See Ya In Court: Vallejo Residents File Lawsuit Against “Out Of Control” Police Department For Civil Rights Violations

Vallejo Police Department Sued By Residents For Civil Rights Violations

Vallejo residents are sick and tired of being on the receiving end of racism, brutality, and police violence by local authorities and they’re going to court seeking justice.

According to

Dracarys! Tiffany Cross Sets Fire To Donald Trump’s Whole Existence For Slandering Joy Ann Reid [Video]

Tiffany Cross Claps Back At Donald Trump For Insulting Joy Ann Reid

Donald Trump has a long history of attacking Black people, especially Black women, from his trolling Twitter account.

Recently, Trump took aim at veteran MSNBC anchor Joy Ann

F**k 12: Bum A$$ Boston Bacon Boy Placed On Administrative Leave For Racist Tirade Toward High School Students

Boston Cop Put On Leave For Yelling Racist Slurs At High School Students

A bigoted Boston Police officer has been placed on administrative leave after he *allegedly* went on a racist rant against some local high school students in Hyde

Ebro In The Morning: Stephen A. Smith Talks HBCU Initiative, Colin Kaepernick, Kevin Durant, And Much More [Video]

Stephen A. Smith On Ebro In The Morning

Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning got ahold of ESPN’s most loquacious linguist, Stephen A. Smith to talk about the biggest topics in sports including, Colin Kaepernick, Kevin Durants departure to Brooklyn,

Oh, Canada: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Put On Blast For Wearing “Brownface, Turban, Robe In Year Book Photo

Justin Trudeau Outed For Wearing Blackface

White folks just can’t seem to get enough of wearing Blackface. You’d think it was the hottest new fashion trend the way they unabashedly rock our skin. You can’t say you love us,

Cops Kill People: North Carolina Sheriff Plots To Kill Deputy Who Had Recordings Of His Racist Remarks

Sheriff Indicted For Plotting Cop’s Murder Over Racist Recordings

There is no honor among thieves and most definitely not amongst pigs.

According to a Washington Post article, Granville County, North Carolina Sheriff Brindell Wilkins conspired to have one of

People Ain’t Isht: Racist British Soup Cookie Trains Dog To Attack Pakistani Store Owner

Allegedly Racist Woman Convicted Of Letting Dog Attack Asian Store Owner

A 41-year-old woman in Manchester, U.K. has been convicted of racially aggravated common assault, racially aggravated harassment and having a dog dangerously out of control after allowing her

Jesus Take The Juul: California Man Is 7th Person To Die Vape-Related Death, $20 Million Campaign Launched

7th Vape-Related Death In California

Vaping is killing people and the death toll is now up to seven according to a new CNN article.

An unidentified California man has died and the state and the Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Consequences & Repercussions: Soup Cookie Comedian Shane Gillis Fired From SNL Over Racist And Homophobic Comments

Shane Gillis Fired From SNL, Responds On Twitter

Shane Gillis is probably a name you never heard of in your life until recently, and even then the mention of his name is likely to be met with an incredulous “who???”

REVOLT Summit Gets Rowdy When T.I., Candace Owens, Killer Mike, Tamika D. Mallory, Katrina Pierson Debate Politics [Video]

T.I., Candace Owens, Killer Mike And More Debate Politics At REVOLT Summit

The REVOLT Summit took over the city of Atlanta this weekend and things went smoothly as celebrities, industry professionals, and political pundits brought their talents to the dirty

We Would Like To See It: Nessa Stepped To Stephen A. Smith To Set Record Straight, SAS Invites Her, Colin Kaepernick, Eric To First Take

Stephen A. Smith Invites Nessa And Colin Kaepernick Onto ‘First Take’

Nessa Diab, radio/TV host and the esteemed significant other of one Colin Kaepernick, stepped to Stephen A. Smith at a New York radio station yesterday to address

#DemDebate: Julian Castro Gets Spicy With Ol’ Joe Biden Over Medicare For All Policy, “You Can’t Remember What You Said 2 Minutes Ago??” [Video]

Julian Castro Goes After Joe Biden In Democratic Debate

The Democratic debate was on and poppin’ last night and although the enemy is Donald Trump, the 10 left-wing candidates were not afraid to take each other on in full-contact.

Donk Disqualification: Biracial Swimmer Stripped Of Win Because “Immodest” Swimsuit Exposed Her Championship Cakes

Biracial Alaskan High School Swimmer Disqualified Over Swimsuit Wedgie

A 17-year-old biracial swim champ had her latest win vacated then reinstated after a janky a$$ referee Jill Blackstone disqualified her for having a “suit wedgie” according to Anchorage Daily News

The Breakfast Club: Malik Yoba, Carmen Carrera, David Johns, Nala Simone Educate The Masses On LGBTQIA+ Issues And More [Video]

The Breakfast Club Talks To Malik Yoba, David Johns And Guests About LGBTQAI+

The Breakfast Club had a lot to learn about the proper ways to talk about the LGBTQAI+ community, but especially the T’s as recently panned Dave Chappelle

Dallas Cop Guilty Of Shooting Unarmed Black Man Argues “Objectionably Reasonable” In Civil Suit

Dallas Cop Argues Shooting Unarmed Black Man Was Justified

In 2014, Amy Wilburn became the first Dallas police officer to be indicted for shooting a “suspect” in OVER 40 years when she was charged with felony aggravated assault, she was

Ebro In The Morning: Jharrel Jerome Gets Deep About His Role In ‘When They See Us’, Emmy Nomination, And Spits Some Bars [Video]

Jharrel Jerome Interview With Ebro In The Morning

We get misty-eyed just THINKING about Jharrel Jerome‘s depiction of Korey Wise in Ava Duvernay’s brilliant biopic ‘When They See Us‘.

While all the actors in the mini-series did

Blackballed: Donald Trump Says Bahamian People Seeking Refuge From Dorian Are “Very Bad Gang Members And Drug Dealers”

Donald Trump Casts Aspersions On Bahamians Seeking Refuge From Dorian

Donald Trump, the President of 53% of white women’s United States, pretty much hates Black and brown people.

At every turn, Trump villainizes non-white people as violent degenerates who

In-humanitarian Effort: 130 Bahamians Kicked Off Ferry From Freeport To Florida For Not Having U.S. Visa

130 Bahamanias Forced To Disembark Freeport Ferry Over U.S. Visa Restriction

Hurricane Dorian absolutely decimated the Bahamas, specifically Freeport. The people there are DESPERATE for aid and dozens of them suffered a heartbreaking embarrassment at the hands of the United

Cops Kill People: Minnesota Protesters Block Highway In Opposition To Shady Shooting Of Brian Quinones

Minnesotans Protest The Shooting Death Of Brian Quinones

Yet again, the citizens of Minnesota have assembled to speak truth to power following the shooting death of a young man under some very dubious circumstances.

According to USAToday, protesters blocked

‘I Will Not Be Doing That Again’: Founder Of Charity Supported By The NFL & Jay-Z Apologizes For Cutting Teenagers’ Locs

Sally Hazelgrove Apologizes For Old Photos Of Her Cutting Off Locs

Jay-Z’s recent actions following his business dealings with the NFL have had fans raising their eyebrows, but nothing was more confusing than finding out one of the charities he

Ritz, Please! Antonio Brown Allegedly Called Raiders GM Mike Mayock “Cracker”, Offers “Emotional Apology”

Antonio Brown Allegedly Called Raiders GM A “Cracker”

Antonio Brown turned the Oakland Raider upside down yesterday after news broke that he had gotten into an explosive, damn-near-physical confrontation with general manager Mike Mayock where the mercurial baller called him

F**k 12: Phoenix Cop Investigated For Calling Female Colleague “C** Dumpster”, Saying He Wanted To Rape Her, And Beating Civilians

Phoenix Police Investigated For Rape Threats, Brutality, And Stealing Money

A police officer in Phoenix is under serious investigation for a series of infractions including, but not limited to beating civilians, threatening witnesses, wrongfully seizing money in a drug bust

Extra Cheese: N-Word Spewing Papa John’s Founder To Donate $1 Million To HBCU Simmons College of Kentucky

Papa John’s Founder Donates $1 Million To Kentucky HBCU

Papa John, we ain’t forget.

The founder of the pizza franchise, John Schnatter, had to step down from his CEO position last year after he admitted to using the n-word

Hatin’ Azz: Azealia Banks Trashes Loveable Lizzo For Playing “Millennial Mammy” Seeking White Approval

Azealia Banks Calls Lizzo “Millennial Mammy” Seeking White Approval

Azealia Banks is a hater in perpetuity. Her hating knows no bounds. When God comes down to unleash the rapture on the world, Azealia Banks will probably be on some social

Dumba$$: Watch Donald Trump Tell Lie After Lie After Lie About Category 5 Hurricanes [Video]

Donald Trump Tells Repeated Lies About Hurricanes

Hurricane Dorian has ravaged the Bahamas and is headed toward the Carolina to do historical damage via floods and rising tides.

53% of white women allowed this orange moron called Donald Trump to

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