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WELP: Chrissy Teigen Returns To Twitter Just 3 Weeks After Deactivation: ‘It Feels TERRIBLE To Silence Yourself’

After only three weeks away from the platform she's known for dominating, Chrissy Teigen has returned to Twitter. 

Well, color us shocked!

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After only three weeks away from the platform she’s known for dominating, Chrissy Teigen has returned to Twitter.

The model-turned-cookbook-author surprised fans on Friday when she sent out a tweet for the first time in almost a month, letting everyone know she’s back. Immediately, her named began to trend as fans welcomed her back…and of course, others were making fun of her for not being able to stay off the platform for more than a couple weeks–especially after such a dramatic exit.

“Turns out it feels TERRIBLE to silence yourself and also no longer enjoy belly chuckles randomly throughout the day and also lose like 2000 friends at once lol,” she tweeted. “I choose to take the bad with the good!!”

She also joked that she’s been saying her tweets out loud to shampoo bottles, proving just how much she missed her interactions on the app.

It’s not surprising that Chrissy came back so soon, but it still might not be the best idea.

It was clear that Teigen was getting close to her breaking point in the months leading up to her deactivation, with her quirky tweets turning into constant complaints about bullying and not being good enough for the internet. While people were shocked to see her deactivate her account, most assumed it wouldn’t last long…and that’s exactly what happened.

The internet sure hasn’t changed since she left, so hopefully, she learns not to take things so seriously.

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