#1TakeHov: Jay-Z Puts His Discography Back On Spotify In Honor Of His 50th Birthday

Tina Knowles-Lawson & Jay-Z At Los Angeles Screening Of Queen & Slim

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Jay-Z Puts His Discography Back On Spotify In Honor Of His 50th Birthday

Jay-Z has been one of the key players in the war between streaming services. Hov is the owner of Swedish based streaming service TIDAL.and since its inception people have doubted his plans with the streaming service but Tidal is here to stay. It started with a star-studded reveal of musicians that looked promising and so far has delivered far more than was offered at first. Since he took ownership of Tidal the service is exclusively streamed several music festivals (including his own ‘Made In America‘), Kanye West fashion shows and Opera’s, fan curated show such as Jay-Z and his B-side shows, Podcast, and offered a slew of custom playlist thanks to its head of content Elliot Wilson. Elliott also exclusively streams his #CRWN interview series and Rap Radar Podcast with Tidal. Not to be left out perhaps the best feature of Tidal to any die-hard Jay-z fan is the fact its the only place to stream his entire catalog. Not only that but you can stream it in High Definition audio along with any other album of your choosing. Safe to say Tidal has gone above and beyond to be a bang for your buck and the go-to choice of streaming service for many music consumers.

Now it seems Jay is letting other streaming services join in on the fun of streaming his music for his 50th birthday. Today marks Hov’s 50th and Spotify users were stunned to see his discography back on the streaming service just in time to celebrate #HovDay. Hov has never gone on record to say other services will never have his music but let’s face it if you’re an owner of a streaming service you’ve got to use all your resources to get consumer loyalty. Hov has added his music to Apple Music here and there by surprise but only for a limited time.

Now Spotify users are expressing their gratitude to Hov but as always it’s probably for a limited time. You can join the Twitter thanks by tweeting Hov’s long-time rumored burner account @AintNoJigga and by using the official 50th bday hashtag #1TakeHov to talk your favorite Hov bars. If we’re lucky Hov will bless us with one of his direct tweets from the account thanking us directly while still claiming it’s not him.

If you’re a Jay Z fanatic head over to Spotify and enjoy it while it lasts!

Unpredictable Future: Lori Harvey’s Mom Cautioned Her Not To Date Rappers Or Athletes! [VIDEO]

Future Side By Side with Lori Harvey and her mother Marjorie

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This Old Footage Of Lori Harvey Shows Her Mom Marjorie Giving Dating Advice, “No Athletes, No Rappers”

Future has been less than shy about spending time with Lori Harvey in recent weeks, but we dug up some old footage of Lori on her dad’s show getting advice from her mom that included to stay away from rappers and athletes. Pretty funny stuff in retrospect when you consider Lori was engaged to pro soccer player Memphis Depay and has been linked to everyone from Trey Songz to Diddy. Check out the clip below:

The really interesting part is that prior to marrying Steve, Marjorie is rumored to have had some pretty unconventional taste in men herself — can you really blame Lori for not taking a word of that advice?

Wardrobe Malfunction: Kim Fields Recounts Embarrassing ‘Fresh Prince’ Incident That Exposed Her…”Treasure” [Video]

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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Kim Fields Talks ‘Fresh Prince’ Wardrobe Malfunction

Kim Fields is so fine.

Kim Fields so fine that Will Smith married her on television JUST to get a shot at them draws. Thing is, Kim gave away them draws to the entire cast and crew when she suffered an embarrassing-yet-hilarious wardrobe malfunction just before the big moment was about to pop off.

Fields recently spoke to the Chicago-Tribune about the incident and here’s how she described it:

“I had to do a quick-change off camera from a bride’s skirt-and-jacket suit into my honeymoon attire. A quick change means, rather than stopping or pausing the camera (to change clothes) they thought the timing would be much better if Will was changing his clothes on camera while my character goes to the bathroom — which was really backstage — to change into the next outfit.

“So I was going into the little fake bathroom on the set to do the quick change while Will was doing his quick-change on camera, where he’s ripping off his clothes and throwing shoes and just going a million miles an hour to get ready for what was supposed be our honeymoon night. And he kept getting faster and faster with the wardrobe change…

She goes on:

“So Will and I are doing our dialogue right before I leave to do this quick-change. And all of a sudden I feel this draft around my legs and I’m like, ‘Why is it so cold all of a sudden?’

“And I looked down and my skirt had fallen completely around my ankles. It was gone. There was no moment of I feel it slipping and I can catch it. Oh no. It was gone. Around my ankles. And thank God I’m so short that the blazer that I was wearing covered my, uh, my treasure (long laugh).

This is no BS. Peep the clip that Kim uploaded to Facebook below.

Kim has no hard feelings whatsoever about the situation. She says that she appreciated Will attempting to cover the camera and says the two shared a HUGE laugh about it.

“And like I said, I just thought it was so precious and kind that he would try to cover everybody’s eyes, so to speak, by blocking the camera. It was just the kind of gentleman that he was and is.”

Classic. LMFAO!

Got What It Takes?! Diddy Officially Announces The “Making The Band” Casting Search

Official Big Game Take Over Hosted by Diddy+Jeezy+Future

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Diddy Officially Announces The “Making The Band” Casting Search

Diddy has been on the road the past few months dominating coast to coast with his Revolt Summit. Recently he hosted on in Atlanta, GA which was received with wide praise. Then he headed to Los Angeles, CA and got the same reactions. Soon after he took some time to celebrate his birthday but now he’s back to work.

Earlier today Diddy took to social media to announce he’s ready to start finding talent for the return of “Making The Band” after asking on Twitter if he should bring it back. His mentions were flooded with a unanimous “YES!”. He wasted no time letting everyone know “Making The Band” would make its long-awaited return.

With help from MTV, the search is now underway for new fresh talent. However, before you apply we recommend watching the past seasons of the show so you know what you’re getting yourself into. For instance, let us not forget when Diddy made the house full of hopefully walk through the freezing streets of NYC to get him cheesecake. That episode will go down as a part of history and just goes to show how bad people want to make it.

The show has produced and found major talent before and this time will surely not be any different. Day 26 is still touring the U.S. and collecting their bag which wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the show. Even though the group had strong feelings about not being part of the ‘Bad Boy Reunion‘ tour hopefully they’ll get a chance to appear on the new season.

“How You Doin?” Robyn Crawford Says She And Whitney Houston Once Plotted To Wait Outside Radio Station For Wendy Williams [VIDEO]

Robyn Crawford and Wendy Williams

Source: The Wendy Williams Show / The Wendy Williams Show

Robyn Crawford Talks About Whitney Houston Relationship On “The Wendy Williams Show”

Robyn Crawford has been making her rounds with the press to discuss her new book ‘A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston‘ and today she’ll make her appearance on The Wendy Williams Show.

Robyn Crawford and Wendy Williams

Source: The Wendy Williams Show / The Wendy Williams Show

Below is a sneak peek, where Wendy and Robyn Crawford discuss Wendy’s interview with Whitney Houston in 2003.

Robyn said, “I heard that interview, I got a call from my former assistant. I wasn’t working with Whitney. And she said Whitney’s going to be on Wendy Williams. I said, ‘What do you mean she’s going to be on Wendy?’ ” Crawford explained. “That was the cumulative, fed up Whitney Houston that I heard.”

Wendy went on to explain that, “it all came true.” And that a lot of what she said on the radio, “is in the book.”

Tune-in today to The Wendy Williams Show for a daytime exclusive with Robyn Crawford. Will you be watching?

*Check your local listings for today’s show on wendyshow.com

Owwww: Tamron Hall Reveals Flirty Email Prince Sent Her For Inspiring His Single Art [Video]

ABC's "Tamron Hall" - Season 1

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Tamron Hall Reveals Romantic Prince Email

Tamron Hall and Prince used to be an item. That’s not rumor, innuendo, or speculation, the Purple One and Miss-Hall-if-ya-nasty were actually involved in a romance.

Don’t take BOSSIP’s word for it, however, check out what Tamron, who is normally VERY closed-lipped about their love, had to say about one particular hot-and-heavy email that Prince sent her one time…

Prince Rogers Nelson with the GAME! We. Stan.