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Harpo, WHOMST IS THIS? A Very Questionable Young Beyoncé Appears On Netflix’s “Selena: The Series” Part 2, Sparks Hilarious Chaos

Twitter reacts to a scene in Netflix's "Selena: The Series" Part 2 where actors who look nothing like Beyonce, Solange and Tina Knowles meet Selena at the mall

Harpo, who dese people?

By now, you’ve probably seen the chitter-chatter over Netflix’s “Selena: The Series” Part 2 featuring a brief appearance by young Beyoncé who, along with sister Solange and mother Tina Knowles, meets the iconic singer at (what’s supposed to be) the Galleria mall in Houston.

In the scene (episode 6), Selena (Christian Serratos) is shopping at an outdoor mall alongside her mother and sister when she crosses paths with a young starry-eyed Beyoncé in a hilariously cheesy moment that’s supposed to reinforce Selena’s legend while implying her impact on Queen Bey’s eventual super stardom.

“What are you doing?” asks some lady who’s supposed to be Tina Lawson. “Who are you looking at? Who’s that?”

Selena,” whispers young Bey while Solange randomly scampers around in the background.

Selena? Who’s Selena? I said who’s Selena?” Tina nags.

“A famous singer. Be quiet,” Bey says (without getting popped).

“You’re a singer, too. Tell her,” Mama Tina says like a proud Black mama at the Family Reunion.

Selena says hi to the starstruck Beyoncé, takes a few steps and looks back in a ‘there’s something special about that girl’-way reminiscent of a superhero origin story where their inner-power unlocks while a Godly voice lingers in the background.

It’s supposed to be profound but comes off as mostly ridiculous in a series about Selena.

What’s most egregious, though, is the lazy casting of Beyoncé, Solange and Mama Tina who look nothing like the actual stars in real life.

However, it IS true that a young Queen Bey met Selena at the mall.

“I did actually meet Selena in the Galleria Mall in Houston, but I didn’t say much to Selena because I wasn’t a celebrity,” revealed Beyoncé in an old interview clip.

“I just saw her and said, ‘Hello,’ and kept it moving,” she recalled, adding that she heard Selena on the radio while growing up in Texas.

“Even though I didn’t know exactly what she was singing, it helped me in the studio with my pronunciation,” she added.

Btw here’s the actress who played Beyoncé in that scene. Her name is Giovanna Bush. *squints*

How do you think Bey’s reacted to the scene? Tell us down below and peep the hilarious chaos over the now infamous “Selena: The Series” scene on the flip.

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