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Blot That S#!T! Rasta Pasta Pizza Shop Owner Charged With Using COVID-19 PPP Fund To Buy Alpaca Farm

Massachusetts pizza shop owner charged with using PPP COVID-19 relief money to buy alpaca farm in Vermont

Frank Lucas would LOVE this guy!

Reinhart's Christmas Tree Farm Allen and Lisa Reinhart with their son Mitchell, right, and daughter and son-in-law Jennie and Nolan Lapp raise alpacas on their Bernville Christmas tree farm. Photo by Bill Uhrich 11/29/2017

Source: MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images / Getty

The seemingly unfettered faucet of funds that the federal government turned on for business owners to sustain their companies during the COVID-19 era has lead to thousands of people being indicted for fraud of the highest order. Here at BOSSIP, we’ve reported on dozens of people who have taken ill-gotten taxpayer money to cop cribs, cars, and all types of luxury items. Franklin Sanit’s cocaine empire ain’t got s#!t on these folks who are siphoning skrilla to illegally level up their broke-a$$ lives. Now, here’s a story about a criminal cash-grabber who had no interest in Lambos or Louis Vuitton but he’s most certainly no better than his luxurious grand larceny cohorts.

According to NYPost, 57-year-old former pizza shop owner Dana McIntyre is being charged by the United States Attorney’s office in Boston of illegally obtaining $600,000 in PPP loans to buy, wait for it…an alpaca farm. If that isn’t an American Gangster then we don’t know what is. McIntyre told the feds that he had 50 employees at Rasta Pasta Pizza in Beverly, Massachusetts. He never even had ten.

Soon as the money hit his account, McIntyre sold the shop and moved to Vermont where he did buy two cars but not before buying several alpacas and a farm to house them. How he thought he’d get away with this, we’re not QWHITE sure. He’s now facing one count of wire fraud and one count of money laundering.

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