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Exclusive: Amber Ruffin Admits Spending Tens Of Thousands On A Skit About Trump Losing 2016 Election, “That’s How Certain I Was” [VIDEO]

Amber Ruffin is a guest on the 4/7 episode of "The Carlos Watson Show," the popular comedienne and late night host talked about being starstruck by Whoopi Goldberg and spending thousands on a skit about Trump losing the 2016 Presidential race.

Can you imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars on a skit about something that ended up not actually happening?

The Amber Ruffin Show - Season 1

Source: Peacock / Getty

It’s Wednesday and a brand new episode of “The Carlos Watson Show” goes live today and we’ve got not one but TWO exclusive clips for your viewing pleasure. Today’s guest is none other than Amber Ruffin, the star of “The Amber Ruffin Show” which airs on NBC Universal’s streaming service Peacock. In the first clip Amber describes how she embarrassed herself when she met Whoopi Goldberg for the first time.

Check out the clip below:

Wow that’s wild. Can you imagine being rendered so speechless by someone that all you can say is “I love you” over and over again? What star do you think would do that to you?

Hit the flip for the second exclusive clip of Amber.

The Amber Ruffin Show - Season 1

Source: Peacock / Getty

The new ‘Amber Ruffin Show’ host says she was so confident in a Trump loss in 2016 she and her team spent “tens of thousands of dollars” the day before the election filming a sketch about his loss.

Pretty sure she’s not the only one who made the wrong prediction on this one. But how sick would you be if this happened after spending so much money?

Stay tuned for the full interview on “The Carlos Watson Show.”

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