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Going Out Sad: Floyd Mayweather Gets Into Heated Scuffle With Jake Paul, Threatens To ‘Kill’ The Trolling YouTuber [Video]

Floyd Mayweather loses his cool when confronted by Jake Paul, who takes his hat and attempts to run away with it. A scuffle ensues and Floyd gets so triggered by the troll job that he starts threatening to kill the paul brothers.

Floyd Mayweather loses his cool after the press conference for his upcoming exhibition against Logan Paul when his younger brother, Jake Paul, confronts him, takes his hat, and trolls him into oblivion.

Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul - Media Availability

Source: Cliff Hawkins / Getty

When the Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather boxing match was first announced, many instantly wondered what the hell Floyd was thinking. The first assumption was that Floyd simply needed the money, after all, he does have some lavish spending habits.

His past fights and exhibitions haven’t made sense, either, but the money they made brought him north of 9 figures for each fight. His fight with Conor McGregor was understandable, as fans were almost demanding the match from every walk of life. Many warned Floyd he would be embarrassing himself and he refuted these claims and on the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast and said it was smart to fight Logan for $100 million.

While a lot of folks are skeptical about the fight, Floyd pointed out that fighting Logan and not being in real danger is smart for his pockets and his health, but as Snoop Dogg says, “you don’t play fight,” which is what Nate Robinson did. Yesterday was the official press conference for the Paul Vs Mayweather event, and just as many fans predicted, Floyd was trolled into oblivion.

Logan’s little-big brother Jake Paul stole Floyd’s hat, making a scuffle break out and leaving Floyd yelling with his voice cracking and saying he would “kill them.” It was at that moment Floyd realized the game has changed and Jake is the highest-paid current prizefighter in the game. Looks like he definitely had Floyd in his feelings.

It was mind-blowing to see Floyd react in such fashion when we expect Mayweather to just walk away and tell everyone the fight is off until he gets his hat hand-delivered back to him with an apology. After all, Floyd is the A-side in this event and has the upper hand, right? Or does he?

Even in the aftermath during his Barstool Sports interview, Floyd seemed flustered–which is exactly what everyone has been warning him about. Safe to say the next few weeks before this fight will be entertaining.

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