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Godfather Of Comedy: Paul Mooney’s Greatest Comedic Moments

The 79-year-old comedian passed away on Wednesday after suffering from dementia and a heart attack. In his honor, BOSSIP has compiled the greatest comedic moments of the "Godfather of Comedy's" storied career.

RIP Paul Mooney

Everyone’s reeling over the tragic passing of outspoken comedy icon Paul Mooney at 79 after a storied career that spans over four decades.

Best known as a writer for Richard Pryor and guest star on the classic “Chappelle’s Show,” the incomparable Godfather of Comedy paved the way for generations of brutally honest comedians who used brilliant jokes to make taboo statements about society.

Journalist Roland Martin broke the news and noted that he spoke with Mooney’s brother who shared that the comic (who was battling dementia) suffered a heart attack and could not be revived by medics.

For years, Mooney made headlines as a fearless cultural critic who often ruffled feathers with his honest brand of comedy.

As for must-see TV on “Chappelle’s Show,” he starred in hilarious sketches “Ask a Black Dude” and “Mooney at the Movies” before later appearing as ‘Negrodamus’ who provided answers to life’s most unsolvable mysteries like “Why do white people love Wayne Brady?”

Mooney planned to reprise his role as Negrodamus in the highly anticipated third season of the “Chappelle’s Show” before Dave Chappelle famously left for personal reasons.

With comedy steadily evolving, Mooney was one of the last of his era with countless CLASSIC moments we compiled for you below:

“Mooney On Movies” sketch on “Chappelle’s Show”

“Ask a Black Dude” clip where he gave us the legendary quote “everybody wanna be a n*gga, but nobody wanna be a n*gga”

“Mentally ill” White Man vs. Black “Killer”n clip

Paul Mooney as Negrodamus on “Chappelle’s Show”

Paul Mooney on “The Exorcist”

Stand-up clip from Spike Lee’s “Bamboozled”

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