Millie Bobby Brown Lands Upwards Of $6.1M For Sherlock Holmes Spin-Off

Millie Bobby Brown is probably so thankful for the creation of Netflix since it gave her the lead role in the platform’s most loved show Stranger Things that has now helped to land her a $6.1 million acting gig at just 15-years-old. According to TMZ, the young actress will be starring as Sherlock Holmes’ little sister Enola Holmes in an upcoming movie that extends the film’s franchise. 

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

According to the publication, the deal even has more perks to it. Millie can get a bonus of $800K if the film performs well at the box office and she will also get a producer credit worth $500K. As well, she gets a private jet to travel with and if there’s a sequel to the movie, Millie will get another $7.5 million. Enola Holmes is set to hit theaters sometime next year and also stars Henry Cavill.

Millie previously opened up to Refinery29 about her acting career and admitted that she’d love to act in romantic comedy one day. “I like the mystical element, the ‘Whoa,’ the unreal world that feels so real. I think it seems like it would be more fun to do things like that anyway. But I guess I’ve never experienced anything else. I don’t know anything else. So, maybe the other things that are even more fun,” she said

GoldLink Suggests He Threw His Phone After YBN Cordae’s Grammy Nod

GoldLink isn’t a fan of the Grammys. He made it quite clear when he took to the ‘Gram to air them out. “Honestly, its fuck Grammys til the day I die. I am no longer participating in that wild ass slave ass political ass cheating ass game any longer,” he wrote on Instagram. However, during a recent concert, he elaborated a bit further on his feelings towards the choices on the Best Rap Album nominations.

“It was Meek Mill. I was like uhhh,” he began. “Then there was like 21 Savage,” he continued before reenacting his confused reaction to the news. He continued to list off Tyler, The Creator, who he was happy for but it was apparently, YBN Cordae that had him fuming. “Then there was Tyler, The Creator,” he added to the sound of applause.

“And then I was like, Revenge Of The Dreamers [III] and I was like mmm..” he said. “And then there was this one n***a,” he said in reference to Cordae. “And I threw my phone.”

GoldLink has been having a hell of a week and all of the backlash he’s received has been self-inflicted. The rapper randomly hit Instagram this week to share a narcissistic tribute post about Mac Miller which somehow turned out to be about himself. Later clarifying the comments by stating Mac was one of his “best friends” — despite suggesting there was a feud between them — he still faced the wrath of Anderson .Paak who called him out for the post.

Megan Thee Stallion Gets Kash Doll To Drive The Boat In Detroit

The ladies have been having a great run in the past two years. That’s not to say that women haven’t been killing it before then but it feels like there’s been a brighter spotlight shining on the ladies in recent times. Of course, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are two of the bigger names in the game but Megan Thee Stallion is a young queen in the making.

The thing about Megan is that she’s a likable individual and comes across very genuine in the public eye. She strays away from beef and tries to bring people together as much as possible. Maybe that’s the Southern hospitality in her but she brings that energy with her everywhere she goes. Last night, she headed out to Detroit and of course, she had to touch down with Kash Doll. Kash hit the ‘Gram where she shared a quick video of herself driving the boat. With Megan pouring the D’usse, Kash Doll couldn’t help but hit the Woah right after. On her Instagram post, she revealed that she didn’t drive the boat once, but twice. Things undoubtedly got litty, even though it’s no longer a Hot Girl Summer.

Waka Flocka is loving the energy, though. The rapper slid into TheShadeRoom where applauded Megan and Kash Doll. “Queens please keep this energy,” he wrote. “These young ladies need to see unity.”

Peep the video below. 

Jocelyn Savage’s Parents Take Legal Action Against Blogger Tasha K For Defamation

The Jocelyn Savage Patreon account saga is not over yet, even if the account is down. This time though, it’s Jocelyn’s parents who are making the headlines. TMZ reports that Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage have sent a cease and desist letter to blogger Tasha K for defamation on social media regarding the R. Kelly situation, their daughter Jocelyn, and her family. In the letter, Jocelyn’s parents claim that Tasha made “utterly false statements” claiming the Savages created the Patreon account themselves, that she has a “black box full of audio recordings,” as well as supposed drug abuse.

R. Kelly
Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

On her YouTube channel, Tasha K said that she thought that Jocelyn’s parents made the account and she also shared an audio recording of what she claims is Timothy Savage telling R.Kelly’s team that he can have his daughter. Gerald Griggs, the Savage’s lawyer said that Tasha’s words are “defamation per se in that they depict our clients as engaging in fraudulent activity that violates civil and criminal law.” Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage have requested that the blogger remove all posts with anything defamatory towards them in it and also pay their legal fees. In the event that Tasha refuses to do so they claim that there will be a lawsuit.

Leonardo DiCaprio Responds To Accusations Of Bankrolling Amazon Rainforest Fire

The Amazon is burning and Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro is making wild claims. The leader, often referred to as the “Trump of the Tropics,” wildly stated that actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio was paying rebels to burn the Amazon in order to raise more funding. As reported by DeadlineBolsonaro’s attacks on DiCaprio are believed to be tied to the arrest of four volunteer firefighters earlier this week who were accused of setting fire to a share of the forest. They allegedly were attempting to encourage fundraising for an unnamed international non-governmental organization, or NGO, that was rumored to have ties with DiCaprio.

Bolsonaro first used Facebook to attack DiCaprio and then reportedly told supporters, “This Leonardo DiCaprio’s a cool guy, isn’t he? Giving money for the Amazon to be torched.” He also made a statement via a Facebook live broadcast. “Leonardo DiCaprio, dammit, you’re collaborating with the burning of the Amazon,” Bolsonaro said, stating that the actor was part of an international “campaign against Brazil.” He offered no evidence to support his claims.

DiCaprio responded to the Brazilian president on Instagram. “While worthy of support, we did not fund the organizations targeted,” he explained. “I remain committed to supporting the Brazilian indigenous communities, local governments, scientists, educators and general public who are working tirelessly to secure the Amazon for the future of all Brazilians.”

Instagram Gallery: The Rock’s Most Insane Cheat Day Meals

When it comes to cheat day meals, no one deserves a 5,000 calorie Netflix and binge session more than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. As a former professional wrestler, The Rock hasn’t let his transition to Hollywood soften his steely physique as he’s still just as buff and cut as he was in his Smackdown prime. Now a bonafide film star who consistently ranks among the world’s highest paid actors, The Rock’s ascension to the top of the entertainment industry has earned him a social media following 163 million followers deep. While The Rock often shares his insane gym routines and usual celebrity PR with his loyal following, he’s also proud to share photographic evidence that proves he indulges just as fiercely as he trains. 

“It’s very important, the cheat meals,” says The Rock during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “I’m into pancakes, I’m into sushi…even more sushi, sandwiches, and for me, the cheat meals are like church. You work out hard and once a week, you treat yourself and I partake in that. I put the babies down to sleep, everyone goes to sleep and at midnight I’m like a troll all by myself.” 

To see The Rock’s wildest meals loaded with too many calories to count, check out the Instagram Gallery below.  

Midnight Sugar Train 

“Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself and enjoy your cheat meals my friends,” captioned The Rock alongside a snap of this sugary spread.  

Double Duty 

“Two fat 8oz double cheeseburgers with bacon and fries,” writes The Rock in an ode to this meaty meal. 

Cookie Heaven 

“I devoured this sugar train around midnight while sitting on my couch, watching Forensic Files md felt like a King.
And by 1am I sat there looking like a drunk Jabba the Hut who was still solving every crime before the end of each episode.
Very. Sexy,” quips The Rock in reference to his dizzying cookie binge. 

Ice Cream Date 

If you think devouring a full pint of ice cream in one go is bad for your waistline think again, because The Rock can obliterate three with just one cheat meal. 

Work Hard, Play Hard 

“If you’re gonna do it.. have fun & be EPIC,” The Rock urges his followers alongside an upload of this insane spread. 

Happy Holidays 

If you’re worried about indulging in too many sweets this holiday season, The Rock is here to remind you to treat yourself, not cheat yourself. 


All aboard the Cheat Meal Sushi Train Express. 

Sweet And Savory 

When you work as hard as The Rock, you need to refuel the right way. 

Never Enough Sushi 

Even if The Rock is in a different country, he won’t let Sunday pass by without marking the end of a tough week with a sushi binge. 

Cookie Sandwich 

“If you ain’t cheatin’, then you ain’t eatin’ my friends,” The Rock reminds his followers. 

El-P Says He & Killer Mike Are Wrapping Up New Run The Jewels Album

New music from Run The Jewels is always welcomed. Although rumors of RTJ4 have circulated backpacker forums across the web, it appears as though we’ll be getting a new project from El-P and Killer Mike in the very close future. El-P recently hit Twitter to share a quick update on the project including how many songs will be on the project, as well as its run-time. “i can also say at this point RTJ4 is about 11 jams, it’s under 40 minutes and not a second is wasted ; ). hopefully that helps tide the curious over for a minute while we finish up. big thanks to everyone waiting,” El-P tweeted.

Right before that, he revealed that the project is actually quite far along. If you were expecting another holiday release from RTJ, that won’t be happening but there is a good chance it’ll arrive at the top of the new year. “very far along but not mixed/done yet plus gotta clear samples and shit so prolly out earlyish next year realistically,” he said. “the good news is it’s hard as fuck.”

We’re eager to hear what they have up their sleeves, especially in today’s social climate. It’s been roughly three years since the release of RTJ3 and there’s no doubt that El-P and Killer Mike’s humor and social commentary on the world is needed right now. 

Adidas UltraBoost 2020 Officially Unveiled: Release Date Announced

Adidas changed the sneaker game a few years ago with their UltraBoost and last year, they finally decided to switch up the silhouette and create the Adidas UltraBoost 2019. The shoe has been a tremendous success so far and as we head into 2020, the brand is changing up the shoe once again. The UltraBoost 2020 will boast the same silhouette as last year’s iteration but now, it will include some reinforced prime knit stitching and a new lace cage which makes for a sleeker design. 

According to Sole Collector, Adidas has officially unveiled the UltraBoost 2020 and in the process, they are showing off the first two colorways of the model which will be a collaboration with the International Space Station U.S National Lab. As you can see from the images below, these kicks are coming in one black and one grey colorway which features the ISS logo on the tongue. From there, both midsoles are purple which creates for an interesting aesthetic that certainly lends itself well to the whole space theme.

The price hasn’t been announced yet but for now, it looks like these will be dropping on Friday, December 6th of this year. Let us know in the comments below what you think of this new UltraBoost and whether or not you plan on copping a pair.

Image via Adidas
Image via Adidas

Elton John Once Wore A Diaper And “Pissed” Himself During Las Vegas Gig

Elton John recently revealed some wild stories and trivia about his life on “Elton John: Uncensored,” a 57-minute long interview he did exclusively with BBC1. During the lengthy chat, John revealed a time where he peed himself on stage in front of his fans.

In 2017, John performed a show in Las Vegas just two weeks after having a prostate cancer operation that impacted his bladder control. As a result, he wore a diaper on stage and says in the interview that he was pissing himself on stage.

“If only they knew,” he says of his audience during that gig, “at that moment I was pissing myself.”

The singer was diagnosed with the cancer in 2017 and had surgery shortly after, instead of undergoing chemotherapy. The operation was successful, but an infection days later nearly killed him, he says in his memoir, Me.

In addition to that, Elton John also opened up his decision to wear a toupee. “I don’t like being bald. I look like Shrek,” the pop icon explained.

Read all that & much more in the full interview right here.


Elon Musk’s Cybertruck Will Be Dubai’s New Police Car

Elon Musk revealed his Cybertruck to the world last week and despite a part of the demonstration that failed to make the windows of the vehicle look as durable as Elon hoped, the truck still pulled in 250,000 pre-orders. “Sledgehammer impact on door cracked base of glass, which is why steel ball didn’t bounce off. Should have done steel ball on window, *then* sledgehammer the door. Next time,” Elon explained of the cracked window

It looks as though a high number of those orders for the truck may have been coming from Dubai’s police force since the official police force tweeted an image of the truck with their branding. Elon previously stated that the trucks will begin working on pre-orders in 2021 but we wouldn’t be surprised if Dubai got early dibs on the prestigious ride. The trucks will be used to patrol tourist areas such as Burj Khalifa, La Mer, Jumeirah Beach Residence, and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. 

Dubai is known for having boujee cars within the police force such as Lamborghinis, Porches and Bugattis. “We need sustainable energy now. If we don’t have a pickup truck we can’t solve it,” Elon said of his new ride. “The top 3 selling vehicles in America are pickup trucks. To solve sustainable energy, we have to have a pickup truck.”

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Los Angeles Lakers Hit 10 Game Win Streak & Tie Franchise Best 17-2 Start

The Los Angeles Lakers are on a roll. Lebron James and Anthony Davis are easily the best duo in basketball right now, leading the Lakers to a league-best 17-2 record. The Lakers won their 10th consecutive game by crushing the Washington Wizards on Friday night 125-103. According to ESPN, it’s the first time the Lakers have won this many consecutive games since getting 11 straight from mid-November to mid-December of the 2009-10 season. “Obviously, this is a historic franchise; they have done so many great things,” stated Davis to press after the victory. Davis logged 26 points, 13 rebounds, and 3 blocks in 27 minutes. Neither he nor James played in the 4th quarter. “To be a part of a franchise like this is definitely amazing,” Davis continued. “I just want to leave my mark here and just keep it going. Obviously, our goal is to add another banner here. It’s something we feel like we can do, and if we do that, to be a part of that would be nothing but great.”

Although the Lakers are expected to make a playoff run, Lebron James is more concerned about the immediate future. “We have championship aspirations, but at the end of the day, that’s not what’s here right now,” James said. “What’s right now is our next opponent, and that’s Dallas. And they’re very good. And we want to continue to get better and better and have championship mindset every time we step on the floor. Playing at championship level, we have guys that have been there, who know what it takes, so that helps for sure. But we just want to continue to get better and continue the process. This is a big process, this is a long process, but we can never shortcut it. But we enjoy it along the way.”

Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner Spotted Together At Casino Near Palm Springs: Report

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s relationship has been on the rocks lately but it appears that they’re trying to make things work. Over the past few weeks, it was revealed that they broke up, although it doesn’t seem like there’s any bad blood. They’ve been co-parenting Stormi while still maintaining a strong friendship. 

It seems like the two might actually be closer and closer to getting back together. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two were spotted together at a casino near Palm Springs, along with Khloe Kardashian. Videos emerged of the former couple walking around the casino emerged recently. 

Truthfully, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have a steady grip on their relationship, as well as what’s best for Stormi which is the most important aspect. “Kylie and Travis still enjoy spending time together, there isn’t any tension or awkward vibes so it makes things very easy,” a source said.

Mind you, Travis recently called Kylie his “beautiful wife” in the midst of rumors that she’s been hanging out with Drake. Prior to their split, rumors of marriage swirled around the Internet.

In other Travis Scott-related news, the rapper recently announced the forthcoming compilation from his label Cactus Jack. Jack Boysis reportedly supposed to drop before the end of the year. We’ll keep you posted on any updates about the project.