Beating

Another day, another cop abusing his power to inflict injury on a Black body.

A Mississippi man, Wesley Logan, was beaten bloody by Water Valley police officers during a traffic

Bout MF Time, S#!t: Eric Garner’s Killer Daniel Pantaleo Suspended Until Decision Made Firing

Eric Garner Killer Daniel Pantaleo Suspended

The man who killed Eric Garner, Officer Daniel Pantaleo, has been suspended while NYPD Deputy Commissioner and departmental administrative judge Rosemarie Maldonado decides whether or not he should be fired according to GulfNews

Put On Blast: NYPD Cop Kneels On Man’s Head While Waving Pistol At Bystanders For No Reason [Video]

NYPD Cop Seen Kneeling On Man’s Head And Waving Gun

An NYPD officer was seen being very aggressive during an arrest in which put all his weight down as he kneeled on a man’s head while simultaneously waving his service

#JusticeForLucca: 3 Florida Cops Charged For Punching And Pepper Spraying 15-Year-Old At McDonald’s

3 Cops Charged With Assault Of 15-Year-Old #JusticeForLucca

Justice? That you?

We’ve reported on the #JusticeForLucca movement since its inception back in April when a viral video of Broward County, Florida cops attacking the 15-year-old circulated the internet.

Today, we

New Movie: ‘Black And Blue’ Stars Naomie Harris As A Cop Trying To Survive Her Own Department’s Dirty Deeds[VIDEO]

‘Black And Blue’ Is About A Rookie Cop Caught In A Bad Situation

It’s no secret that criminal justice systems all over the country are running rampant with dirty cops — and now Screen Gem’s new film ‘Black And Blue’

Must Watch Movies: Peep The Explosive New Trailer For ‘Queen & Slim’ [VIDEO]

Trailer For Lena Waithe And Melina Matsoukas’ New Movie ‘Queen And Slim’

For months now we’ve been hearing Lena Waithe drop little references to a mysterious project called ‘Queen & Slim’… Last night the trailer aired for the very first

Cops Kill People: New Footage Shows Trigger-Lusty LAPD Firing 34 Shots At Unarmed Ryan Twyman [Video]

Video Footage Shows LAPD Killing Unarmed Ryan Twyman

Earlier this week we reported on the 34 bullets that LAPD pigs sent Ryan Twyman’s as the unarmed man attempted to leave a Los Angeles apartment complex.

Today, the cops have released

Cops Kill People: Unarmed Ryan Twyman Was Fatally Shot At 37 Times By LAPD Pigs While Sitting In His Car

Unarmed Black Man Ryan Twyman Shot Dead By LAPD

Another day, another unarmed, non-threatening, minding-their-damn-business, Black person dead at the hands of the trash a$$ police.

According to KTLA, Ryan Twyman was shot dead by LAPD cops as

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Legal Team Representing Phoenix Family Terrorized & Threatened By Police Over Barbie Doll

Jay Z’s Legal Team Representing Black Phoenix Family

After a Phoneix family’s shocking encounter with police went viral, they’re getting support from high places.

As previously reported Dravon Ames and his fiancé Iesha Harper were driving with their daughters, ages

F**k 12: Punk A$$ Phoenix Cops Threaten To Murder Pregnant Black Mother Because Daughter Accidentally Stole A Barbie

Phoenix Cops Caught On Viral Video Threatening Pregnant Black Woman

Listen, we’ve seen a LOT of videos of police abusing their authority while attempting to bully and intimidate innocent Black people. It’s hard to say that we’ve seen footage that

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