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Smokin’ Investments: Celebrities Who’ve Invested Big Into The Cannabis Industry

To celebrate 4/20, BOSSIP has compiled a list of celebrities who've jumped headfirst into the cannabis industry hoping to steal market share in the crowded industry. From Drake to Seth Rogen, everyone is getting in on the Marijuana industry action.

Here’s a list of celebrities who’ve bet big in the Cannabis space, investing their time and money into fighting for market share in an already crowded industry.

Family Matters

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Today is every smoker’s favorite unofficial holiday: 4/20. Some people who smoke treat it like another day and might just get some higher quality stuff than usual, while others go all out and bring out their high-end bongs, secure a good pound, and spend the day getting faded. Regardless of how you celebrate, we are here to handle your content needs for the special day. With that being said, let’s take a look at celebrities who’ve bet big investing their money into the cannabis space hoping to change the way you smoke and most importantly, what you smoke. While we would love to include everyone on the list, we just choose a few that might surprise you and some that are pushing the boundaries of what people think of when it comes to selling marijuana. Take a look at who has been investing big in the marijuana space down below!

Drake – More Life Growing Company

When Canada legalized recreational marijuana use in 2018, it was almost a no-brainer that Drake would venture into the cannabis space and attempt to dominate the market in his backyard. With Drake being responsible for a big percentage of Toronto’s revenue, this was a golden opportunity for a brand to partner up. The lucky brand ended up being Canopy Growth, and together, they executed a perfect rollout, with Drake sending real flowers to influencers to announce the More Life Growth Company.

Website: www.morelifegrowthco.com

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