“Growing Up Hip Hop ATL” Exclusive: Da Brat Thinks Brandon Needs To Catch A Fade Over His Foolishness

Growing Up Hip Hop stars Brandon Barnes and Ayana Fite

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Deb Antney Tells Da Brat That Brandon Was Lying

“Growing Up Hip Hop: ATL” returns for a new episode on Thursday, but while we wait — we’ve got an exclusive clip for your viewing pleasure! As you guys already know Brandon has been catching hell all season for most of his claims, well Da Brat has had about ENOUGH. Watch below:

The upcoming new episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta,” airs Thursday, August 1 at 9PM on WE tv.

#GUHHATL Brandon Barnes Responds To Waka’s Claims That He’s A ‘Fake’ Firefighter

Waka Flocka Brandon Barnes

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Brandon Barnes Responds To Fake Firefighter Claims

Brandon Barnes is responding to claims that he’s up to some shady shenanigans.

On the latest episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” Waka Flocka chats with his mom Ms. Deb about her godson Brandon Barnes. Deb tells Waka she’s unsure if Brandon is telling the truth about training to become a firefighter and Waka’s ADAMANT that he’s a liar.

According to Waka Brandon’s a “con artist”, manipulator” and “psychopath” who needs to get checked for previously “playing” his mother.

“No way in hell I’m about to let him do it twice. I’m ‘bout to check him.”


Brandon has since taken to Twitter to defend himself. In an open letter Brandon says he’s still TRAINING for the firefighter gig and he realizes that he’s being “misunderstood.”

“One of the main things that I personally love about this new career choice that I am IN THE PROCESS of achieving is, when you make up your to be a EMT-Firefighter you’ve truly learned how to be selfless.

“The things that I see and hear on this TV show are not all accurate and that’s okay. I lam still able to say i love everyone and truly mean it from the bottom of my heart. All I’ve ever wanted to do was help people and now it’s time I focused on that.”

Oop! Do YOU think Brandon lied about being a firefighter???


See the fallout from the scandal on the flip.

“Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” Exclusive: Contentious Cousins Ayana Fite And Brandon Barnes Are At Odds ! [VIDEO]

Growing Up Hip Hop stars Brandon Barnes and Ayana Fite

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Brandon Tries Making Peace With Ayana But She’s Not Having It

A brand new episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” airs tonight and it looks like the family feud between Brandon Barnes and Ayana Fite won’t end without a fight. Check out an exclusive clip below:

Here’s what else you can expect from the episode:

A surprise visit from Angela Simmons rocks Bow’s world! Tammy’s insecurities threaten her first sexy music video. Ayana and Brandon face off and Waka questions Brandon’s motives. Eazy-E’s daughter seeks guidance from Deb and Brat.

GROWING UP HIP HOP ATLANTA – “SEX WITH YOU” – Airs Thursday, June 27th at 9/8C on WEtv