WTF?!?! 14-Year-Old Charged With Hate Crime For Listing Black Classmate On Craigslist As ‘Slave for Sale’

Student Charged With Hate Crime For Posting Black Classmate On Craigslist

A 14-year-old student in Naperville, Illinois has been charged with a hate crime after allegedly listing his black classmate as a “slave for sale” on Craigslist.

According to

Plot Thickens: Helmet-Swingin’ Baller Myles Garrett Says He Flipped Out Because Mason Rudolph Used Racial Slur

Myles Garrett Says Mason Rudolph Used Racial Slur

Things just took a very interesting turn in the case of Myles Garrett vs Mason Rudolph. Earlier this week we reported on the brawl that ensued when Garrett snatched Rudolph’s helmet

Whitewashing: Harriet Tubman’s Great-Great-Great-Grandniece Tina Wyatt Reacts To Choice Of Julia Roberts To Play Ancestor [Video]

Harriet Tubmans Relative Reacts To Potential Julia Roberts Casting

Yesterday we reported on the news that some clueless Hollyweird studio executive suggested that Julia Roberts play iconic BLACK slavery abolitionist Harriet Tubman in the film that was recently released.


Impeachment Inquiry: Ex-National Security Council Fiona Hill And Kiev Diplomat David Holmes Testify Against Trump [Live Stream]]

Fiona Hill And David Holmes Testify In Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Today marks another day where civil servants and former government officials have come forward to tell all they know about Donald Trump’s shady shenanigans in regards to a quid pro

This Is AmeriKKKa: Wide-Spread Panic Spreads Through Syracuse University Over White Supremacist Manifesto

Syracuse University Students In Fear After Racist Incidents And Manifesto

Students at Syracuse University in upstate New York are fearing for their lives today and white people are to blame.

According to NBCNews, there have been a rash of

When It All Falls Down: Amb. Gordon Sondland Drops DIME On Donald Trump, Rudy Guiliani, Mike Pompeo In Impeachment Inquiry [Live Stream]

Gordon Sondland Testifies To Trump Quid Pro Quo Live Stream

Donald Trump is f***ed. It’s going DOWN in Congress today as Ambassador Gordon Sondland is testifying that Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ALL knew that that Ukranian

Race-Bait-And-Switch: Julia Roberts Was Picked To Play Harriet Tubman By Heada$$ Hollyweird Executive

Julia Roberts Was Movie Exec’s Choice To Play Harriet Tubman

Listen, ok, we’ve been subjected to all types of white foolishness in our lifetime, but never in our melanin-rich lives did we ever think that we would have to deal

Australian Corruption Commissioner Accused Of Bias In Police Shooting After Saying “Black Lives Matter”

NT Corruption Commissioner Recuses Himself After Saying “Black Lives Matter”

Last week we reported the killing of Aboriginal 19-year-old Kumanjayi Walker at the hands of Northern Territory police in Australia who shot the teen and essentially left him to die

Eat Mor Chickin? Chick-Fil-A FINALLY Decided To Stop Donating Money To Anti-LGBTQ+ Organization

Chick-fil-A Will No Longer Donate Money To Anti-LGTBQ+ Non-profit

The chicken sandwich game is a little bit cleaner today as iconic fowl food franchise Chick-fil-A has announced that they will no longer donate money to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Top Plight Security: White Rent-A-Cop Fired After Racially Profiling Black Shoppers Outside Nordstrom Rack [Video]

White Cop Fired For Racial Profiling Black Men In Viral Video

Add “shopping at Nordstrom Rack” to the list of things that Black people can’t do without being harassed by police.

A viral video is currently circulating the internet

F**K ‘EM! Donna Brazile Curses Out Convicted Trump Crony Roger Stone On Bill Maher’s Show [Video]

Donna Brazile Curses Out Roger Stone On Bill Maher’s Show

Roger Stone, Donald Trump’s longtime homie-fixer-friend, was convicted yesterday of 7 felonies relating to witness tampering and lying to congress. Donna Brazile, an MSNBC-turned-Fox-News political analyst, appeared on Real

Clap For Her: Marie Yovanovitch’s Donald Trump Impeachment Inquiry Hearing Ends With Rousing Applause [Video]

Yovanovitch’s Impeachment Inquiry Hearing Ends In Loud Applause

Impeachment inquiry testimony from former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch captured the attention of the nation yesterday.

Yovanovitch laid bare the malevolent smear campaign that Rudy Guiliani and other Trump bootlickers

No Cap: Retired Bengals Baller Cris Collinsworth Campaigns For His Old Team To Sign Colin Kaepernick [Video]

Cris Collinsworth Wants Bengals To Sign Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is in Atlanta as we type preparing for his first NFL workout in 3 years this afternoon.

Cris Collinsworth, a retired Cincinnati Bengals wideout, was approached by TMZ the other

Impeachment Day 2: Donald Trump’s Shady Shady Shenanigans Outed By Marie Yovanovitch [Live Stream]

Marie Yovanovitch Testifies In Impeachment Inquiry Against Donald Trump

Donald Trump‘s conversation with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is the subject of the impeachment inquiry that Congress has set forth.

Today is day 2 of the public testimony in that

Cops Kill People: Colorado Springs Shooting Of Fleeing De’Von Bell Ruled “Justified”, No Evidence Of Weapon

De’Von Bell Killing Ruled Justified By Colorado Springs Grand Jury

Back in August, we reported that Colorado Springs police had gunned down a young brotha named De’Von Bell by shooting him in the back four times as he was running

Confirmed: NFL Releases List Of Teams That Will Participate In Colin Kaepernick’s Workout On Saturday

NFL Release List Of Teams Attending Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick‘s impromptu NFL workout has been surrounded by shadiness, cynicism, and side-eyes from the very beginning.

Yesterday we reported that #7 would be getting an official shot to get back

She Still Mad: Mo’Nique Files Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against Netflix For Denying Her The Bag

Mo’Nique Files Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Agaisnt Netflix

Mo’Nique is NOT letting go of her grudge against Netflix. The comedienne is obviously still very upset that the streaming company wouldn’t negotiate a hefty bag for her to perform comedy specials

Cops Kill People: Wichita Man Gunned Down In “Swatting” Hoax, Family Suing Police Department For $25 Million

Wichta Police Sued For $25 Million Over Wrongful Death

Last year we reported that Andrew Finch was shot dead by Wichita police back in 2017 when gamer clown called 911 and falsely reported a shooting and kidnapping at his home.

The Side-Eye: NFL Announces Shady Last-Minute Colin Kaepernick Workout, Smells Like Scam

Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Workout Seems Fishy

Colin Kaepernick is headed to Atlanta for a very, VERY impromptu workout for whichever of the 32 NFL teams are interested in his talents.

If this workout comes as a surprise to you, then

Impeachment Day: Donald Trump’s Shady Shenanigans Officially Go On Trial With Public Testimony [Live Video]

Donald Trump Impeachment Hearing Live Stream

Impeachment is on deck for 53% of white women’s President Donald J. Trump.

Today, November 13, 2019, will serve as a historic day in the United States as Congress begins public Impeachment hearings against

Justice Abroad: Australian Cop Charged With The Murder Of Indigenous Yuendumu Man Kumanjayi Walker

NT Police Charged With Murder Of Aboriginal Teen Kumanjayi Walker

“The world is a ghetto” is a lyric that was made famous by the group WAR back in 1972 and they couldn’t have been more right.

According to The Guardian,

Race Matters: Trina Speaks About Her Altercation With The Walmart Shopper Who Allegedly Called Her The N-Word

Trina Finally Speaks About Her Racist Walmart Altercation

Trina was in the headlines earlier this week after videos surfaced of her screaming at a Walmart customer who allegedly called her the N-word.

Even though initial reports stated that the incident

Congrats, Brotha! Steven Reed Will Be Sworn-In Today As The First Black Mayor Of Montgomery, Alabama

Uh-Huh, Ok, Whasup? Shut Up! Trina Puts A White Bish In Check At Walmart For Calling Her N-Word [Video]

Trina Flips On White Woman Who Called Her N-Word

Trina ain’t lettin’ s#!t slip ‘n slide when it comes to white people coming out their mouth with the n-word.

According to TMZ, The Baddest Bi*ch unleased the furious

Sammiching While Black: Bum A$$ BART Cop Cuffs Black Man For Eating His Breakfast On Train Platform

Black Man Arrested By BART Cop For Eating A Sandwich

Last year, courtesy of BBQ Becky, we learned that Black folks in the Bay Area can’t BBQ in the parks without white interference and this weekend we learned that

The Antisocial Network: Facebook “Apologizes” After Anonymous Employees Blasts Them For Racist Practices

Facebook Apologizes For Racist Company Culture

Facebook is full of s#!t. In addition to their inability to remove lies and disinformation in political ads, the social media network is wrought with racism and bigotry according to current and former employees.

Thoughts? Kamala Harris Is Trying To Push Legislation That Would Extend School Days To 6 PM To Help Out Working Families

Kamala Harris Proposes Controversial Plan To Benefit Working Families

According to Fox 8, Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris introduced legislation earlier this week that she says would match school hours with work hours to help out working families.

The “Family

You Can’t Be Serious: White Restaurant Owner Only Sentenced To 10 Years For Enslaving, Burning, And Beating Mentally Ill Black “Employee”

White Restaurant Owner Only Sentenced 10 Years For Enslaving Black Man

We’re warning you now, this story is going to REALLY piss you off.

According to CNN, the manager of a South Carolina restaurant, Bobby Paul Edwards, has been

Secure The Bag: Samuel L. Jackson And Anthony Mackie Star In ‘The Banker’ About First African-American Financier [Video]

Samuel L. Jackson And Anthony Mackie In ‘The Banker’ Trailer

Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Mackie are back together but not as Nick Fury and Falcon.

The actors have teamed up to avenge all the Black folks who were prohibited

Like Whiter For Chocolate: Common Says He’s Down To Meet Blackface Teacher To Drop Knowledge On Him [Video]

Common Wants To Talk To Blackface Teacher About Halloween Costume

While most people would much rather drop hands and feet on a Bay Area teacher who dressed in blackface to be Common for Halloween, Common would rather drop knowledge on

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