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Wade Robson’s Abuse Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson’s Estate Dismissed Once Again

#MJInnocent started trending on Twitter on Monday night after it was revealed that Wade Robson took another loss against Michael Jackson's companies.

Fans of Michael Jackson are rejoicing after the abuse lawsuit against the late King of Pop was thrown out.

Michael Jackson Child Molestation Trial - Week Four

Source: Kimberly White / Getty

#MJInnocent started trending on Twitter on Monday night after it was revealed that Wade Robson took another loss against Michael Jackson’s companies. According to reports from TMZ, a California court has once again thrown out the choreographer’s sexual abuse lawsuit, though Robson insists he’s fighting the decision.

Judge Mark A. Young ruled in favor of MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures on April 26, dismissing Robson’s sexual abuse lawsuit on summary judgment–something Robson had refiled in 2020 after California opened the door for alleged victims of sexual abuse with years-old claims. As he dismissed the case, the judge ruled that Robson couldn’t prove the companies had the ability to control Jackson’s conduct or that they had any fiduciary duty to protect the then-child while he was with the pop star in the ’90s.

This directly follows the fate of another of Jackson’s accusers, James Safechuck, who suffered a similar blow in his own lawsuit back in October 2020. Just like Safechuck did, Robson’s attorney, Vince Finaldi, plans to appeal this decision, saying, “This decision of Judge Mark A. Young suffers from the same fatal flaws as the prior decision of prior Judge Mitchell Beckloff, which we were able to overturn on appeal.”

According to Finaldi, if this decision is allowed to stand, it’ll set a “dangerous precedent that would leave thousands of children working in the entertainment industry vulnerable to sexual abuse by persons in places of power.”

As for Jackson’s estate, one of its attorneys, Jonathan Steinsapir, tells TMZ, “Wade Robson has spent the last 8 years pursuing frivolous claims in different lawsuits against Michael Jackson’s estate and companies associated with it.”

He continues, “Robson has taken nearly three dozen depositions and inspected and presented hundreds of thousands of documents trying to prove his claims, yet a Judge has once again ruled that Robson’s claims have no merit whatsoever, that no trial is necessary and that his latest case is dismissed.”

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