Contempt: Janky Judge Incredulously Lenient On Teen Rape Suspect From “Good Family” Because He’s “Destined For Good College”

Judge Rules Teen Rape Suspect Won’t Be Tried As Adult Because He’s From “Good Family”

AmeriKKKa hates women. That much is painfully obvious. The following story just reinforces that fact and will likely be used as the impetus for millions

Ebro In The Morning: 76ers Owner Michael Rubin Explains His Relationship With Meek Mill And Talks NBA Free Agency [Video]

Michael Rubin Interview On Ebro In The Morning

The owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, Michael Rubin, recently sat down with Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning to talk about how his friendship with Meek Mill came to be.


Keep It: Alabama Woman Who Shot Pregnant Rival Says “Sorry”, Lawyer Files To Dismiss Case Against Victim Who Lost Baby

Lawyers Move To Have Marshae Jones’ Manslaughter Indictment Dismissed

Last week we reported that an Alabama woman was being indicted for manslaughter after SHE was shot by another woman and lost her unborn baby.

According to ABCNews, Marshae Jones’

Air Wacks 1: Colin Kaepernick Convinces Nike To Recall Sneakers Embroidered With Racist Betsy Ross American Flag

Colin Kaepernick Has Nike Cancel Betsy Ross Air Max 1 Release

Nike was all set to release a pair of Air Max 1’s to celebrate the upcoming July 4 but that is NOT going to happen now.

According to TheDailyBeast

Florida Crazies: Racist Homophobe Arrested For Firearm Possession And Plotting Mass Shooting Attack

Florida Man Arrested For Threatening Mass Shooting Hate Crime

Florida, Florida, Florida…you never cease to disgust us.

40-year-old Joshua John Leff was arrested for being a felon in possession of firearms and making a written threat to kill, do

Not On My Watch: Judge Swiftly Blocks Trump’s Plan To Shift $2.5 Billion To Pay For Border Wall

Judge Blocks Trump’s Attempt To Get Funding For The Border Wall

According to the New York Times, a federal Northern California judge permanently blocked Trump from using $2.5 billion in funding to build a wall along the United States’

It’s History, Bruv! Stormzy Becomes The First Black Brit Solo Artist To Headline Glastonbury Festival

Stormzy Makes History With Legendary Glastonbury Festival Performance

You may not be familiar with UK Grime music, but just know that Stormzy is a king amongst kings across the pond. At the risk of disrespect, we can only liken him

It’s Getting Hot In Herre: Pete Buttigieg Grilled In Democratic Debate For Saying He Can’t Fire Racist Cops

Buttigieg Blasted For Race Relations Following South Bend Police Shooting

As we mentioned in our post about Kamala Harris v. Joe Biden, things got HOT for a few candidates at the Democratic debate last night, namely South Bend, Indiana

Cookin’ With Kamala: Joe Biden Got Filleted, Fried, And Fricasseed When Senator Harris Challenged Him On Race Issues [Video]

Kamala Harris Challenges Joe Biden Over His Record On Race Issues

Night two of the Democratic debate was FAR more lively than night one. Things remained relatively calm during the first debate, but last night the gloves were off and

#DemDebate: Get Some Insight Into The Liberal Candidates Looking To Defeat Donald Trump In 2020 [Video]

Watch The Full Democratic Debate

Last night MSNBC and Telemundo hosted the first of a 2-night Democratic debate in Miami, Flordia and it was quite the brouhaha.

The stage was very crowded and with so many candidates, some well-known and

Wait, What?! Pregnant Woman Indicted For Manslaughter After Being Shot In Stomach And Losing Baby

Pregnant Woman Shot Then Arrested When Baby Doesn’t Survive

This s#!t makes no sense, but stay with us as we try to explain.

According to AL.com, Marshae Jones, a 27-year-old expectant mother got into a beef with 23-year-old

FDT: E. Jean Carroll Recounts In Great Detail The Time She Was Allegedly Raped By Donald Trump

E. Jean Carroll Details How Donald Trump Allegedly Raped Her

Donald Trump raped advice columnist E. Jean Caroll inside of a Bergdorf’s dressing room in New York City according to Carroll’s new memoir “What Do We Need Men For? A

The Plot Thickens: New Video Evidence In Jussie Smollett’s Alleged Hate Attack Hits The Net

New Videos Released In Jussie Smollett’s Hate Crime Case

The ambiguity and shadiness in the Jussie Smollett hate crime case will likely never be brought to full transparency.

That said, even after all these months, new evidence is still being

Soup Cookie Commentary: Ben Stein Says Black People Have “Deep Attachment” To Underdog Mentality And Playing Victim [Video]

Ben Stein Says Black People Have “Deep Attachment” To Victimization

You might know Ben Stein as “the Clear Eyes guy”. You might know Ben Stein as the man calling for “Bueller” in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. But henceforth you

“We Don’t Trust You!”: South Bend Town Hall Unloads On Pete Buttigeig Over Cop Eric Logan’s Police Shooting Death

Pete Buttigeig Faces Angry Town Hall Over Eric Logan Shooting Death

South Bend, Indiana Mayor and Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigeig has enjoyed the fruits of the mainstream media’s darlingism over his campaign rhetoric, but back home s#!t ain’t sweet.

Stop Killing Kids: 18- Year Old Wisconsin Teen Shot And Killed By Police Officer 

Tyrese West Killed By Wisconsin Police

We can’t even ride our bikes in peace SMH. 18-year old Tyrese West has been pronounced dead after being shot by a Mount Pleasant on June 15th. According to Racine Police, officers attempted

Drunk History: Lisa Bonet Plays Ex-Slave Mary Ellen Pleasant Who Passed White, Got Rich, Became Abolitionist [Video]

Lisa Bonet Plays Mary Ellen Pleasant On ‘Drunk History’

Here’s a piece of Black history brought to you by one of the most beloved Black actresses in history.

In a new episode of Drunk History, Lisa Bonet plays a

Cops Kill People: New Footage Shows Trigger-Lusty LAPD Firing 34 Shots At Unarmed Ryan Twyman [Video]

Video Footage Shows LAPD Killing Unarmed Ryan Twyman

Earlier this week we reported on the 34 bullets that LAPD pigs sent Ryan Twyman’s as the unarmed man attempted to leave a Los Angeles apartment complex.

Today, the cops have released

Hoy En Mi Gente News: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Defends Using The “Concentration Camp” To Describe Immigrant Detention Center [Video]

AOC Defends Calling Immigrant Detention Center “Concentration Camp”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is again being criticized for her commentary about the immigrant detention centers that the Trump administration is running along the U.S.-Mexico border.

AOC has unabashedly called the centers “concentration camps”

F**k You Too, Orange B!tc#: Donald Trump Says He Refuses To Apologize To #Exonerated5 For Death Penalty Ads

Donald Trump Refuses To Apologize To Central Park 5

At this point, it’s been well-publicized that Donald Trump once took out a full-page ad in four NYC newspapers calling for the death penalty for the 5 then-boys, Yusef Salaam, Kevin

Cops Kill People: Unarmed Ryan Twyman Was Fatally Shot At 37 Times By LAPD Pigs While Sitting In His Car

Unarmed Black Man Ryan Twyman Shot Dead By LAPD

Another day, another unarmed, non-threatening, minding-their-damn-business, Black person dead at the hands of the trash a$$ police.

According to KTLA, Ryan Twyman was shot dead by LAPD cops as

Touché: YouTuber Buys The Entire Town Of Hell, Michigan And Renames It ‘Gay Hell’ To Spite Trump’s Pride Flag Ban

YouTuber Buys Michigan Town And Renames It “Gay Hell”

Drake recently rapped:

“I’m buying the building of every door that closed on me…”

This guy said damn the building, he wants the land that the building is standing on. According

Ha-Ha, Lil B!t¢h: N-Word Spewing Parkland Student Has Harvard Admission Rescinded Over Racist “Humor”

Parkland Shooting Survivor’s Harvard Acceptance Rescinded Over Racism

Consequences and repercussions, ladies and gentlemen. THAT is the name of the game.

The internet is literally flooded with white kids saying “ni**er” and many of them probably won’t suffer any

Cops Kill People: Willie McCoy’s Family Balks At Report Stating 55 Shots In 3.5 Seconds Is A “Reasonable Act”

Police Report Deems Shooting At Willie McCoy 55 Times “Reasonable”

F**k the police. First and foremost.

Now that we have that out of the way. We’ve been reporting on the police shooting death of Willie McCoy since February when

GTFOHWTBS: Tory Lanez Concocts Clout-Chasing Colorism Charade And Uncovers Clownish Character

Tory Lanez Viral Colorism Clips Outed As Hoax

Toronto hasn’t even had their championship parade yet and this diminutive dumba$$ is already making them look bad.

Tory Lanez had the internet eating out the palm of his hand for most

F**k 12: Punk A$$ Phoenix Cops Threaten To Murder Pregnant Black Mother Because Daughter Accidentally Stole A Barbie

Phoenix Cops Caught On Viral Video Threatening Pregnant Black Woman

Listen, we’ve seen a LOT of videos of police abusing their authority while attempting to bully and intimidate innocent Black people. It’s hard to say that we’ve seen footage that

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