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Milk Dud Deadbeat Dad Delinquent On Child Support Or Victim Of Clout Chasing? Lamar Odom Calls Ex Bitter Over New Lawsuit

Lamar Odom calls ex, Liza Morales, bitter in an Instagram post and denies deadbeat dad accusations from new child support lawsuit.

Lamar Odom‘s accusing another ex of using him for money and clout.

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Just a few months ago he was airing our his ex-fiancee, Sabrina Parr, as a clout-chasing “greaseball.” Now he’s clapping back again on his social media in response to a new mess with an ex. According to Page Six, Liza Morales recently filed a lawsuit against Odom, her high school sweetheart turned co-parent of 23 years. Morales’ suit states that the NBA star is the reason why she and her children are facing eviction because he violated their custody agreement since 2015, and that in 2020 he completely stopped payments of $6,000 monthly child support, college fees, and premiums for $9 million worth of life insurance.

Odom took a screenshot of the article and posted on his Instagram that Liza does “anything for clout” and took no initiative to support herself in the past 15 years while their two children reached adulthood. He also denies that he owes child support now that their daughter Destiny is 23 years old and their son Lamar Jr. is 19 years old.

The former Laker player makes a strong case, but in the state of New York, where Morales and her children live, child support is required until the age of 21. These claims are nothing new for fans of Basketball Wives and the Wendy Williams show, where Morales set the record straight on their strained relationship and accusations that Odom took money from their son’s college fund that should have been left untouched. The lawsuit blames this missing money for Lamar Jr. attending community college instead of a 4-year institution.

“Let’s all work on being our best selves.” Sounds like good advice for a man fighting exes in headlines and social media while preparing for a boxing match later this year. Should Odom and Morales continue speaking their truths about these disputes or save the battle for a court of law?

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