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“Notorious Queens” Exclusive: Mehgan’s Matchmaker Sets Her Up On A Date, But Is It A Dub?! [VIDEO]

On Thursday's finale episode of "Notorious Queens" Mehgan James has a date with a guy her matchmaker chose for her. Unfortunately, when she asks him his turn-offs, they sound like ALL of her worst traits! Will she be able to redeem the date or is it back to the drawing board?

“Notorious Queens” is airing their finale episode this Thursday!

Notorious Queens Key Art and Featured Photos

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The ALLBLK series has been super spicy, particularly because of reality TV regular Mehgan James hot takes — including her view that cheating “respectfully” is not a deal-breaker. We’ve got an exclusive clip from this Thursday’s finale where Mehgan’s matchmaker sets her up with a tall dark and handsome potential suitor and she appears to be COMPLETELY out of practice dating! Check out the clip below:

Yikes. That was so awkward. It’s also funny how Mehgan will decide she’s not the girl for him before recognizing she could stand to adjust her attitude!

Here’s what else to expect from the finale episode of “Notorious Queens”:

La’Britney gets to showcase her new song at a listening party at Stormey’s, but will all queens be in attendance? Toni reaches out to her estranged son hoping to mend the relationship. Mehgan debuts her new swimwear with a photoshoot, and while her suits make a splash, not everything goes according to plan. Mehgan finally goes on the date the matchmaker promised, but is he the man of her dreams? The girls meet up to share their progress towards their goals and reflect on their budding friendship.

The finale of “Notorious Queens” airs Thursday on ALLBLK.

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