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Former UFC Champ Tyron Woodley Reportedly Agrees To Fight With Boxer/Youtuber Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley has reportedly signed a deal to step into the ring with boxings biggest attraction at the moment Jake Paul, later this summer.

Jake Paul’s next match up might be his hardest yet as reports surface Tyron Woodley has agreed to step in the ring with Paul later this year.

UFC 260: Woodley v Luque

Source: Chris Unger / Getty

If there’s one thing the Paul brothers have been sure to do lately, it’s shake up the boxing world. Time after time, people shrug the Youtubers off as a gimmick and every time, they prove they are serious about the sport of boxing.

Jake Paul is betting on himself and doubling down every chance he gets. He embarrassed Nate Robinson and when everyone said that didn’t count, he defeated former UFC talent Ben Askren. Jake promised that in his next fight, he would seek a challenge that no one could deny and according to reports, he’s done exactly that.

Jake is reportedly stepping in the ring with former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley, who’s contract recently ended with the UFC and is free to compete however he sees fit. Woodley will of definitely be a step up in caliber for Paul, but as Snoop once said, you can’t play boxing.

Jake has been training on his craft for years–everything he has accomplished hasn’t been by luck or chance. Jake has a real chance of getting this W over Woodley, even if it’s a decision, and the Jake Paul Ss Conor McGregor match hype train could get kicked into next gear right after.

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