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Peace, Porky: Lieutenant Haram Fired From Idaho Marshals For TikTok Mocking LeBron James Ma’Kahia Bryant Tweet

Idaho Deputy Nate Silvester is fired after numerous department policy violations including mocking LeBron James' Ma'Khia Byrant tweet on TikTok

F**k 12.

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For a group of people who allegedly love law and order, cops sure do love to disobey all laws and all orders. An Idaho deputy with the Bellevue Marshal’s Office named Nate Silvester has been fired for violating numerous department policies according to a report on KTVB. Silvester is a habitual clout chaser and continuously posts “jokes” on social media for likes and retweets.

Most recently, Silvester thought it hilarious to mock LeBron James’ Ma’Khia Bryant tweet-and-delete debacle on TikTok. Why a grown-a$$ police officer is making TikToks like a 15-year-old girl named Samantha but here we are.

In the video, Silvester asks to have the Los Angeles Lakers’ star call him as he watches an imaginary Black man stab another imaginary Black man.

As a result of this viral video, Silvester was placed on administrative leave, placed on probation, and given a “last chance agreement” to get his act together. He couldn’t. Bellevue Mayor Ned Burns took to Facebook to announce that Silvester was no longer a police officer as of May 27.

No surprise that the department went out of their way to make it clear that they have no problem with the offensive content of the video, just that Silvester isn’t supposed to be on social media. Now, he’s oinking his way to the unemployment office.

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