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Van Lathan And Rachel Lindsay Do Their Best To School Clueless Soup Cookie Michael Rapaport About Harmful Images Of Black People

Michael Rapaport appears on The Higher Learning podcast to talk to Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay about the harmful images of Black people that he posts on his social media platforms

Rapaport is a lost cause but they did their best…

The Higher Learning Podcast Van Lathan Rachel Lindsay Michael Rapaport

Source: The Ringer / The Ringer

To say that Michael Rapaport is “problematic” is like saying a pig’s punani is pork. Of course, he is. It’s his natural state of being. Despite that, Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay had Remy-port on The Higher Learning podcast not out of some duty to cinematic irony but to talk to him about how some of his behaviors are harmful to Black people. Suffice to say, Rapaport isn’t exactly open-minded enough to accept what he is being told and dives headfirst into excuses and defensiveness like a typical privileged white man:

“If the s#!t’s funny I’m gonna post it!”

Rapaport then tries to use other Black people as his excuse for perpetuating the videos by saying that he gets the viral content from other pages owned or run by Black people, which is totally irrelevant to the point. By that logic, Mike should be allowed to say “ni**a” all day long and not get beat the f**k up for it because he heard us say it. Don’t work like that, big man.

God bless Van and Rachel for even attempting to have a conversation with Troll-a-port because Lord knows that is an exercise in extreme patience.

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