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Jesus Take The Wheel: 1 Dead, 20 Others Wounded After Mass Shooting At Washington D.C. Block Party

Police are searching for answers after shots rang out at a Southeast Washington D.C. block party with damning results. Over the weekend police were called to the 3300 block of Dubois Place, Southeast amid reports of shots fired.

When they arrived they found chaos including 20 injured attendees amid reports that there were multiple shooters who fired nearly 100 shots. One of the injured, 17-year-old Christopher “Poppy” Brown, later died at a nearby hospital reports WUSA 9.

His family is now seeking justice and urging people to stop the violence.

Azealia Banks Offers Update After Alarming Messages ‘Support Me When I’m Up’

Azealia Banks is offering an update to fans after she sent out a series of alarming messages over the weekend. As previously reported fans were shocked when the Fantasea rapper posted some thoughts of suicidal ideation to her InstaStory.

Now however Azealia seems to be faring better and she sent out an update to her fans.

“I’m fine, better than I was before,” said the 29-year-old. She later ranted on another post; “What is this obsession u b****es have with my despair?”

Amber Guyger Files Appeal Against Murder Conviction, Says Botham Jean Shooting Was ‘Self Defense’

Amber Guyger, the former police officer who shot and killed Botham Jean in his own home, wants out of jail.

Attorneys for Guyger filed an appeal this week to overturn her murder conviction in the shooting of Botham Jean, her Black unarmed neighbor, inside his home, reports The Associated Press. In the appeal, Guyger’s attorneys ask the Dallas-based court to overturn her murder conviction and ordered new sentencing and trial, or “replace it with a conviction for criminally negligent homicide”, which would carry a maximum punishment of two years in jail.

“Her mistaken belief negated the culpability for murder because although she intentionally and knowingly caused Jean’s death, she had the right to act in deadly force in self-defense since her belief that deadly force was immediately necessary was reasonable under the circumstances,” the appeal reads.

Azealia Banks Fans Flood Her With Positivity After Alarming Messages ‘My Soul Is Tired—I’m Ready To Go’

Azealia Banks posted a series of ALARMING messages on her InstaStory that many are likening to suicidal ideation.

“Yea, I think I’m done here. This pandemic, extreme lack of social interaction, no intimacy, combined with constant public ridicule is making life harder than [it’s] worth,” wrote Azealia. “I think I will end my tenure here on earth soon.”

#AGT Judge Simon Cowell Breaks His Back While Testing Electric Motorcycle

An “America’s Got Talent” judge is hospitalized after a freak accident. Simon Cowell, 60, somehow broke his back Saturday while testing out his new electric bicycle. A rep for the television personality released a statement saying that Cowell “broke his back in several places” while trying out his in Malibu.

“Married To Medicine’s” Dr. Britten Says Her Complexion Let Her “Hide In Plain Sight” On Bravo Special “Race In America” [Exclusive]

“Married To Medicine’s” Dr. Britten Cole said her light skin complexion means she’s sometimes mistaken for white, and it has allowed her to listen in on conversations where white people have revealed their prejudice.

“The trajectory of my life has

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