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That Thang Was A’Thangin’: Future’s Baby Mama Eliza Reign Wobbledy-Wobbles Her Buoyant Booty Meats In Miami, Melts The Gram

Future's newest baby mama Eliza Reign (who's still seeking more child support) goes viral after posting eye-popping booty shaking video

Heyyy Eliza

With so many shenanigans happening this past Memorial Day weekend, it was easy to miss essential content like Future’s sixth known baby mama Eliza Reign shaking her buoyant booty meats in a viral video that sent social media into a frenzy.

Mostly known as ‘Future’s baby mama,’ the very fine model/influencer continues to make a name for herself while fighting her famous baby daddy for more child support.

A few months ago, she was denied her request for $53K/month in support and awarded a substantially lower amount.

According to court records obtained by The Blast, Eliza wanted Future’s bank statements, tax documents, and other child support orders to justify her request for an increased amount in monthly child support.

A Florida judge recommended Future pay $3,200/month in support which she believes is based on inaccurate financial information provided by Future.

As previously reported, Reign rejected Future’s offer of $1,000/month that would’ve “voluntarily” been paid along with their 1-year-old’s health insurance.

Most recently, the “Life Is Good” rapper asked the courts to set a trail date to settle his issues with Eliza Reign who asked for Future’s finances to be reviewed, subpoenaing his record contracts and business’ accounting.

Hopefully, they can reach an agreement like adults and end this never-ending feud that started two Future boo thangs and a whole pandemic ago.

Where does Eliza rank on Future’s baby mama power ranking list? Tell us down below and peep some of her hottest pics on the flip.

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