“Marriage Boot Camp” Exclusive: Will Laura Govan’s Father FINALLY Admit His Mistakes? [VIDEO]

Marriage Boot Camp Family Edition

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Will Laura And Her Dad Heal Their Relationship?

Get the tissues ready. This season of “Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition” has been a tough one — Laura Govan has been openly braving her survival story after being raped by a relative during childhood and feeling that her father never took her allegations seriously. A new episode airs Friday but we’ve got an exclusive clip for you right now. Do you think the weeks of therapy has been successful? Will Laura finally get an apology and forgive her father? Watch the clip below:

Here’s what else you can expect from the episode:

A trip down memory lane has the families face their traumatic childhoods. Surprise guests cause old traumas to resurface. Corey continues to dismiss Eden’s feelings and Aaron admits he should’ve gotten emancipated as a teen.


“Marriage Boot Camp Family Edition” Exclusive: Laura Govan Confronts Her Father About Never Addressing Her Molester[VIDEO]

Marriage Boot Camp Family Edition

Source: Thinkfactory Media / Courtesy WeTV

Laura Govan And Her Father Face Off Over Her Childhood Trauma

The trauma runs REALLY deep on “Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition” this season. On this week’s episode, Laura confronts her parents about the sex abuse she suffered from one of her father’s relatives and when they compare their memories of what happened, things don’t match up. Watch the exclusive clip from tonight’s episode below:

Here’s more details about the episode:

An exercise about shared reality leaves the families shaken by emotional earthquakes. But when the families can’t see each other’s perspective, half the boot campers are left in jail, where they must remain until they can see the other side.

MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP: FAMILY EDITION – “FAMILY LOCK UP” –Airs Friday, October 25th at 10/9C on WeTV

Not Just Evelyn: Shaunie O’Neal Is Getting DRAGGED Across The Internet For Taking Evelyn’s Side And Bullying OG

Basketball Wives Shaunie O'Neal

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Shaunie Getting Dragged

If you’ve been watching Basketball Wives all season then you know that it’s been the season of dragging Evelyn for her foolery. She’s been feuding with everyone and coming up on the short end of every beef. However, we would be remiss to mention that her right-hand homie, Shaunie, has been by her side excusing her actions and trashing OG right along with her.

How can Shaunie accuse OG of being too physical and threatening when the whole show is about fighting?

Twitter is in on the hypocrisy and the slander is THICK. Take a look…

#BasketballWivesReunion: Evelyn’s Crocodile Tears And OG Restraining Order Are Getting Her DRAGGED

Evelyn Lozada bbw

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Evelyn Lozada’s Basketball Wives Antics

For better or worse, this has been the season of Evelyn Lozada. She has been the straw that stirs the drink on Basketball Wives and has been since the season premier a few weeks ago. Since then, she’s brought out lie detector tests, slapped the dust off of her unmentionables, and falling into the bushes.

In the last couple of weeks, she has had a feud with OG that has intensified to nuclear levels. Just last week, OG and Evelyn had it out over OchoCinco hopping in the former’s DMs. Then Evelyn filed a whole a$$ restraining order against her rival.

Which brings us to the Reunion. In the show, OG had to be sent off to another stage because Evelyn felt “threatened.” Oh. Word? Twitter was FURIOUS about this and called Evelyn out for what they consider hypocrisy.

Peep the RUTHLESS dragging.

Evelyn Lozada Is STILL Getting Clowned For Looking Like Boo Boo The Fool Over Old OchoCinco DMs

Evelyn Lozada bbw

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Evelyn Lozada Blasted For Embarrassing Moment

Evelyn Lozada has had quite the horrible season of Basketball Wives. She’s been getting dragged left and right by every corner of Twitter for instigating drama with OG, slapping her nethers on national TV and getting caught in lies.

Now, she has experienced a new embarrassment. She tried to call OG ugly, then OG brought out the receipts that her ex, Chad OchoCinco hopped in her DMs while still being married too Evelyn. Whoops!

This was a new insult that Twitter was more than happy to clown her about. Take a look…

And I OOP: Evelyn Tried To Expose OG’s “Thirsty” Ochocinco DMs—But OG Obliterated Her With THIS

Evelyn Lozada OG

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#BBWLA Beef…

OG And Evelyn Lozada Clash Over Ochocinco

OG is not letting up on Evelyn Lozada when it comes to those Ochocinco claims. If you watched last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives L.A.” then you saw the aftermath of pum patting Evelyn’s face-off with OG in Costa Rica.

After OG alleged that Evelyn’s ex-husband Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson “wanted her” and flirtatiously DMed her, Evelyn spoke to Chad herself and he sent her screenshots of their Twitter exchanges.

In them, it SEEMED like OG was chasing after the former football player and getting radio silence back but when Evelyn PRINTED OUT the DMs to try to “expose” OG—OG brought receipts of her own in the form of text messages.
In the text messages, Chad DEF seemed much more flirtatious with OG and told her she “looked good” in her pictures.

Did we mention that the texts dated back to 2011 when Chad and Evelyn were engaged?????

Notice how Evelyn clammed up when OG brought out those text receipts…

OG noticed for sure and she thought it was hilarious.

What do YOU think about OG shutting down Evelyn???

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That did NOT go the way Evelyn expected…

#BasketballWives: Evelyn Lozada Got Tossed Into The Bushes And Clowned ALL Across Twitter

Evelyn Lozada bbw

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Evelyn Tossed In The Bushes

The Basketball Wives crew had quite a trip to Costa Rica where things got out of hand very quickly. Evelyn is still trying to bully OG, so she and Malaysia tried to pile on her to continue their weeks of wanting smoke. Cece, who had been fighting with Kristen like cats and dogs, had also called Evelyn a b**** the night before. This showed that she could stand up to Evelyn and we know what happens when people stand up to Evelyn.

During the big argument, Cece cut the convo short and walked off. Evelyn ran after CeCe like she wanted to fight and chaos prevailed. OG tried to break things up and after some shuffling around, Evelyn falls directly into the bushes. LOL!

This is one of the funniest moments of Evelyn’s reality career and she might not live this down…take a look at the comedy.

Ight Imma Head Out: Here’s What Happened When Tami Roman Announced Her Reality Show Retirement

50th NAACP Image Awards - Red Carpet

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Tami Roman Retires From Basketball Wives

Tami Roman is one of the most iconic reality stars of all time. That’s why she’s in our first ever Reality TV Hall Of Fame, after all. She’s been in the game for damn near three decades. On Wednesday night, she called it quits.

Roman declared on Basketball Wives that she was calling it a career on the show. She’s been there for a decade and given us one iconic moment after another. She’s fought. She’s cursed. She’s become the old veteran holding it all down.

Twitter mourned her leaving and paid homage…while being their hilarious selves.

Take a look…

#BasketballWives: Evelyn Is Picking Fights With Jennifer (AGAIN) And Getting DRAGGED To Hell For It

Evelyn Lozada bbw

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Evelyn Fights With Jennifer Again

This new episode of Basketball Wives was full of drama, emotional goodbyes and rekindled feuds. First, let’s give a shout out to Tami, who, after a decade of trailblazing on the show, has decided to call it quits and move on. Golf claps for Tami!

Now let’s get to the drama. Jennifer was the butt of the shade this week as she got confronted (some say bullied, even) over the fact she had Evelyn and Malaysia’s pics posted up on IG after her charity event. This is where Evelyn shade comes in: she suggests reposting the pic and taking Jennifer out. She also is part of the crew not wanting Jennifer to be at Shaunie’s opening in Costa Rica.

This all led to people wondering why Evelyn is bringing up old stuff with Jennifer again.When Jennifer asks about being cropped out the pic, Evelyn brings up the time Jen talked about Shaniece from AGES ago. Again. This all led to Jennifer leaving the situation and Evelyn and OG arguing over…toes? WTF.

Either way, Evelyn caught the brunt of the social media wrath because people are wondering why she is bringing up old fights with Jennifer. Wasn’t fighting with OG and making Jackie take a lie detector enough? Damn. Peep the dragging that commenced.

Flawless Faced Malaysia Pargo Launches Limited Edition Product With ‘Urban Skin Rx’

Malaysia Pargo

Source: Urban Skin Rx / Urban Skin Rx

Malaysia Pargo Releases Urban Skin RX” Gel Mask

Malaysia Pargo is known for a plethora of things, being a “basketball wife”, fiercely defending her family and for constantly looking absolutely flawless. The poreless and pretty star was recently shown on #BBWLA announcing her first skincare product with melanin expert and clinical skincare brand, Urban Skin Rx.

Touted as one of the fastest-growing skincare brands because of their actual effectiveness, the Malaysia X Urban Skin Rx Skin Quench Oxygen Gel Mask ($42, 1.7 oz) is packed with a concentrated mix of ingredients to deep clean pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and expose vibrant, new skin.

Malaysia Pargo

Source: Urban Skin Rx / Urban Skin Rx

The product is powered with Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides to smooth and firm the look of rough skin texture and to improve oxygen flow to the skin. The Malaysia X Urban Skin Rx Skin Quench Oxygen Gel Mask is light blue in color and goes on the skin completely clear. Enjoy the cooling and hydrating sensation on contact as it gently lifts dirt and excess oils.

Do YOU wanna try The Malaysia X Urban Skin Rx Skin Quench Oxygen Gel Mask?

More on this product on the flip.

“Basketball Wives” Jennifer Williams, Civil Rights Activist Tamika Mallory & More Attend #SupportYourGirlfriends Jamaica Retreat (Exclusive


Source: Courtesy of Tene Nicole / Courtesy of Tene Nicole

More Than 30 Women Attend Empowerment Retreat In Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Reality star Jennifer Williams and Women’s March co-chair Tamika Mallory were in the Caribbean this week for some fun, sun – and sisterhood.

The boldface names joined more than 30 prominent women from the worlds of media, finance, business, beauty, fashion, and more for Tene Nicole’s third annual #SupportYourGirlfriends trip at the Moon Palace Resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Founded by Tene Nicole public relations CEO Nikkia McClain, the annual retreat is a safe space for women to connect, network and empower one another.

The four-day retreat kicked off with a welcome reception and dinner co-hosted by the Jamaica Tourism Board.
Williams – who also the CEO of lifestyle brand “Flirty Girl Fitness” – hosted morning beach workouts for attendees, while beauty brand Urban Hydration – headed by attendee and entrepreneur Psyche Terry – later hosted a beach party for the group.


Source: Courtesy of Tene Nicole / Courtesy of Tene Nicole

Speaker and author Lucinda Cross hosted a “What’s Your Big Ask?” dinner where the ladies created strategies for pursuing major goals. And over another meal, JPMorgan Chase & Co. exec Sherkera Green helped the women map out plans to meet their financial goals.

Each attendee also received a gift bag with treats from brands including Google, Stay Golden Cosmetics and All Day Alba athleisure.

The trip culminated with a dinner hosted by Mallory, who encouraged the women to take inspiration from trailblazers like Harriet Tubman to make substantive change in their lives and the lives of others, before gifting them with a necklace with their initial and a railroad pendant on it.

Jackie Christie Says Malaysia’s Malevolent Auntie Hit Her In The Head During Their #BBWLA Beef

Malaysia Jackie Christie

Source: Allen Berezovsky/WireImage / Getty / Getty

Jackie Christie Accuses Malaysia Pargo’s Aunt Of Hitting Her

Jackie Christie is making some shocking allegations against Malaysia Pargo’s family. As previously reported Jackie and her co-Basketball Wife friend Malaysia got into a heated argument after she accused Jackie of spreading rumors that she was booted from her L.A. home and consistently left her kids at home unattended so they were “dirty” and unkempt.

Now in the aftermath, Jackie’s alleging that one of Malaysia’s family members attacked her when their showdown was going down. On the latest episode, the reality star told OG Chijindu and Cece Gutierrez that she got hit in the head by Malaysia’s aunt.

“When I got to Kristen’s skate party, Malaysia ran in and was like, ‘I found out from Jennifer and them that you was the f–kin’ one talking about my kids!’ And I’m like, ‘Malaysia, that’s a lie and you know it.’ She had at least eight or 10 of her cousins and friends waiting for me, so I was like the entree,” she said.

“At this time, my adrenaline is flowing, now it’s like, okay, we about to fight,” she said. “They’re dragging me to the door to leave, this girl comes up and hits me on the side of the head; this older lady. It was one of her aunts. She might have had a purse, I don’t know. Aunt hit me! I’m thinking — all I did was go black.”


Watch Jackie talk getting hit in the head below.

Is all this messy drama just a big misunderstanding???

See what one person involved in the skirmish thinks on the flip.