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Cultural Appropriation 101: Chet Hanks Goes Face To Cheeks In Sneak Peek Of “White Boy Summer” Video

Chet Hanks posted a clip from his "White Boy Summer" music video which features him and bikini clad women on Venice Beach. In portions of the clip, the "Your Honor" actor physically bounces his face against a woman's butt. The song is an anthem for his brand which includes merch.

Chet just knows you’ve been eagerly awaiting this…

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Late Sunday night Chet Hanks (FKA Chet Haze) AKA the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson dropped a clip from the the video for his controversial new ‘White Boy Summer’ brand.

In the video, which was shot in Venice, California, the 30-year-old “actor”/ “rapper,” literally bounces his face against a girl’s cakes. So respectful right?

Keep in mind, all of this is on the heels of Hanks landing in the news amid claims of domestic violence by ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker. As if the cringe-worthy patois wasn’t already bad enough! More than a few people have pointed out to Chet that ‘White Boy Summer’ (a play on last year’s ‘Hot Girl Summer’trend) is extremely problematic, considering amid a current social climate where there has been a rise in hate groups like the Proud Boys. It’s kinda crazy how Chet tries to position himself as an ally, but if he truly understood white privilege you would think he’d have backed away from the White Boy Summer business immediately.

Chet also posted a video over the weekend slow grinding on Amber Diamond. He looks a little inebriated to us, what do you think? The #BQS stands for Black Queen Summer, for which he’s also releasing related merch.

Apparently, Chet is feeling particularly empowered because Lil B recently endorsed his message.

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