Georgia Woman Sues RHOA’s Nene Leakes Son For Allegedly Abandoning Her & Secret Daughter (Exclusive)

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Marina Robinson Said Bryson Bryant Left Her High & Dry After Fathering Daughter

The mother of Nene Leakes’ oldest son’s toddler recently blasted him on social media as a deadbeat dad and alleged drug user.

But Symone Davis isn’t the only woman who has beef with Bryson Bryant. Another woman has just sued the sometime “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member for chronically failing to support or parent her daughter.

The Georgia Department of Human Services recently sued Bryant on behalf of Marina Robinson for back and current child support for her six-year-old girl after the child ended up on Medicaid, according to the suit, which was obtained by BOSSIP.

Robinson said she and Bryant were in a relationship for about a year and were living together when she became pregnant. She said he has admitted he was the father and was even present for the birth of the girl, who BOSSIP is not naming.

But she said he has never stepped up to be a parent, nor has he paid for any of the daughter’s expenses.

Robinson said she is unemployed and her parents are now supporting her and her daughter. She believes Bryant’s reality show checks are more than enough to provide for the girl and is seeking both current and retroactive child support of at least $400 a month, the suit states.

The child’s alleged grandmother, Nene Leakes, is not mentioned in the suit.

Bryant has not yet responded to the case.

Davis, the mother of Bryant’s two-year-old son, also sued him for child support, but the case was dismissed last summer, court documents show.

Ain’t Isht Daddies: Freddie Gibbs’ Baby Mama Alleges He Sent Henchmen To Kill Her And Son To Avoid Paying Child Support

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Freddie Gibbs Accused Of Putting Hit On Baby Mama

Remember a while back, there was a woman accusing newly engaged Freddie Gibbs of fathering a child with her and then abandoning them? Well, she’s back in Twitter with more allegations against him. This time she’s alleging that he sent people to “kill” her and their toddler son. She alleged in one tweet that Freddie Gibbs “sent ni**as to kill me and his son.” See the tweet here.

The mother, who goes by Rae Renyse on Twitter, expounded:

“Had to find a new apartment last minute because Fred gave my home address and phone number to men to harm me because he doesn’t wanna pay child support.”

Rae And Freddie Gibbs have a son together, Freddie Gibbs Jr., but she says his birth name was “Ethan”. She alleged in deleted tweets that Gibbs asked her to change the boy’s name to Freddie. She also alleged he asked her to take him off court-ordered child support or else he wouldn’t be in his life. She says she complied with both requests, changing the boy’s name when he was 9 months old.

Rae doesn’t specify when exactly threats were made against her and her son’s life but did mention a “restraining order” in tweets that are not deleted, but you can see screenshots of them below in the link below.



So far Gibbs hasn’t responded publicly to allegations that he’s an aint isht daddy, but he did post this photo and caption.

“Jokes on U b*tch.”

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Jokes on U bitch. 🤣 @ciesay 🤜🏿⚡🤛🏿

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Ain’t Isht Daddies: Judge Orders Former NFLer Clint Session JAILED For 45 Days For “Chronic Failure” To Support Disabled Daughter (Exclusive)

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Judge Finds Clinton Session In Criminal Contempt For “Chronic Failure” To Support Disabled Daughter

Cops led former NFL star Clinton Session Jr. away in handcuffs yesterday for ignoring his massive child support debts and failing to provide for his disabled daughter.

A judge Monday sentenced Session to 45 days in the county jail for failing to pay the $6,917 a month child support that he is obligated to under a court order, and for diverting money out of his bank account that was supposed to go towards caring for his ill daughter. In that instance, the court found that he purposely concealed the $641,318 proceeds from selling his McMansion in Indiana, according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP.

The player – who signed a $30 million deal with the Indianapolis Colts and was guaranteed $11 million – pled poverty at Monday’s hearing and tried to put the blame on other people.

But his pleas apparently fell on deaf ears, and Session was later taken away from the court in cuffs and to the cells.

Besides the jail time, Judge Howard Coates ordered Session to six months probation and $500 in court costs.

Cincinnati Bengals v Indianapolis Colts

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We exclusively revealed that Session’s daughter’s mother Davia Bradshaw sued him over supporting their little girl, who was born with a host of severe health problems. In 2015, a judge ordered Session to pay $6,917 a month towards the girl – of which $2,616 would go towards ongoing therapy. But Session has never paid a full month of child support, a “chronic failure,” according to Bradshaw’s lawyer Sara Lawrence. The court later found that Session went to great lengths not to pay the child support, even transferring $5.1 million to his parents so it would look like he was broke.

After the hearing, Bradshaw told BOSSIP that she didn’t want to see her former lover incarcerated, but she’ll do whatever it takes to fight for their little girl’s future and quality of life.

“All I want is for him to provide proper support for his daughter and stop blaming everyone else for his failure to pay,” Bradshaw said. “Our daughter has special needs. That’s not going to change, and this is gonna be a lifelong situation. I don’t want to fight him for the rest of her life but I will when it comes to my daughter.”

We’ve reached out to Session for comment.

WYA, Baby Daddy? Apryl Jones Describes How Sex-Rewarded ‘Friend’ Fizz Is Picking Up Omarion’s Fatherly Slack

Apryl, Fizz, Omarion

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Apryl Jones Makes Official “Love & Hip Hop: Hollyweird” Return And Explains Her Fizz Situationship

Are YOU ready for Apryl Jones‘ return to television? You might want to brace yourself for this unfiltered version we’re about to get. VH1 just released their first #LHHH interview with the 32-year-old and she catches us up on her life, new attitude, and why Fizz deserves all of the sex she’s giving him.

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Just me and my wine in @fashionnova ❤

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The mother of Omarion’s two kiddies has been making headlines after her relationship with his music partner Fizz was uncovered. In this clip, Apryl reveals just how difficult it has been to communicate with her baby daddy for the past 2-3 years. She says that’s where “Drew” aka Fizz comes in to help with her children.

[Drew] is definitely someone who I always consider as an angel sent into my life. He has been there for the course of just, the sh*t I deal with the father of my kids; just helping me in that aspect. I’m a single mom, I have no family in LA. It’s awesome to be able to have a friend who chooses to do what’s right; to be there to support his friend and make sure I’m healthy mentally. I’m honestly grateful for him.

Apryl says Omarion is making co-parenting hard for her.

There is no relationship between Omarion and I. We co-parent and we can’t even do that. I would honestly say it’s probably the worst it’s been in our relationship because we don’t communicate because HE won’t communicate. So it’s hard to be dealing with court, having children, my son is about to be starting school. That’s where we are.

Apryl adds just how Fizz has stepped in to pick up Omari’s fatherly slack

When it pertains to me dealing with the father of my children, [Fizz] has stepped in. He sees the way Omari doesn’t communicate, and when he does communicate it’s ignorant at times. Me and him are as close as we are because he’s dealing with someone who is almost similar to his children. We have that compatibility.

When he sees that I don’t have anyone helping me with the children, he’ll be like “look, you gotta go work. You gotta go make your money”, you know? What a friend would do.

Here is here, hit play.

Previously, Moniece (Fizz’s baby mama) revealed that Apryl and Fizz are officially living together. This interesting, because Omarion is pretty tight-lipped about his personal life and Apryl is spilling it all! Are you ready to watch this relationship unfold, weekly?

Hit the flip for more of Apryl and her banging bawwdy.

Shelved NBA Baller Brandon Jennings Shades Tae Heckard For Being 41-Years-Old & Contemplating ‘Basketball Wives’ Gig

Tae Heckard, Brandon Jennings

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Brandon Jennings Blasts Tae Heckard Over ‘Basketball Wives’ Gig

Remember Brandon Jennings?

The former Timberwolves player has a bone to pick with the mother of his son, actress Tae Heckard. The 29-year-old sounded off on Instagram to air out his grievances with Tae’s career and her age. Brandon is upset that the actress, 41, is considering getting a “Basketball Wives” check. He thinks she’s too old and needs to not be using him to get her career popping again.

He wrote:

“Why is my41-year-old baby mama trying [to] get on Basketball Wives. Ur not even a basketball wive. That’s not a real job.”

Jennings continued, seemingly taking a shot at whoever Tae is dating these days:

“Listen I’m old school. But how ya’ll nigga let women date go on tv and talk about they ex and baby daddies!!! That’s so weird to me.”

You can see the post, HERE.

Brandon and Tae dated circa 2014. In late 2015, they welcomed a baby boy and their relationship dissolved around the baby’s delivery date.

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…..big homie and the lil homie ❤

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Do YOU have any thoughts on Brandon’s apprehension to support Tae’s career moves?

Flo Rida Agrees To Relinquish Custody Of Toddler Son To Baby Mama (Exclusive)

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Rapper Handed Over Full Custody Of Son To Mother Alexis Adams

Flo Rida has agreed to give up joint custody of his toddler son to his baby mama.

The rapper, who was born Tramel Dillard, appeared by phone in Bronx Family Court Monday for a custody hearing where he OK’d giving Alexis Adams sole custody of their little boy, Zohar.

“Mr. Dillard will consent to Ms. Adams having custody of the minor child,” Flo Rida’s lawyer Howard Felcher said.

“Do you consent to that sir?” the referee asked Flo.

“Yes,” he replied.

The court-appointed referee later issued a final order awarding sole and legal custody to Adams, but Flo will still be able to visit the boy and has to continue paying child support.

Adams, dressed in a black pantsuit, only spoke to confirm her name while her baby boy played in her arms.

Adams’ lawyer has said that the move would make it easier for her to raise the tot, who has battled health problems since birth and was recently diagnosed with autism. The “Welcome To My House” artist has not been consistently involved in the boy’s life, Adams has said.

Interestingly, neither Flo Rida nor his lawyer asked about a parenting plan or any other mechanism to ensure that he’ll be able to participate in the child’s life.

Flo Rida’s lawyer declined to comment outside of court.

Watch This Father React To Learning His Daughter Had His $44K Back Child Support Balance CLEARED! [VIDEO]

Child Support

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Young Woman Reveals Her Father’s Tears Of Joy After Being Cleared From Child Support Issues

Friday a young woman took to Twitter to share a video of her father learning she’d put in the work to fill out the necessary paperwork to have his back child support balance cleared. The woman, who goes by YaYa or Tyanah Ariel on Twitter revealed her dad cried tears of joy after being freed from the $44,000 debt hanging over his head.

You can hear in the background that YaYa is also crying. We’re so happy for both of them — that they have this relationship that she would put in the time and energy to do this and that he can continue to be the best father he can for her without being in danger of losing his license, passport or even being jailed.

The young woman’s post was retweeted over 21,000 times and got over 100,000 likes. She also received supportive messages as well as inquiries from other people seeking to do the same thing for their fathers. YaYa asked that people with questions DM her so she could walk them through the process.

Of course Twitter being Twitter there were plenty of people arguing that her dad should never have acquired the debt in the first place and that men need to take care of their kids.

People aren’t always going to agree and YaYa said she sought to help her dad because he is very present in her life and gives her help whenever she needs it.

Others in the comments offered supportive statements revealing the hardship imposed by the unforgiving child support system. One such commenter offered:

I used to work in the collections department at the child support office. Not only do they garnish your pay, they report on your credit, suspend your license and report you to the police department. Trust me, he deserves this if he’s been on child support for 17 years

Another commented:

Even though he was paying the money every month, because he was behind, they probably suspended his drivers license, blocked his passport, and ruined his credit with a $30,000 charge off.

Yaya replied to the message saying:

You hit it on the head

We thought this post was a great starting point for discussion. Child support is such a touchy subject. What’s been your experience with the child support system? If you could do anything differently what would you do?

Truant Cheater Tristan Thompson Wishes Baby Mama Khloe A ‘Happy Birthday’ Post Jordyn Drama 

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

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Tristan Thompson Wishes Khloe Kardashian A “Happy Birthday” On Instagram

“If that boy don’t love you by nowww, he will never ever ever ever love you” are wise words words from the recently leveled up Ciara. Maybe Khloe Kardashian can take some of that advice after dealing with drama between her baby daddy and her little sister’s former bestie all year long. Just a few days after the drama between Jordyn Woods and the Kardashian clan picked back up again due to the show, Tristan Thompson decided to express his love (for once) for Koko on her birthday with a passively positive post on IG.

He wrote,

“You are the most beautiful human I have ever met inside and out. Thank you for being an amazing mommy to our princess True. She is blessed to have someone like you to look up to. I wish you nothing but more success and sending you positive blessing your way.”

Yesterday it was reported that Tristan denied claims that he wanted to kill himself after being caught with canoodling with Jordyn back in April, and that Khloe twisted his words for the show. Guess it’s safe to say that there won’t be a happily ever after for these too.

Baby True is still overwhelmingly adorable.

Flo Rida’s Baby Mama Said She Needs More Child Support After Son’s Autism Diagnosis; Also Wants Sole Custody (Exclusive)

Flo Rida, TLC And Nelly Visits Extra

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Alexis Adams To Challenge Custody & Child Support Order For Sick Son

Flo Rida’s son’s mother will take the rapper to court in a bid to up the toddler’s child support after doctors recently diagnosed him with autism, BOSSIP can reveal.

Alexis Adams has asked a family court judge to increase her $9,000 a month child support payments to ensure that their son Zohar, who is nearly three years old, gets the appropriate care for his medical needs following his diagnosis. The child was born with a host of health problems and already receives ongoing specialized therapy.

The health insurance that the “Welcome To My House” artist provides for the boy often leaves Adams with out of pocket expenses, and she doesn’t have a way to contact him, Adams’ lawyer Ava Gutfriend told us, adding that they may ask for Flo Rida to put money into an account that Adams can access when she has additional health care expenses.

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - May 16, 2019

Flo Rida and a female friend on May 16th in Los Angeles. Source: Hollywood To You/Star Max / Getty

Adams has also asked that she be awarded primary legal physical custody of Zohar because it’ll make it easier for her to make decisions around raising him, get the boy services and resources, as well as obtain things like a passport, Gutfriend said.

Adams sued Flo Rida for paternity and child support for the child, and last year a judge OK’d $9,000 a month child support payments, in part because of the ongoing specialized therapy that Zohar needs.

Adams has said that Flo Rida is not an engaged father has not been involved in the boy’s life. Flo Rida had not responded to Adams’ motion as of June 26.

The couple is due back in court later this summer.

Ain’t Isht Daddies: Infant Allergic Trystin’ Thompson Only Saw Son Nine Times In First Two YEARS Of Life According To Child Support Docs

Tristan Thompson Jordan Craig

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Tristan Thompson Reaches Child Support Settlement With Jordan Craig

The hits keep coming from Jordan Craig’s court documents in her child support lawsuit against Tristan Thompson. In a November 1, 2018 declaration filed by Craig, Tristan Thompson’s ex claimed the 28-year-old NBA player only saw their son a handful of times in his first two years of life.

According to the docs, obtained by RadarOnline Thompson saw their son ONLY ONCE in 2016, four times in 2017 and four times in 2018 and only spent time alone with his son once, she added.

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We had the best time at Cali’s Birthday party!!

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“I have given Tristan almost two years to step up and assume the fatherly role for our son. As set forth below in detail, he has failed to do so,” Craig, 27, wrote in her declaration.

“I cannot force Tristan to be a father. I have been and will continue to be the sole caretaker of our son. It is my pleasure to care for him daily and tend to his needs.”

“I only ask that the court order Tristan to pay child support in the amount he is legally required to under the guidelines.”

In her January 31, 2019 deposition Craig also revealed that she and Thompson had agreed on an informal child support schedule but those payments, which she says were initially $15,000 a month, did not amount to what Thompson should have been paying based on his $16.4 million Cleveland Cavaliers annual salary.

When he was deposed January 29, 2019 Thompson answered that he wasn’t sure how many time he had seen his son, saying, “I don’t know the exact number.”

He also disagreed with “multiple things” in Craig’s declaration statements.

When asked about specific time periods of visitation set forth in Craig’s declaration, Thompson replied, “I doubt anyone was keeping time,” he said. “Well, I think it’s inaccurate.”

Thompson said while Craig has invited him to attend Prince’s doctor and dentist appointments, she does so when he’s not available due to his public schedule.

Thompson alluded that Craig has denied him visitation, and added that his family and friends have tried to reach out to his ex, but “they got delayed response from her for us to even see him.”

Hmmmm who do you believe? The good news is, this case was settled May 14 and Thompson agreed to pay Craig $40,000 monthly child support as well as an additional $200,000 for retroactive child support within 10 days of signing the settlement.

When you read this stuff, do you think Tristan is just busy with his basketball schedule or a sorry, pathetic excuse for a father? Just wondering…

Exclusive: Baby Mama Says 112’s Q Parker Owes $260K In Back Child Support; Wants Crooner Punished

2017 Soul Train Music Awards - Arrivals

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Singer Accused Of Not Supporting Tween Son

This 90s crooner recently filed for bankruptcy, claiming that his home was in foreclosure and had just $1,000 in the bank.

But it looks like 112 singer Q Parker’s money troubles are no sign of ending after his son’s mother filed court papers blasting him for being a deadbeat dad and owing six figures in back child support, according to court records obtained by BOSSIP.

Leah Steele Barnett filed a motion for contempt against the “Cupid” singer last month, complaining that he hasn’t paid the court ordered $2,250 a month in child support since 2006. The debt swelled has up to $266,532, and she said Q wants the judge to step in and force him to pay up.

Premiere of VH1's ?Last Days of Left Eye? at the 31st Annual Atlanta Film Festival

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Barnett said that she and Q had been together off and on for years before their son – who BOSSIP isn’t naming – was born in 2005. Although the married Q denied paternity, two DNA tests court later determined that he was the boy’s father.

Barnett said she wants Q punished for withholding the child support, and she also wants a judge to force him to pay her more than $13,000 in lawyers fees.

Q hadn’t responded to Barnett’s claims in court.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Dad Being Questioned In Death Of 3-Year-Old CHAINED Inside Burning Audi

Car On Fire

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3-Year-Old Killed In Car Fire May Have Been Due To Parents Feuding Over Custody

This is just awful. On Sunday a 3-year-old Queens, NY girl perished from injuries she suffered after being trapped inside a burning car. Her death has now been ruled a homicide.

According to NY Daily News reports, police are questioning her father, who was also injured in the blaze, in her death. Sources say the back doors of the vehicle had been chained from the inside and first responders found two canisters of gas inside the car and a propane tank in the trunk.

Monday the little girl was identified as Zoey Pereira. She was discovered around 8:50 pm Sunday in the back of a burning 2008 Audi Sedan on Baisley Blvd. near 154th St. in Springfield Gardens, just blocks from where she lived with relatives in Rochdale Village.

Someone passing the scene spotted Pereira’s father in flames, running into the pond at Baisley Pond Park and brought him a blanket to help him extinguish his burning clothes. According to sources, the witness called 911 after Zoey’s father said, “I have my kid in the car.”

Since the chained door handles had been melted in the fire, firefighters were able to open the car doors and pull Zoey from the vehicle. She was rushed to Jamaica Hospital in a police vehicle but she did not survive her injuries.

Source say Zoey’s parents do not live together and had been in a custody battle. Her father was taken to Jamaica Hospital but later transferred to the burn unit at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center on the Upper East Side. He was in serious but stable condition Monday.

His name has not yet been released.

SMH. This is so awful. We can’t imagine any child suffering like this. It’s crazy how people will let their own selfish desires lead them to such extremes — custody battles that end in lives being lost are beyond tragic.