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Marcus Scribner Says He Was Close To Giving Up On Acting When He Was Cast In “Black-ish” [VIDEO]

Friday's episode of OZY's "The Carlos Watson Show," featured Marcus Scribner from "Black-ish" as guest. The young actor revealed how he considered quitting showbiz just before being cast on the series. Also in the episode, Carlos asked him about several important "firsts" in his life, including his first kiss.

Never give up on your dreams!

ABC's "Black-ish" - Season Seven

Source: Richard Cartwright / Getty

That’s the important message delivered by Marcus Scribner on Friday’s episode of OZY’s “The Carlos Watson Show.” During his guest appearance on the popular podcast, the “Black-ish” star revealed how, after launching his acting career at age 7, he considered quitting showbiz to live the life of a normal high school student just before being cast on the series. Check out the clip below:

That’s an incredible message that so many of us need to hear. How many folks give up on their dreams right as they are about to come true?

Also in the episode, Carlos asks Marcus about several important “firsts” in his life, including his first kiss and his first time meeting Tracee Ellis Ross. Watch the clip for the 411 on Scribner’s firsts.

Do you agree with him that an onscreen kiss shouldn’t actually count for his first smooch? Also, how funny is it that Marcus’ younger sister almost knocked him out? Sounds kinda like Junior and Diane… Talk about art imitating life. It’s kinda wild that Drake and the Three Amigos were his first concert experience. What was yours? Is there anything you learned from this interview about Marcus Scribner that you didn’t know before?

Stay tuned for more clips from “The Carlos Watson Show”.

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