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Queen Of Detroit: Kash Doll Celebrates Birthday With Lavish Kash Bash Hosted By 50 Cent

A look inside Kash Doll's lavish birthday bash hosted by 50 cent in Atlanta

Ooo this was noice

Atlanta continues to raise the bar for spectacular soirées that peaked with Kash Doll’s lavish Kash Bash hosted by 50 Cent at an intimate venue flourished with stunning floral arrangements, swanky accoutrements and larger-than-life portraits of the Detroit Queen.

The “Bossa Nova” rapper dripped opulence in multiple outfits at the luxurious affair attended by industry tastemakers, glitzy baddies and Kash’s bestie Kendra who iced her out with solid Solitaire Stone earrings.

Guests were treated to an astounding buffet (that could best be described as a Poseidon Feast) featuring garlic buttered crab legs, stuffed salmon, fried lobster skewers and seafood stuffed ribeye that made us see the face of God.

Having a menu like this at your birthday bash is a different kind of FLEX that us peasants and poors simply can’t comprehend.

Themed drinks (courtesy of Branson Cognac) flowed the entire night and loosened up guests who posed for pics at the next-level photo booth with a revolving 4K camera.

The momentous occasion was also a celebration of Kash Doll’s casting on 50 Cent’s highly anticipated “Black Mafia Family” series on Starz.

Directed by Tasha Smith, the series tells the almost mythical true story of brothers Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory who ran one of the most infamous criminal operations in the country.

Kash plays Monique,’ one of Demetrius’ love interests.

“This is exactly what I planned on doing with my life,” she said in an interview with Forbes.

So for it to happen for me and to work with 50 Cent, I’m so grateful. Me being from Detroit, a great story coming from out of Detroit, it’s like everything just made sense. It just lets me know that everything happens in divine order and alignment.”

At this point, we don’t know how extravagant eventeur Hannah Kang continues to outdo herself but she did, once again, with another classic event.

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