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Well, Damn: Thieves Shot Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker And Stole Her 2 French Bulldogs Koji and Gustav, $500,000 Reward Offered

Lady Gaga's dog walker shot four times in Hollywood as thieves stole two of her dogs Koji and Gustavo

Was it really THAT serious???

Lady Gaga In Concert - San Jose CA 2008

Source: Tim Mosenfelder / Getty

Someone felt so strongly about stealing Lady Gaga’s pets that they were willing to spill blood over it. According to TMZ, the pop star’s dog walker was shot in the streets of Los Angeles while three of her precious pooches Koji, Miss Asia and Gustavo traipsed along. Two of the three French Bulldogs, Koji and Gustavo, were subsequently stolen. Gaga is offering a $500,000 “no questions asked” reward for anyone who can bring back her fur babies.

Some of the details are unclear at this moment but from what we understand in the report, the walker, Ryan Fischer, was in Hollywood just before 10pm last night. A gunman, potentially more than one, accosted the man and was shot four times in the chest according to NYPost. The man is expected to live as he is “thankfully recovering well,” at a local hospital according to an unknown source. Police are not sure if the thieves knew they were targeting Lady Gaga’s dog walker specifically.

The size of the reward indicates that Gaga is beside herself and grief-stricken over the attack and the stolen dogs. She has launched an email address that can be used to correspond with her regarding this matter: KojiandGustav@gmail.com

If you’re reading this and know who has the dogs, there is $500,000 waiting for you.

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