Lira Galore Wants Quality Control’s “Pee” Jailed & Fined For Social Media Tirade Against Her In Custody Battle (Exclusive)

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Music Exec Pierre “Pee” Thomas & Ex Lira Galore In Nasty Child Custody Case Over Daughter

Lira Galore has asked a judge to throw the book at her daughter’s father Pee Thomas after he mounted a low blow attack against her on Instagram.

Galore said in court papers that her baby’s father’s extraordinary online tirade directed at her Dec. 17 – where he accused her of abusing cocaine while pregnant and cheating on him – violated a court order in their current custody battle over their baby girl Khaleesi, who was born earlier this year.

Thomas posted screenshots purported to be text messages between the pair, a photo of Galore’s nearly naked body amid his claims that the case was nothing but a money grab.

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The mom of one said Thomas’ posts were false, libelous and illustrate how immature and prone to impulsive actions he is, according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP. She said the posts also violate a court order – that Thomas insisted on – that each side be barred from discussing the case on social media.

She’s asked the judge in the case to fine him $10,000 and jail him for 20 days, according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP.

Galore said the “hysterical fury” that prompted him to air their dirty laundry on social media was the same thing that prompted him to allegedly assault her while she was pregnant with their baby. She said that Thomas’ social media posts were designed to take the focus off of her allegations that he “severely beat” her during her pregnancy.

“Petitioner’s conduct was intentional, shameful, reprehensible and completely contrary to the well-being and best interests of the parties’ daughter,” Galore’s paperwork states.

She wants a special hearing on Thomas’ social media posts, as well as for him to face jail and fines for violating a court order not to discuss the case.

Thomas has not responded to Galore’s motion but has deleted all of his Instagram posts, including the posts in question.


Lira Galore Denies Pee Thomas’ Drug & Abuse Claims; Calls Him An Instagram Dad Who Hit His Own Mother (Exclusive Details)

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Social Media Star Calls Baby’s Dad Pee Thomas A “Dangerous Individual” Who Was Violent To His Own Mom

Lira Galore has fired back at Pee Thomas’ claims that she beat him up and abused drugs while she was pregnant – saying that Thomas is a violent man who will put their baby in danger if he’s allowed access to her.

The model and social media star said her former lover Thomas – the CEO of Quality Control Music – was a “dangerous individual” whose home was the location of a shootout between armed staff and intruders the day after the pair left for Miami, according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP. Thomas later boasted about the incident on social media, showing off bullet holes in his kitchen and bragging that the intruders were lucky to be alive, according to Galore’s legal papers, which were obtained by BOSSIP.

Galore also doubled down on her claims that Thomas was physically and emotionally abusive to her during her pregnancy with their daughter, Khaleesi, and said he’d hit his own mother and two other baby mamas – although she didn’t get into specifics.

Galore also accused Thomas of being an Instagram dad to his five children, and always had another woman looking after his brood when they were in his care.

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The pair are in the midst of a messy lawsuit over child support and custody of their baby daughter, who was born earlier this year.

Galore was responding to Thomas’ allegations that she attacked him – often while high on different drugs – during their relationship. She said she never used drugs while she was pregnant or abused him, and demanded that he provide proof of his claims.

She’s asked a judge to force Thomas to pay her $15 million.

And besides money damages, Galore wants a judge force Thomas to get a psych evaluation before having visitation with Khaleesi and wants a restraining order that would keep him at least 100 feet away from her. She also wants child support and for Thomas to return a 2018 Land Rover she said he gifted her and then took away following an argument.

A judge hasn’t yet ruled on the case.

Headline Heat: Kenya Moore Talks THAT Messy #WWHL Shade Trade With Quad & ‘Boring’ Marlo Hampton

Kenya Moore Talks THAT Messy #WWHL Shade Trade With Quad & ‘Boring’ Marlo Hampton

Kenya Moore is breaking down what really went down on that episode of “Watch What Happens Live” when she and Miss Quad got into it. As previously reported a shade trade happened between the RHOA star and the “Married to Medicine” star that left viewers befuddled.

It was later revealed that Kenya didn’t appreciate comments Quad made alongside Sheree Whitfield and Quad received Kenya’s comments and apologized for the alleged shade.

Yesterday Kenya further broke down the issue to BOSSIP and confirmed that it was the Sheree assisted moment that upset her.

“She’s agreeing with all this shade, she’s saying not nice things about me, in particular, she agreed with a situation about my mom not wanting me growing up. That’s not something you agree with if you like someone,” said Kenya.

Kenya also reaffirmed to BOSSIP that NeNe is a bully and dished on her split from Marc Daly. She also reaffirmed that she’s “bored” with Marlo Hampton and talked pettily pulling up to Marlo’s wig launch with a marching band and her line of beauty products.

“Yes I was petty, it was very shady and petty but do NOT come for me unless I send for you,” said Kenya.

She also dished on her Moore Haircare line that’s in 2200 Sally Beauty stores.

Watch Kenya speak on BOSSIP’s hottest headlines above.

Quality Control’s “Pee” Denies Lira Galore’s Abuse Claims – Says He’s The Real Victim! (Exclusive Details) Inbox

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Music Exec & Social Media Star Fighting Over Access To Baby Girl

The music label head accused of beating Lira Galore while she was pregnant says he was the one being abused in their relationship.

Pierre “Pee” Thomas said Galore would get violent with him especially when she was off her head on “various illegal substances,” according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP.

Thomas also denied Galore’s contention that he pummeled her during most of her pregnancy with their daughter Khaleesi, who was born earlier this year. In fact, Thomas said he never emotionally or physically abused Galore in any way.

Thomas’ claims fly in the face of Galore’s abuse allegations, which came to light when Thomas sued Galore for joint custody of the baby.

Galore accused Thomas of savagely attacking her on multiple occasions, only to bribe her with cash and a car to entice her to stay.

But in his reply, Thomas said that if he was such a violent partner, then why did Galore wait months to sue him and allow him to have unsupervised parenting time with the baby?

Galore had not responded to Thomas’ allegations as of Dec 16.

A judge hasn’t yet ruled on the case.

Some Positive Programming: The Ladies Of ‘Chatter’ Talk Cast Chemistry & Holiday Traditions

Chatter Talk Show

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The Ladies Of “Chatter” Talk Show Talk Cast Chemistry & Holiday Traditions

There’s some positive programming on television featuring four women of faith and their opinionated and sometimes unorthodox views.
Known for their work as the creator and Executive Producer of the hit series Preachers of LA, Relevé Entertainment is introducing “Chatter” to ring in the holiday spirit. “Chatter” features Dr. Dee Dee Freeman – The Leader, Real Talk Kim – The Pastor , Dr. Jewel Tankard – The Money Maker and Millionairess and Monique Idlett Mosley – The Mogul.

The show debut on TV One on December 15 during the time slot of 5:00pm – 9:00pm EST during the airing of the Super Bowl Gospel Fest and then will be available on digital and social platforms and will run throughout the entire holiday season for a special holiday Edition presented by AT&T #DreamInBlack and produced by Releve Entertainment.

The ladies will help get you in the holiday spirit by discussing their favorite holiday traditions while also discussing holiday taboos and conundrums including handling uninvited guests to X-mas celebration. Episodes will also include them getting some amazing decorating tips from a well – known interior designer and holiday meal tips from none other than Celebrity Chef, James Wright Chanel of that viral Patty Pies fame.

The casts also recognizes that they are blessed to serve as blessings for other and during the season of giving they select a deserving family to give them a Christmas that they will never forget.

Chatter Talk Show

Source: Via Chatter / Releve’ Entertainment

The ladies of “Chatter” chatted with BOSSIP about their cast dynamic and told us that each of them has a unique role that viewers can connect with us.

“Kim is the jokester, they call me the leader, so I’m the mom, they call me the mom,” said DeeDee Freeman. “Monique is the one who’s a little bit more detailed. She doesn’t miss anything, she’s always on point asking and answering the right questions.”

Real Talk Kim also joined in and told BOSSIP that powerhouse Jewel Tankard is all about growing and financial responsibility.

“Jewel is always trying to grow, every conversation will go back to making money,” said Kim of the Millionairess. “All she hears is money signs. H’ourdovers to make money, do it this way!”

The ladies also shared with BOSSIP that they hope women in particular gain “hope” from their popular programming. Monique Idlett Mosley, in particular, wants the show to highlight women unapologetically living their truth.

“I want this to be a platform where we can stop apologizing for living our truth and instead acknowledge the truth, deal with it and get real solutions with transparency and honesty,” said Idlett Mosley. “That’s what I want women to walk away with.”


Set your television reminders to tune in for “Chatter” — The Holiday Edition produced by Releve’ Entertainment on Sunday, December 15, 2019, during the airing of the Super Bowl Gospel Fest during the time slot of 5:00pm – 9:00pm EST.

Check your local listings for local air times. Join the conversation on IG/ Facebook: @ChatterTalkShow #ChatterTalkShow #DreamInBlack.

Breaking: Judge throws Out Kevin McCall’s Custody Case Against RHOA’s Eva Marcille

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Kevin McCall In Failed Custody Bid For Daughter

A judge has thrown out Kevin McCall’s custody and child support lawsuit against Eva Marcille after the father failed to respond to the case, BOSSIP can reveal.

McCall stopped responding to the case over access to their five-year-old daughter after his lawyer quit last month. And he didn’t turn up at a hearing Dec. 13 for the suit, where he sought joint custody of Marley, five, and for Marcille to pay him child support.

The judge ruled that the Los Angeles courts – which handled their original custody suit – had jurisdiction over the case, and told McCall to contact the courts there. In that case, he was permanently barred from contacting Marcille, Marley or her parents, according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP.

McCall sued Marcille for joint physical custody of their Marley Rae and asked the judge to force Sterling to pay him child support when the girl is in his care, the suit, obtained by BOSSIP, states.

But Marcille fired back, asking that the case be dismissed and alleged that McCall was a violent deadbeat dad who abused her throughout her pregnancy and has never financially supported the child.

The suit was dismissed with prejudice, so McCall can’t sue Marcille for custody again.

“Ready For Love” Sneak Peek: It’s Time To Meet The Parents… [VIDEO]

"Ready To Love" poster

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Alexis And Devyne Seem Ready To Square Up

Have you been keeping up with the second season of “Ready To Love”? It’s been pretty wild — but it’s almost time for folks to choose. On Saturday’s upcoming episode

The men and women prepare to make their final choices. But first they must pass one last test by meeting each other’s families. Now that the journey is almost over, have they found someone that they are truly ready to love?

That’s not the only pressure filled moment from the show either. When the ladies sit down to discuss things with Nephew Tommy things get tense between Alexis and Devyne and Alexis makes it clear — she wants ALL the smoke. Check out an exclusive clip below:

That definitely got testy… Do you think Alexis is being overly aggressive?

“Ready To Love” Episode: Will You Be Mine? airs Saturday, December 14 (10 p.m. – 11 p.m. ET/PT)

Hit the flip for two more exclusive clips.

“Boxer Wives” Meda Leacock Talks New Reality Show & Life As An Athlete’s Other Half (Exclusive)

Boxer Wives

Source: Courtesy of Boxer Wives / Courtesy of Boxer Wives

Reality Show Premieres On BOSSIP

The star and executive producer of iOne’s new reality show “Boxer Wives” said the series was ten years in the making.

Meda Leacock said she got the idea to chart the lives of champion boxers’ other halves back in 2009, and was signed to a series of production companies, only for her idea to be shelved.

But the author, nonprofit head and mom of one grew tired of waiting and decided to take matters into her own hands. Leacock said she and her business partner Charlene Tineo teamed up with Phoenixx Digital to produce the show.

The result is a look at the highs and lows of boxers’ wives and girlfriends’ lives and their relationships in the public eye – and how they deal with all of the drama both in and out of the ring.

“Being a boxer’s wife is incomparable to no other wife in my opinion,” the Brooklyn native told BOSSIP. “Therefore, I felt the need to introduce the world to a set of extremely patient, stern, strong yet loving alpha females who lie in bed with men that continuously jump in the ring and are trained to destroy.”

“However, these same men have the ability to look into these women’s eyes and see a safe haven to also submit and be loved,” Leacock added.

Boxer Wives

Source: Courtesy of Boxer Wives / Courtesy of Boxer Wives

On the show, Leacock, who was married to prizefighter Zab Judah for seven years, works to co-parent with him and do business even as he pursues a new relationship with co-star Saskiia “Keyah” Huey.

“Zab and I are able to maintain a cordial relationship because we actually care about the well being of one another and the well being of our child together,” Leacock explained. “I have love for Zab now. I’m no longer in love with Zab. We are able to maintain a friendship, as well as a business relationship because we have respect for each other’s boundaries (and) our story isn’t cloudy or confusing anymore.”

Besides “Boxer Wives,” Leacock has published a book, “Contract Wife, Contract Life: Married To The Game,” a handbook for women in relationships with athletes. She also co-founded the Power & Music Awards last year, which honor people for outstanding contributions to music.

With all of her personal and professional pursuits, it begs the question: will there be a season two? Leacock said yes.

“I would like for the viewers and supporters of ‘Boxer Wives’ to see the current cast evolve, as well as feature the lives of new cast members to the narrative during season two.”

Quality Control’s “P” Tried To Gag Baby Mama Lira Galore Over Domestic Violence Claims – Said It Would Ruin His Career (Exclusive)

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Record Label Head & Social Media Star Fighting Over Access To Baby Daughter

The music label CEO who is battling baby mama Lira Galore over custody and child support for their baby daughter unsuccessfully tried to silence her claims that he beat her up while she was pregnant.

Lawyers for Pierre “P” Thomas filed court papers asking a judge to seal Galore’s allegations that he pummeled her during most of her pregnancy, leaving her bruised, with a knot on her forehead and a dislocated finger, according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP.

But social media star Galore fired back, calling Thomas’ attempts to muzzle her as a “miserable attempt to keep (Galore) from pursuing her valid claims against him.”

Thomas argued that Galore’s legal filing was “replete with inaccuracies” and contained accusations that would hurt his brand and career that he’d “built over the last few decades,” the music exec’s court papers state. Specifically, Thomas said he was concerned that she would use the case to launch a “smear campaign” against him to her more than four million social media followers.

Thomas – whose label “Quality Control Music” counts Migos, Da Baby and Cardi B on its books – also said Galore’s charges would harm the baby, subjecting her to “infamy, disgrace and public contempt” if Galore’s legal filing was made public.

Billboard 2018 R&B Hip-Hop Power Players

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He filed his motion for a gag order on the case the same day that Galore filed her answer and counterclaim, which detailed the alleged abuse she suffered while carrying the baby.

However, Galore responded in her own legal filing, accusing Thomas of trying to squash both her and the public’s first amendment rights by trying to block her from releasing her account in court. The mom of one said she tried to settle the matter out of court, but he didn’t respond.

Galore also said that they already have a court order barring her from discussing the case on social media, and she’s abided by it.

Thomas sued Galore earlier this year for access to their baby daughter, Khaleesi, who was born in 2019.

A judge has yet to rule on the case.

Future Trying To Settle Child Support Lawsuit With Alleged Baby Mama Out Of Court (Exclusive)

Forever Or Never Birthday Celebration

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Rapper Sued By Two Women For Fathering Their Babies

Future is working behind the scenes to settle at least one paternity and child support case after two women say they bore his children earlier this year, BOSSIP can reveal.

The rapper’s legal team is trying to negotiate an out of court deal on his behalf instead of going to trial in order to avoid having details about his sex life and other personal revelations being made public, a source with direct knowledge of the situation told BOSSIP.

Future has offered at least one of his alleged baby mamas a lump sum and child support in exchange for signing a confidentiality agreement – but the woman does not want to be barred from speaking out about the case or her relationship with him, our source says. Future’s lawyer did not respond to a request for comment.

The news comes as the two women suing him, Eliza Reign and Cindy Parker, have had their legal cases against him brought to a virtual standstill.

Reign sued Future in August 2019, alleging that he was the father of her baby girl, Reign, who was born in April. She said that Future has never met her daughter, but she wants the baby to have a relationship with him if he acts in the child’s best interest, her complaint states. Reign’s attorney declined to comment because the case was ongoing.

And in October, Parker sued Future for allegedly siring her son, Legend, before abandoning her. Parker’s lawyer didn’t return BOSSIP’s request for comment.

The rapper’s reticence to air his dirty laundry in public is evident in Reign’s case against him, where he’s asked for a gag order because he’s concerned that worried that “false and baseless allegations” will be leaked to the media and the public, according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP. A judge was supposed to rule on the gag order last month, but the hearing was canceled at the last minute.

Future, who is now reportedly in a relationship with Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter, Lori, hasn’t commented on the controversy, other than to drop the song “Last Name,” where he berates a woman for “stealing” his last name after having his baby despite him barely knowing her.

“Growing Up Hip Hop” Exclusive: Angela Agrees To Sit Down With Briana… Will They Finally Make Peace? [VIDEO]

Growing Up Hip Hop

Source: WE tv / Via WE tv

Will A “Growing Up Hip Hop” Sit Down Between Briana And Angela End Well?

If you’ve been watching “Growing Up Hip Hop” over the last few seasons you already know that Angela Simmons and Briana Isaacs don’t really mix well. But hope floats for the pair, who are set to sit down on the next episode TONIGHT. Check out an exclusive clip below:

This is season 5 so it’s definitely time to grow ladies! Do you think they’ll make peace at last?

“Growing Up Hip Hop,” airs Thursday, December 12 at 9pm on WE tv.

LHHATL’s Tammy Rivera Accuses Interior Designer Of Walking Away With Her $52K Deposit – Company Sues Her For Cyberbullying (Exclusive)

10th Annual ONE Musicfest

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Reality Star Sued Interior Design Firm For Fraud; Company Countersues Her For Trashing Their Name Online

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s” Tammy Rivera has accused a celebrity interior design firm of conning her out of a $52,000 deposit for work on her home.

But the firm didn’t take the claims lying down and countersued her for defamation and libel after she took to social media to trash the business when the deal went bad, court papers show.

Rivera sued D&A Designs over the summer for breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and fraud, alleging the design company took a $52,000 deposit but never did any of the work or delivered any of the furniture.

However little more than a week after Rivera filed suit, D&A Designs slapped her with a libel and defamation suit in federal court, contending that she defamed the company by creating Instagram posts blasting D&A Designs for stealing from her and telling her “nothing but lies,” the company said in court papers obtained by BOSSIP.

Rivera also posted a picture of the company co-owner Dereky Martin Hagler as well as their phone number, and Hagler said the company has received death threats, court papers state. The company said Rivera’s alleged actions cost them more than $1 million in business as well as severe emotional distress. The posts in question appear to have been deleted from Rivera’s Instagram.

D&A Designs admitted that Rivera contracted them for $105,500 interior design work on her home – including designing a basement powder room, painting work and chair upgrades that they said were finished before the completion date. But it contended that Rivera kept asking for additional work, which lengthened the project’s completion date.

The company also said that Rivera was supposed to hand over an $84,060 check – but only gave them $52,000, but they began the work anyway. Rivera also failed to make subsequent payments for the project, their court papers state.

It’s not clear how the relationship broke down or what became of Rivera’s $52,000. However D&A Designs said in its complaint that the project involved customized wallpaper and furniture that was not returnable once the work began.

Rivera, who is married to her “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” co-star Waka Flocka, is set to give a deposition on the case Dec. 11. Her lawyer declined to comment when reached by BOSSIP. D&A Designs’ attorney also declined to comment and referred a reporter to the court papers.

The company, which has worked with Mona Scott-Young and designed Yandy Smith-Harris’ office space wants Rivera to remove the offending posts, be barred from posting anything about the company and pay punitive damages of at least $75,000.