Serial Snitcher Tekashi 6ix9ine Sentenced To Two Years In Jail, Judge Eviscerates Him


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Tekashi 6ix9ine Sentenced

A serial snitcher isn’t getting out of jail like he hoped. Tekashi 6ix9ine was sentenced Wednesday Manhattan to two years in prison as part of a cooperation deal. As previously reported Tekashi testified against fellow members of his former gang Nine Treyway and penned a letter to Judge Paul Engelmayer asking for leniency. It apparently didn’t work however and Judge Engelmayer admitted that while he deserves a “great deal of credit” for his cooperation, 6ix9ine used the Nine Trey gang as his “personal hit squad.”

“You used Nine Trey as a potent means of getting even with your rivals. You claim you “foolishly commingled with members of the gang” – but it’s more than that. The attacks would not have happened without you. Until you joined Nine Trey, the gang did not have an interest in settling scores with rap artists,” Engelmayer said to Hernandez.

“Your choice to join Nine Trey was completely and utterly unnecessary.”

Tekashi, real name Daniel Hernandez, was also sentenced to five years of supervised probation. He has spent the past 13 months in jail which will count toward his sentence.

You can see more of the judge’s eviscerating comments as captured by The Inner City Press below.

As you can imagine social media is on fire with memes and they’re absolutely hilarious.

See more “see ya later” 6ix9ine reactions on the flip.

So Sad: Los Angeles Wedding Crashers Beat Groom To Death During His Own Reception

White wooden chairs decorated with flowers and bright satin ribbons, wedding decor at the ceremony in the pine forest

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Groom Gets Murdered At His Own Wedding By Two Uninvited Men

This story is absolutely heartbreaking.

Two brothers are now behind bars on suspicion of murder after they crashed a wedding and beat the groom to death, according to police. The horrific event went down during the reception this past weekend in Chino, California.

According to reports from the LA Times, police responded to reports of a fight at a resident’s home at about 2:30 a.m. on Sunday. When cops arrived, they found two victims with minor injuries, but witnesses told police that there was possibly another victim involved in the fight who was missing.

After searching the neighborhood, officers found Joe Melgoza in a backyard suffering from blunt force trauma to his head. The 30-year-old, who had just gotten married hours earlier, was taken to Chino Valley Medical Center, where he ended up dying.

28-year-old Rony Castaneda Ramirez and 19-year-old Josue Castaneda Ramirez were identified as suspects in the fight and served a search warrant at their home in about 12 hours later, though it’s not clear how authorities linked the two men to the incident.

According to police, the brothers were not invited to the wedding and had no known relationship with the groom whatsoever, but authorities are continuing to investigate what prompted them to show up at the party.

As of now, the Castaneda Ramirez brothers are both being held without bail at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga. They are expected to appear in court Tuesday.

Ya Hate To See It: Boosie Badazz Gets $70,000 Worth Of Jewelry Stolen From His Bentley

Celebrities Attend New Jersey Nets vs Atlanta Hawks

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Boosie Badazz’s Car Gets Burglarized In Atlanta

Boosie Badazz’s week did not get off to a good start.

According to reports from TMZ, the rappers car got broken into while he was eating at a Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen right outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The read passenger side window of Boosie’s Bentley SUV was smashed to oblivion, which is where the perp is assumed to have taken $70K worth of jewelry from the vehicle.

As of now, no arrests have been made.

People Ain’t S#!t Cleveland Cop Admits To Recording Himself Urinating On 12-Year-Old Girl, Faces 7.5 Years

Close-up of a Cleveland police vehicle with flashing lights

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Cleveland Cop Pleads Guilty To Urinating On Young Girl

2019 has been chocked full of people who are absolutely batshit crazy and it appears that that trend will continue until the very last minute of the year.

According to a report in the Cleveland, former-police officer Solomon Nhiwatiwa has pleaded guilty to recording himself urinating on a 12-year-old girl. As sick as that is, the urinating is not the only charges, plural, that Nhiwatiwa is admitting to.

Solomon Nhiwatiwa, 34, now faces a prison sentence of up to 7 1/2 years after he pleaded guilty to charges of attempted kidnapping, pandering obscenity, disseminating matter harmful to juveniles and endangering children in the Aug. 16 attack.

Additionally, Nhiwatiwa will give up his police commission and will be a registered sex offender for the next 15 years.

Nhiwatiwa was off-duty when he drove up to the girl as she waited for the bus and asked her if she needed a ride to school, prosecutors said. He drove away after the girl refused his offers, then returned, pulled out his cellphone and recorded himself as he urinated on her, prosecutors said. He then jumped back into his car and drove away.

It’s inexplicable how this guy got through all the “rigorous vetting” and psychological evaluations that are required to become a police officer.

“You wonder how this individual slid through the cracks,” O’Malley said. “Hopefully we can improve the testing in law enforcement so that individuals like this never put a badge on again.”

Uh, ya THINK?! Black folks have long-argued that the process to become a police officer should be more thorough and discerning. Clearly, the men and women they are hiring today just don’t past smell test.

7 1/2 years doesn’t seem like a much for the seriousness of ALL these charges, but at least he’s being held accountable.

Good Riddance: Man Arrested By The FBI For Posting Racist Death Threats On His YouTube Account

Cropped Hands Of Person Holding Metal In Prison

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Man Arrested For Racist Death Threats Posted Online

34-year-old Mostafa Hussaini was taken into custody by the FBI on Thursday, which came after agents discovered 12 troublesome videos on his YouTube account. In said footage, he threw around racial slurs and threatened to burn black people and kill any individuals of different religious background than him.

According to reports from The Miami Herald, Hussaini–who typically posted under the moniker “Vam Vima”–would upload videos with hate-filled speech, like the one on December 8 titled “Soldier Burns, Fantasizing to Burn Enemy,” where he imagined burning “millions” of black people and soldiers.

“Imagine burning a black person, because I don’t like blacks. I don’t know any blacks,” he said in the video. “I, I cannot even name any blacks. I don’t know any black people. … This gasoline, imagine burning some black soldiers. They’re going to look very black after I’m done burning them. I can burn thousands, millions of them so there will be lots of burning.”

Unsurprisingly, though, Hussaini’s hatred of people who are different from him extended into several different races. “I don’t like blacks, Spanish, some white, but there is no whites in Miami,” he explained in a video. He also found issue with literally anyone who didn’t agree completely with his beliefs. “I want to let you know I have no respect for religious people like them Nazi associates who wanted to systematically genocide all European Jews,” he said. “I also want to genocide Americans.”

This troublesome online poster was once seen advising anyone who saw his video and lives in Miami to “bring your gun and let everyone know.” Luckily, the FBI was made aware of Hussaini’s frightening videos earlier this month via the Miami Beach Police Department, which was informed by a resident who saw the posts online.

Prior to his arrest, he was being investigated by the U.S. Army Counterintelligence Command, Miami Beach Police Department, Davie Police Department,and the FBI. Now, he’s scheduled for a detention hearing on Wednesday.

SMH: Two Georgia Teens Arrested In Connection To Weekend Shooting At Cumberland Mall

Atlanta police car

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Two Georgia Teens Arrested In Connection To Weekend Shooting At Cumberland Mall

Two teenagers are under arrest after authorities say they were connected to a mall shooting. Over the weekend panic ensued at Cobb County’s Cumberland mall about 14 miles north of downtown Atlanta after shots rang out in the food court. One man was wounded in the melee.

The Associated Press reports that the Cobb County Police Department used surveillance footage and interviews to identify the suspects as 18-year-old Zaire Dhanoolal and 19-year-old Joweer Ponce, both from Marietta. Dhanoolal was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, while Ponce was charged with reckless conduct and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

Both suspects were taken to the Cobb County Adult Detention Center.

The shooting was originally reported as an “active shooter” situation but authorities later said that shots rang out as part of a verbal dispute described as a fight that “got out of control.”

Two other young men have been identified as part of the altercation. 18-year-old Ethan Green was shot in the neck and shoulder area and was taken to the hospital for treatment of “non-life threatening injuries.” The Cobb County Police Department said 21-year-old Anthony Ezell wasn’t injured during the shooting but was considered a victim of aggravated assault because a weapon was pointed at him before Green was shot.

While it’s unfortunate that the incident transpired, at least this time this wasn’t an active shooter situation.

Good, Coward: Jackass Who Slapped Reporter’s Cakes On Live TV Charged With Sexual Battery

gavel and a book with handcuff

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Man Who Groped Reporter Alex Bozarjian’s Butt Criminally Charged

Last week, WSAV reporter Alex Bozarjian went viral after video circulated of her being slapped on the backside by some douchebag while doing a live broadcast in Savannah, Georgia.

Suffice to say she and literally 10 million other viewers were livid that someone would touch any woman this way, much less a reporter doing her job on live television. Alex talked about how the incident made her feel on CBS This Morning earlier this week.

Today, we’re happy to report that the man responsible has been brought to justice. 43-year-old Thomas Callaway has been charged with sexual battery according to NYDailyNews.

Georgia state law defines sexual battery as making “physical contact with the intimate parts of the body of another person without the consent of that person.” It is a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail.

Callaway appeared on Alex’s station, WSAV, to “apologize” saying “It was an awful act and an awful mistake”. He then goes on to undercut that “apology” by saying that he didn’t intend to slap or grope Alex.

Yeah. Ok.

One Last Plea: Tekashi 6ix9ine Pens Later To Judge Saying He Felt Stuck With Treyway


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Tekashi 6ix9ine Pens Later To Judge Saying He Felt Stuck With Treyway

On December 18th Tekashi 6ix9ine and his year-long story with Federal agents will come to an end. After taking the stand and pointing the finger at his former Treyway associates and connecting the dots for the feds he has been spending the last month and a half wondering what the outcome will be. While in jail he secured a $10 million dollar deal with his former record label 10k projects which the CEO says isn’t a second change but an opportunity. While the date approaches prosecutors and federal agents have already expressed their pleasure with his testimony and asked the judge for a lighter sentence.

While things are definitely looking in his favor, Tekashi wanted to make one last plea for his freedom. According to PageSix, he penned a heartfelt letter straight to the judge.

“I find it difficult to find the right words to express what my life has been like for the last year,” he wrote in the letter. “It honestly feels like my world is crashing down. There is no excuse, no justification and no apology good enough in this world to explain my crimes … I wake up every morning asking myself was it worth it? I know that my life will never be the same but hopefully this change will be for the better because beyond all of this, I still consider myself a role model to millions of people as an artist, a celebrity, and as a human being.”

The rest of the letter pretty much says, “Yes my life is an example for other artists and people involved in bad stuff but it doesn’t have to end with me in jail for a long amount of time.”

Of course, that’s not exactly what was said but we all know what his point was, you can read it for yourself here. Stay tuned as this time next week we will see how the letters from Tekashi and prosecutors helped with his outcome in front of Judge Paul Engelmayer.

Stop The Violence: London Teen Convicted Of Murdering 14-Year Old In Drug Related Gang Stabbing 


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London Teen Murders Young Gang Rival Over Drug Turf

19-year old Ayoub Majdouline was found guilty on Wednesday of murdering 14-year old Jaden Moodie who was kicked off his electric scooter and stabbed nine times by local teenage gang members (a.k.a. The Mali Boys) back in January. Reports say that Moodie was on the corner, selling drugs in Leyton, north-east London before Ayoub and crew came up and attacked him for dealing on their turf.

Standard UK:

[Ayoub Majdouline] was one of five youths linked to the gang who drove around in east London in a stolen Mercedes looking for members of the Beaumont Crew gang to attack. When they came across Jaden, who was out dealing drugs on a scooter for the Beaumont Crew, they crashed into him and “butchered” him as he lay seriously hurt on the ground.

On Wednesday, Old Bailey Court in London found Majdouline guilty of murder and having an offensive weapon. The young victim’s mother insisted that her son, Jaden had no affiliation with gangs, telling the court:

“When they were killing him they could see he was a child. So I’ve got no sympathy and no words. They were cowards. He [Majdouline] killed a child. He’s a child killer.”

The parents also say they blame schools and police for not doing enough to prevent gang crime. Majdouline is set to be sentenced at a later dater.

F**k 12: 3 California Correctional Cops Brutally Beat Brown Man To Distortion, Allegedly Called Him “Terrorist”

The turning point 30 years ago in Frankfurt

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San Joaquin Correctional Officers Beat Brown Man In Alleged Racist Attack

Three correctional officers stand accused of beating 24-year-old Jacob Servin beyond recognition inside a San Joaquin County Sheriff jail facility according to CBS Sacramento. Servin says the attack was racially motivated and accuses the pigs of spewing racist slurs and calling him a “terrorist”.

Sheriff Patrick Withrow has announced an internal investigation into the violent incident although that may be difficult considering that there were no cameras inside the cell where Servin was beaten.

View this post on Instagram

Never in a million years did I ever think That would be the victim of a Racist hate crime. Yesterday 3 racist county sheriffs from Stockton held me down beat me, choked me, kicked me and tried to snap my neck, for a long period of time while I was yelling and yelling for them to stop. Whitnesses could hear me yelling for my life these men tried to kill me all while yelling racist remarks. they left me to die with my face disfigured a broken nose, lacerations in my face and head tons of bruises all over my body with a huge loss of blood. I am barely able to walk on my own due to the amount of damage done to my whole body and the injury’s my bones have sustained by these ugly hearted people. No one deserves to be beatin to a pulp like this not for the color of their skin or for their Ethnicity. I will not sleep until justice is met. My profile is now public, feel free to share this unholy act of hate and racism or tag any one that needs to hear this message #TheHateYouGive #PoliceBrutality #EndRacism #AllLivesMatter #AllRacesMatter

A post shared by Jacob Angelo Servin (@jaykie_) on

Below is the surveillance footage of what Servin looked like when he first came into the station and what he looked like when he left the holding cell where the officers nearly beat him to death…allegedly.

Not a single officer involved has been placed on administrative leave. They are all working right now and collecting their checks.

Remember Him? Nicki Minaj’s Brother Jelani Finally Set To Be Sentenced In 2017 Child Rape Case This Month (Exclusive)

2015 Dress For Success Something To Share Gala

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Jelani Maraj Convicted For Sexually Abusing Tween Victim

Nicki Minaj’s older brother is set to finally be sentenced in his child rape case – more than two years after his conviction, BOSSIP has learned.

Jelani Maraj is scheduled to go in front of a judge in the sex crimes division of Nassau County Supreme Court Dec. 18 to learn his fate after a jury found him guilty in November 2017 of predatory sexual assault against a child and acting in a manner injurious to a child, according to court papers.

Maraj is facing up to life in prison.

Despite his conviction, the case has languished in legal limbo while Maraj’s legal team tried to get the guilty verdict tossed because of jury misconduct allegations. But according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP, the judge ruled against a mistrial and ordered the sentencing portion of the case to proceed.

Maraj has maintained his innocence up to now, and his defense lawyer argued that the child’s rape allegations were part of a plot perpetrated by her mother to extort millions from Maraj’s famous sibling. We’ve reached out to Maraj’s lawyer for comment.

Cops arrested Maraj back in 2015 after his then step-daughter accused him of sex abuse. At the trial, the girl testified that Maraj raped her up to four times a week after his relationship with her mother went bad.

It’s not clear if the more than two years he’s spent as an inmate in the Nassau County Jail will count towards his sentence.

The Nassau District Attorney’s Office declined to comment.

Fumbled The Bag: Australian Woman Gets 2 Years In Jail for Lying On Her Resume To Land A Job

Cropped Hands Of Businessman Interviewing Candidate In Office

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Woman In Australia Lands Herself In Jail For Lying On Her Resume

Embellishing a resume for that job you really want seems like it would be harmless, but for Veronica Hilda Theriault, the consequences for the lies on her resume became way more serious.

The 46-year-old ended up being convicted of deception, dishonesty, and abuse of public office for lying on her resume to land a job as chief information officer in South Australia’s Department of the Premier and Cabinet, earning an annual salary of $185,000.

According to reports from CNN, in addition to submitting a fraudulent resume containing false information about both her education and past employment, Theriault also pretended to be a previous employer during a reference check. Not only that, she also reportedly used a picture of model Kate Upton as the photo on her LinkedIn profile.

Theriault began working in her new position in August, though she only stuck around for just over a month before she was fired. Over the brief stint, she earned approximately $22,500, and also managed to land her brother a job, who racked up $15,760 for three weeks worth of contract work for a job that he wasn’t qualified for, either.

So…where did it all go wrong?

According to reports, Theriault’s job grew suspicious pretty quickly, when her mental health started to deteriorate shortly after she was hired. Because of this, her lawyer even tried to convince the judge that he should consider her mental health when delivering his sentence–though that doesn’t seemed to have happened.

Veronica Hilda Theriault was sentenced to 25 months in prison, with a minimum of a year behind bars.