F**k 12: 3 California Correctional Cops Brutally Beat Brown Man To Distortion, Allegedly Called Him “Terrorist”

The turning point 30 years ago in Frankfurt

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San Joaquin Correctional Officers Beat Brown Man In Alleged Racist Attack

Three correctional officers stand accused of beating 24-year-old Jacob Servin beyond recognition inside a San Joaquin County Sheriff jail facility according to CBS Sacramento. Servin says the attack was racially motivated and accuses the pigs of spewing racist slurs and calling him a “terrorist”.

Sheriff Patrick Withrow has announced an internal investigation into the violent incident although that may be difficult considering that there were no cameras inside the cell where Servin was beaten.

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Never in a million years did I ever think That would be the victim of a Racist hate crime. Yesterday 3 racist county sheriffs from Stockton held me down beat me, choked me, kicked me and tried to snap my neck, for a long period of time while I was yelling and yelling for them to stop. Whitnesses could hear me yelling for my life these men tried to kill me all while yelling racist remarks. they left me to die with my face disfigured a broken nose, lacerations in my face and head tons of bruises all over my body with a huge loss of blood. I am barely able to walk on my own due to the amount of damage done to my whole body and the injury’s my bones have sustained by these ugly hearted people. No one deserves to be beatin to a pulp like this not for the color of their skin or for their Ethnicity. I will not sleep until justice is met. My profile is now public, feel free to share this unholy act of hate and racism or tag any one that needs to hear this message #TheHateYouGive #PoliceBrutality #EndRacism #AllLivesMatter #AllRacesMatter

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Below is the surveillance footage of what Servin looked like when he first came into the station and what he looked like when he left the holding cell where the officers nearly beat him to death…allegedly.

Not a single officer involved has been placed on administrative leave. They are all working right now and collecting their checks.

Cops Kill People: Colorado Springs Shooting Of Fleeing De’Von Bell Ruled “Justified”, No Evidence Of Weapon

Criminal arrest

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De’Von Bell Killing Ruled Justified By Colorado Springs Grand Jury

Back in August, we reported that Colorado Springs police had gunned down a young brotha named De’Von Bell by shooting him in the back four times as he was running away from them. Bell was said to be a robbery suspect and police were questioning him and another man before both fled the scene.

Most fair-minded people would say that the police should not be allowed to wantonly kill a person just because they are running away but apparently fair-mindedness is too much to ask in AmeriKKKa.

According to NBCNews, a grand jury found that this shooting was 100% justified and De’Von deserved to die for simply running. Of course, police allege that Bell was “reaching for a firearm” as he ran away. Problem is, there is no report of a weapon being found on his bleeding body.

There is a trash-a$$ state law in Coloardo that was enacted to protect police officers who shoot fleeing “suspects” called the “fleeing felons” statute.

”If the officer has a reasonable belief that the person has used a deadly weapon in a crime and is still armed, they can use deadly force to prevent that person from being a fleeing felon with that deadly weapon,” May, the district attorney, told BuzzFeed News.

Colorado law supports this, upholding that cops can use deadly force if they “reasonably believe that it is necessary” to defend themselves or someone else from imminent harm, but it also goes a step further to protect cops in shooting suspects who flee. Specifically, Colorado cops can use lethal force to “effect an arrest or to prevent the escape from custody, of a person whom he reasonably believes…has committed or attempted to commit a felony involving the use or threatened use of a deadly weapon.”

This law is at odds with the 1985 Supreme Court ruling on Tennessee v. Garner that states that the shooting of a fleeing suspect is wholly unconstitutional according to the Denver Post.

We can only hope that

Justice Abroad: Australian Cop Charged With The Murder Of Indigenous Yuendumu Man Kumanjayi Walker

Four People Dead In Mass Darwin Shooting

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NT Police Charged With Murder Of Aboriginal Teen Kumanjayi Walker

“The world is a ghetto” is a lyric that was made famous by the group WAR back in 1972 and they couldn’t have been more right.

According to The Guardian, an 19-year-old indigenous boy named Kumanjayi Walker from Yuendumu, the Northern Territory of Australia, was *allegedly* murdered by police and charges have been filed against the offending officer. Walker was shot dead on Saturday night when officers were sent to arrest him for breach of suspended sentence.

The charge was not made official until after hundreds of people filled the streets of Melbourne and Sydney carrying signs reading “Tell the truth” and “Justice for Walker” in protest of this obviously unwarranted death.

Kumanjayi Walker was shot, taken to the police station, and left unattended by medical staff for HOURS before he died. His family was not told of his condition until several hours later. This happened because Northern Territory health officials abandoned the small Yuendumu community claiming they “feared for their safety” due to “local unrest”.

“Staff safety is paramount,” the NT health department spokesperson said. “After liaising with police, Yuendumu Health Centre staff were supported to leave the community on Saturday afternoon, as did staff from other government and non-government services.”

The health professionals charged with helping Walker in their absence were located in Yuelamu, a town about an hour away from Walker’s bleeding body.

Chief Minister of the NT, Michael Gunner, had this to say about the criminal justice process:

“Saturday night was an awful night and we will be working together for a long time about how we deal with that together,” Gunner told people gathered at Yuendumu. “But there are important things I can promise today. One of them is to guarantee there will be an independent investigation.”

We can only pray that things in Australia are more fair and forthright than they are here in the states.

Rest in peace Kumanjayi Walker.

#EveryonesChild: NFL Players Coalition Releases New PSA About Police Violence In The Name Of DJ Henry

Danroy Henry's Family Holds Press Conference

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NFL Players Coalition Video Promotes DJDreamFund

The pain of losing a child is something that most parents fear most in life. The pain of having a child murdered by lyin’ a$$ police pigs who see Black skin as a threat even more.

The NFL Players Coalition is continuing the fight against police violence on Black people and other marginalized minorities that Colin Kaepernick sacrificed his professional career for. Yesterday, they released the following video highlighting the unlawful killing of Danroy “DJ” Henry back in 2010.

DJ’s family founded the DJDreamFund in order to empower young people to participate in community-based athletics, wellness, arts and summer camps. The idea behind the scholarship is to encourage kids to find their passion and achieve success beyond the limitations of their life circumstances.

If you have it in your heart and in your wallet, drop a few dollars to support a worthy cause.

Rest in peace DJ Henry.

Cops Kill People: Alabama Cops Gun Down Allegedly-Armed Dana Fletcher, Wife Says He Had No Weapon

Accident or crime scene cordon tape

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Alabama Police Kill Alleged Black Gunman, Wife Refutes Claim

Dana Fletcher was shot dead by police in Madison, Alabama this past Monday night in the parking lot of a Planet Fitness according to AL.com.

Let the cops tell it, Fletcher “exited the car with the gun in his hand and pointed at officers. Two Madison Police officers fired their weapons and Fletcher was struck.” via a statement they released following the shooting.

Dana’s wife Cherelle, who witnessed the fatal incident, adamantly refutes the cops’ claim in a lengthy Facebook post describing her husband’s final moments alive.

Somebody has some splainin’ and body cam footage releasing to do. It stands to reason that Dana Fletcher’s wife would know whether or not her husband pointed a gun at the police.

F**k 12: 10 NYPD Cops Storm Subway Train With Guns Drawn To Arrest Black 19-Year-Old For…Jumping The Turnstile

G Train

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10 NYPD Officers Pull Gun On Teen For Jumping Turnstile

The NYPD must have really thought that they were a part of the military unit that went killed Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi this weekend they way they pulled up on this young Black boy.

A viral video captures people scattering, scared to death, as at least 10 NYPD cops storm a subway train with guns drawn to arrest 19-year-old Adrian Napier according to VICE.

Napier is said to have fled from police after being approached in regards to a witness report stating there was a “male with a gun”. That male was obviously not Napier because there was no gun found in his possession. He was, however, arrested and charged with…jumping the turnstile/evading fare.

All those cops with all those guns scaring all those people just to arrest a calm, seated, teenager, with his hands in the air.

Smh. f**k 12. Especially the NYPD.

GTFOHWTBS: Eric Garner’s Killer Daniel Pantaleo Sues NYPD For Wrongful Termination, “Never Put Pressure On His Neck”

Mother Of Eric Garner Addresses The Media During Trial Of NYPD Officer Pantaleo

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Daniel Pantaleo Sues NYPD For Wrongful Termination

Daniel Pantaleo, the former NYPD police officer who killed Eric Garner with an illegal chokehold is now suing the department for wrongful termination. The basis for his argument? In essence, “I didn’t do anything wrong. Why y’all trippin’?”

According to LegalReader, Pantaleo’s lawyer Stuart London filed suit in New York state supreme court this week and says that everything that his client did to Eric Garner was not only legal but taught by the department.

“We still have many arguments, not the least of which will be the ridiculousness of the reckless assault convictions […] in which all of his contacts with Mr. Garner were appropriate and taught in the academy,” London said, adding that Pantaleo never put any pressure on Garner’s neck.

He goes on to say victim blame.

“Had Mr. Garner not resisted and not had such a compromised health situation, the result may have been very different,” London stated.

Rev. Al Sharpton’s reaction to the news laid it out pretty clearly.

“Pantaleo’s decision to seek his reinstatement is not only disrespectful to the Police Commissioner and NYPD, but also the Garner family,” Sharpton said. “He has shown no contrition or acknowledgment of his violent actions that ultimately killed Eric Garner.”

If the supreme court of New York allows Daniel Pantaleo back into the NYPD there’s gonna be an ISSUE. Hope they understand that…

Accountability, Is That You? Phoenix Cop Who Threatened To Shoot Pregnant Black Couple To Be Fired, Finally

Immigration Law Supporters Hold Rally At Arizona State Capitol

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Phoenix Cop Who Threatened To Kill Pregnant Black Couple Fired

Back in June, we reported on an incident between the Phoenix police and a pregnant Black couple over accusations that their eldest daughter had “stolen” a Barbie doll out of a store. Cops threatened to “put a f***ing cap” in the heads of Dravon Ames and his fiancee Iesha Harper in front of their two children ages 1 and 4.

At the time, the department said they were “investigating” the situation.

According to ABCNews, the officers involved were sent to the Disciplinary Review Board where it was recommended the punishment for their actions was a paltry “written reprimand” for one, and a 6-week unpaid suspension for the other. Chief Jeri Williams says she agreed with a reprimand for the officer who used “inappropriate language”, but was not on board for a simple suspension for the other cop, Chris Meyer.

“After meeting with the officer, Chris Meyer, personally and considering all the facts of the case, I have notified him of my intention to terminate his employment,” she said Tuesday. “In this case, a 240-hour suspension is just not sufficient to reverse the adverse effects of his actions on our department and our community.”

Williams would go on to say:

“We wear this badge as a symbol of our commitment to a higher standard,” Williams said Tuesday. “One that won’t erode the trust of those we serve or tarnish the pride that is involved with being a Phoenix police officer.”

That, our friends, is muthaf***ing accountability. You love to see it. It should also be noted that Jeri is a Black woman, perhaps if there were Jeri’s in positions of power, MORE trigger-happy pigs would be held responsible for undue violence against Blacks and people of color.

Just sayin’.

#AtatianaJefferson: Ex-Fort Worth Cop Aaron Dean Arrested And Charged With Murder In Tarrant County

Midsection Of Policeman Wearing Handcuffs To Criminal

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Aaron Dean Arrested For Murder Of Atatiana Jefferson

Atatiana Jefferson‘s family is one step closer to getting the justice they deserve after their daughter was tragically taken away from them as a result of state violence.

According to NBCDFW, ex-cop Aaron Dean resigned yesterday before he could be fired and was subsequently was arrested last night and charged with Atatiana’s murder. His bond was set at $200,000 and was released around 9 p.m. Fort Worth police interim Chief Ed Kraus said that he was planning to fire Dean for use of force, de-escalation protocols and unprofessional conduct but Dean beat him to the punch and quit.

“Nobody looked at that video and said there was any doubt that this officer acted inappropriately. I get it,” Kraus said, referring to bodycam video of the shooting released over the weekend.. “We’re trying to train our officers better, we’re trying to shore up our policies and we’re trying to ensure they act and react the way that the citizens intend them to, that they act and react with a servants heart instead of a warriors heart. There are times for officers to act as warriors and defenders, and there are times for them to act as public servants and humble servants.”

Kraus also made sure to mention that Dean was dishonorably discharged from the police force and his identity would not be protected from the public. Additionally, Kraus says that Dean could face more criminal charges once a full investigation is done and the case is presented to the FBI.

Body camera footage released by the department also included blurry photos of a gun found inside Jefferson’s home, leading many in the community wondering if police were trying to blame the victim. Kraus admitted Monday that it was inappropriate to release the photo even though it was something the department had done in the past to show what the perceived threat may have been.

Kraus apologized for releasing that photo saying that it was “a bad thing to do.”

SMH. We just hope that this piece of s#!t gets WAY more prison time and a LOT less hugs than Amber Guyger.

Cops Kill People: Georgia Cop Found Not Guilty Of Murder Of Unarmed Anthony Hill, Faces 35 Years On Other Charges


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Georgia Cop Found Not Guilty Of Murdering Anthony Hill

Previously, we reported that naked and unarmed Anthony Hill, an Afghanistan war veteran, was killed by an Atlanta-area Dekalb County Robert “Chip” Olsen back in 2016. Today, according to CNN, Olsen will walk away scot-free from murder charges related to Hill’s death.

Although the jury found Olsen not guilty of murder, they did find him guilty of aggravated assault, making a false statement, and two counts of violation of oath.

For that, he faces 35 years in prison.

Hill had a documented history of mental illness but did not have a weapon of any sort when he allegedly charged at the former police officer.

We hope Olsen is sentenced to every hour of that 35 years, but after seeing how Amber Guyger‘s case went, we don’t have very much confidence…

Cops Kill People: Off-Duty Chicago Officer Used Unregistered Gun To Kill Black Man During Argument

Close-Up Of Hands Holding Gun

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Chicago Cop Killed Black Man With Unregistered Gun

Back in November of 2016 off-duty Chicago police officer Joseph Treacy shot and killed Joshua Bell after threatening to shoot his girlfriend during a verbal altercation.

According to ABC7Chicago, Beal was leaving a funeral when Treacy accused him of blocking the fire lane. Reports say that racial slurs were used and eventually a plainclothes Treacy pointed a gun at Joshua’s girlfriend. In defense, Beal pulled his LEGAL gun on the civilian-lookin’ Treacy and was immediately gunned down. Beal’s family just now learned that gun the killed Joshua was one of EIGHT unregistered weapons that the then-officer owned.

Treacy was cleared of any wrongdoing back in June.

As you can imagine, Joshua’s family is livid as is their attorney Blake Horwitz.

“Come out with the facts,” Horwtiz said. “Let’s not do what happened with McDonald and Rahm Emanuel hiding information until the last minute.”

The new info has been added to the civil suit that the Beal’s have against the city. 

We hope they bleed the bank.

See Ya In Court: Vallejo Residents File Lawsuit Against “Out Of Control” Police Department For Civil Rights Violations

Officer-involved shooting

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Vallejo Police Department Sued By Residents For Civil Rights Violations

Vallejo residents are sick and tired of being on the receiving end of racism, brutality, and police violence by local authorities and they’re going to court seeking justice.

According to The Guardian, the people of Vallejo have filed a lawsuit against the city for numerous civil rights violations in the wake of the 55-shot killing of a sleeping Willie McCoy earlier this year.

Delon Thurston, a massage therapist, is one of those suing. She says she was driving home from work last October when a Vallejo police officer pulled her over for allegedly making “an abrupt left turn” and then along with another officer “dragged” her out of her car and threatened her with a Taser. The officers then forcibly searched her body, touching her breasts and genitals, she alleges

“I honestly felt like it was a Sandra Bland moment,” Thurston said, referring to the 28-year-old black woman who died of apparent suicide in a Texas jail cell after being arrested during a traffic stop in 2015. “I didn’t know what was going to happen to me and I had to breathe all the way through it and be antagonized all the way to the station and I never got read my rights as they were pushing my face to the cement.”

Another *alleged* victim of police misconduct, Deyana Jenkins, claims she was pulled over at gunpoint for no reason and shocked with a taser before being arrested or read her rights.

Adrian Burrell had his head slammed against a wooden post after he refused to stop recording officers holding his cousin at gunpoint.

This is the type of s#!t that makes us hate and fear the police. We can only hope that these lawsuits yield results that hold cops accountable.