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Health Update: Isiah Brown Fighting For Life After Being Shot 10 Times By Unnamed Virginia Cop Weeks Ago

Isiah Brown is fighting to survive with multiple life-threatening injuries after he was shot 10 times by an unnamed Virginia policeman in Spotsylvania, Virginia.

Prayers up for this brotha.

Isiah Brown

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In the wake of Derek Chauvin being found guilty of the murder of George Floyd, we have witnessed numerous other Black bodies be gunned down unjustly at the hands of police. Just 3 days after that verdict we reported on the shooting of Isiah Brown of Spotsylvania, Virginia. He was shot 10 times by the same police officer who just given him a ride home just moments before the incident. We highly suggest you read that story HERE. Today, 3 weeks later, we have an update on his condition and what’s currently happening in the case.

According to The Free-Lance Star, Isiah’s lawyer David Haynes is saying that if the 32-year-old survives the shooting he will be permanently injured and likely require long-term rehabilitation. Isiah’s survival is not guaranteed based on the doctors’ numerous concerns regarding infection, sepsis, and other life-threatening conditions. Haynes says that his injuries included damage to his bowels and a broken leg. He added that there are 9 gunshot wounds that are tended to each day.

This cannot go unpunished.

During an online streaming session organized by the NAACP, Haynes relayed that Isiah’s family is “hoping and expectant” that the still-unnamed and side-eyeingly protected officer who has damn near killed him will see criminal charges and a day in court.

We wish we could be that optimistic for them. No weapons were found at the scene of the shooting and no threat was made toward the officer who just moments prior trusted Isiah enough to allow him into his patrol vehicle for a ride home. Yet there he lays with almost a whole magazine’s worth of gunshot wounds.


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