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Earth Day: Plant Kween Pairs Ficuses, Ferns And More With His Favorite Disney+ Films

Disney+ partnered with popular influencer Plant Kween on Earth Day to identify some plants inspired by classic Disney favorites, "Aladdin," "The Jungle Book," "Coco" and "The Artistocats

Earth Day has arrived and Plant Kween is spreading the love along with Disney+!

Plant Kween Pics

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In celebration of Earth Month, Disney+ is partnering with influential plant-enthusiast Christopher Griffin, aka Plant Kween, for a creative collaboration of plants inspired by his favorite Disney films – The Coco, Jungle Book, The Aristocats, and Aladdin – while paying homage to the role that plants and nature play in bringing these beloved, imaginative tales to life.

There’s been a huge boom in indoor houseplants during the pandemic across all demographics, but millennials and Gen Zers have also gained a reputation for being “plant-crazy generations.” Check out Plant Kween’s take on this Earth-friendly hobby – even as it intersects with the nostalgia and magic of Disney!

What do these Disney characters/films mean to you?

I’ve always enjoyed animated films and most of these movies were ones that I adored as a child and still enjoy as an adult. These films allow me an opportunity to take a break and reminisce about those childhood moments, but also give me a chance to watch these films through my adult eyes .. catching themes and lessons that I may have missed as a lil baby kween.

What are your top tips for new plant parents?

Have fun with it all, be curious and be ready to learn. There is no green thumb … it’s all about finding the right plant that matches you as a person and what your space can provide.

What are the biggest misconceptions about plant parenting?

Most houseplants do not need to be watered everyday. Depending on the season and the conditions of your space, most house plants can be watered once a week, every two weeks or even once a month for some green gurls.

How does taking care of plants bring you joy?

My plants are a daily reminder that I need to drink water, sunlight, nutrients and that I need to be patient with my own growth as a person.

What are the benefits of having plants in our homes and how do plants help the earth?

Plants are wonderful air purifiers, releasing moisture in the air which is great for indoors spaces.

I’ve found indoor gardening to be a wonderful way to reduce my own levels of stress and anxiety.

This appreciation for nature has manifested into a journey to green up the spaces I call home. But being a plant person can be more than just building that fabulous plant fam … it can extend into a whole lifestyle … from environmental politics, to the food you choose to eat, to the clothes you wear, to the products you use … it’s a whole world of planty-ness dahling, and this kween is learning more and more each day. Each day I am getting better about practicing routines, habits and ways of being that is ultimately healthier for me and healthier for this beautiful precious planet we call home.

We love it. Hit the flip to see Plant Kween’s Disney + pairings including plant care tips!

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