Kamala Harris Plans On Investing $100 Billion Into Black Homeownership Programs & Initiatives

Kamala Harris Has A Plan To Invest In Black Homeownership

According to CNN, California Sen. Kamala Harris unveiled a $100 billion plan to invest in black homeownership.

Harris would reportedly invest $100 billion of federal money into housing assistance

#BlackGirlMagic Brianna Mason Becomes First Black Woman Crowned Miss Tennessee

Miss Tennessee Crowns First Black Woman

Brianna Mason is making history in her home state.

The 23-year-old was just crowned Miss Tennessee, making her the first African American to earn the title. According to Knox News, she’s spent the

#SudanMassacre More Than 100 Pro-Democracy Protestors Are Killed As Civilian Resistance In Sudan Continues

The Death Toll Continues To Rise As Pro-Democracy Protestors Fight For Civilian Rule Of The Government In Sudan

Atrocious acts of violence have gone down in Sudan sparking outrage around the world.

According to MTV News, on Sunday, June

A Lil’ Positivity: Yale University Elects First Black Student Body President

Kahlil Greene Becomes First Black Student to Be Elected as the Student Body President

Yale University recently elected its first black student body president. Kahlil Greene officially became the first black student to be elected to the position in the

Pupil Prejudice: Ohio Student Banned From Prom Over Racist A$$ Promposal Sign 

Student Banned From Prom Over Racist Sign

Promposals have become the most anticipated part of prom season, aside from the outfits — but some people just take things too far. An Ohio student has been banned from attending prom after

Oh, Hell Nah: Black Attorney Detained In Maryland After Being Mistaken For A Suspect

We can now add being a lawyer to the list of things that get you arrested while Black. Maryland attorney, Rashad James, says he was mistaken for a suspect and briefly detained by a sheriff’s deputy during a court

Here’s All The Times The NAACP Image Awards Gave Black Folks Their Flowers Before The Oscars, Emmy’s And Golden Globes

Hold up, wait a minute — award season ain’t finished just yet. The NAACP Image Awards are just around the corner and we, as a culture, get to watch Black folks shine and receive all the things they deserve without

But Wait, There’s More: Black Celebs Who Attended Ivy League Schools Without Cheating

On the heels of the recent college acceptance scam, in which 50 rich White people were indicted for paying nearly $6 million to get their children into prestigious schools — we put together a list of Black celebrities who matriculated

This Is America: School District Reportedly Denies Strip Searching 4 Black Girls After Accusing Them Of Drug Possession

Parents Demand Answers After 4 Young Black Girls Were Allegedly Stripped Searched At School

According to the Boston Globe, an upstate New York school district denied that four 12-year-old girls were subjected to strip searches in their middle school

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