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Marc Lamont Hill Interviews Dr. Umar Johnson About His Academy And Alleged Beef With Kevin Samuels [Video]

Marc Lamont Hill interviews Dr. Umar Johnson about The Academy for Black Boys and Kevin Samuels beef

Wow, didn’t see this coming.

Marc Lamont Hill interviews Dr. Umar Johnson

Source: Black News Network / Black News Network

Last week, we reported on the “alleged” broiling broadband beef that was sizzling between one Dr. Umar Johnson of Pan-Afrikan meme fame and Kevin Samuels of turgidly toxic masculinity fame. Well, today we were surprised to see that Marc Lamont Hill had a sit down with Dr. Umar to discuss not only that wi-fi strife but also his Academy for Black Boys that many have wondered aloud when it will actually be completed for use.

To his credit, Dr. Umar explains what is happening with the school and why there has been such a long delay citing issues with the blueprints and significant renovations that need to be made in order for the campus to be useable.

Additionally, neither Marc nor Umar shied away from the elephant in the room, the Kevin Samuels kerfuffle.

“I make it a point to not respond to individuals who’s intellectual competence I feel is well beneath my own” 

He wasn’t done there. Press play down bottom to get into the full interview.

What say you about what Dr. Umar was putting down? Are you reassured or more skeptical? Hit the comment section below with all your thoughts!

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