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Sydney Chase Apologizes For Revealing Tristan Thompson’s Personal Peekaboo D Details And Says He Reached Out After Interview

Sydney Chase took to Tik Tok to confirm she did indeed sleep with Tristan Thompson after her No Jumper interview went viral. She apologized to the NBA player for disclosing personal information and added that he reached out after the interview. She also said they spoke most a day after his daughter's birthday party.

The saga continues…

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The day after social media exploded after a model named Sydney Chase admitted to having a recent sexual relationship with Tristan Thompson in a No Jumper podcast interview, Chase took to TikTok to apologize to Thompson — then double down on her claims.

On Monday, Chase apologized for “disclosing personal information about Tristan,” saying “that’s not okay and I shouldn’t have done that. We’re assuming the apology was for her revelation that Thompson had “a peek-a-boo d–k,” a term we were previously unfamiliar with but have since come to learn was likely a reference to Thompson not being circumcised.

Despite her apology, Sydney didn’t back away from her claims she and Thompson had a sexual relationship:

“Me answering the question about our past relations, that is true,” Chase said in the social media clip. “We did have past relations; I then found out he was in a relationship and I ended things.”

“In the interview, things got misconstrued while we were drinking,” Chase continued. “We first met in November — November 11th to be exact — and that’s when everything started. And then the last time we had contact — besides when he messaged me after finding out about the interview — it was the day after his daughter’s birthday party …”

True was born April 12 and her party was just two weeks ago — which means if he and Khloe are actually back together, he’s been unfaithful — at the very least emotionally.

Thompson didn’t attend True’s birthday party because he was out of town for a game but he but did post a birthday message to her on Instagram.

In the meantime, Khloe Kardashian’s name has been trending on Twitter but she has yet to comment on the controversy but she did post a quote by Sonia Sabnis on her story late Tuesday that some feel was in reference to the social media storm:

“People who don’t hesitate to share a kind word or do a good deed to brighten someone else’s day are the best kind of people.”

Do you think she was referring to Tristan’s latest scandal?

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Guess we can forget about Khloe claiming her baby daddy publicly.

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