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Soulja Boy Sued By Ex-Girlfriend Over Alleged Physical Abuse That Caused Miscarriage, Sexual Battery & More

Soulja Boy is being sued by 'Jane Doe' over for assault, sexual battery, gender violence, and more which the woman claims caused her miscarriage. She also claims a 2018 abuse altercation was caught on a night vision camera and was aired on WeTV in 2019. Those details pretty much point to Nia Riley as the 'Jane Doe'.

Soulja Boy is facing a lawsuit from an ex-girlfriend listed as ‘Jane Doe’ who is claiming physical abuse, sexual battery, gender violence, and more. She also claims his abuse caused her miscarriage and some was caught on camera and actually aired on TV.

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Soulja Boy has been trying to proclaim his comeback run for the past few years. Everytime the water starts to boil, he’s side lined and back to square one. To be honest, Soulja is the modern pioneer of how the music game runs these days a comeback is never needed but people forget how young he is so he should try for another run. Last time his Breakfast Club interview brought the attention back to him and he was signed lined when he landed himself in jail. Now he’s back with a buzzing record, ‘She Make It Clap,’ all thanks to TikTok.

While he’s looking to the future of his career, his past actions may prevent him from pressing go and collecting that second run. TMZis reporting an abusive relationship from 2018 is the subject of a new lawsuit and the details may sound familir from those who watch WEtv.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, the woman claims, while pregnant with his child in 2015, he became irate and violent after a simple convo and began to punch her in the face and the chest until she could no longer stand on her feet. She says the punches caused her to fall to the ground, where she curled her body to protect her stomach while using her hands to cover her head. She claims Soulja also kicked her all over her body, particularly in the stomach … and claims soon after she suffered a miscarriage.

She claims there were other violent incidents. Like in 2017 … Jane says Soulja flew into a violent rage … punching her in the face and breasts. She says things got so bad Soulja’s security had to pull him away from her. She claims Soulja was pissed because he thought she was leaving him. She says a 2018 incident was caught on camera. Jane claims a conversation turned violent as he stood over her and began to physically attack and yell at her. She claims the night vision cameras used on the show captured the incident, which later aired on the WeTV network in early 2019.

Another incident was mentioned from 2019, when she was allegedly assulated for not wanting to get back with Soulja Boy. She also mentions he would threaten to beat her if she didn’t have sex with him and when she refused, that’s exactly what happened. If this sounds familiar, the 2019 WeTV footage was from Marriage Bootcamp which Soulja was on with Nia Riley. In the show, Nia went over all the things she endured which perfectly lines up with the allegations in the lawsuit.

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