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Kash Doll Caught Slipping In The Valley! Burglar Runs Off With $500K In Jewels

Rapper Kash Doll claims she lost $500k in a car burglary that happened while she was shooting a music video.

Well someone out in San Fernando Valley is $500,000 richer thanks to money-making Miss Kash Doll and quite frankly mama doesn’t seem too bothered by it.

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Rapper Kash Doll, unfortunately, had to learn the hard way when she reported to cops that a burglar ran off with $500k of her jewels and a Louis Vuitton box from her car in San Fernando Valley while she was filming a music video. Damn!

According to reports from TMZ, the theft went down between 11 PM and 5 AM, and the messed up part about it all was that cops say the burglar gained entry thanks to an unlocked door. Smh. One piece of advice Kash, don’t do that sh*t in Atlanta because it’ll definitely be a lot worse.

Sadly no arrests have been made (and let’s be honest probably won’t ever be made y’all know how this type of stuff goes.)

What’s really wild about all this is Kash Doll is from Detroit — she’s survived some tough circumstances and has always displayed the kind of street-smart attitude that we’d expect would protect her from this kind of thievery.

Now come on sis! We all know you have to lock your doors no matter how safe you think the community is!

We’re glad you’re safe though!

Who do you think got her? Someone working on set? Or someone from the outside, flipping door handles, who happened to hit a lick with that unlocked car door?

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