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Lust After Lockup: Bobby Shmurda Posted A Shirtless Thirst Trap & Melted The Gram

Twitter reacts to Bobby Shmurda posting a shirtless selfie on social media just a day after his long-awaited release from prison

Shmoney shot!

Bobby Shmurda has been out here LIVING since his long-awaited prison release that ended with Quavo picking him up in a private jet and whisking him away for a day of love and celebration.

Over the past few days, he’s eased himself back into his delayed stardom and teased the ladies with a shirtless thirst trap showing off his chiseled physique that stirred up chitter-chatter across social media.

The trending star (who gained 4 million followers within hours) was charged with conspiracy to murder, weapons possession, and reckless endangerment. He was arrested alongside his friend and GS9 artist Rowdy Rebel who came home just a couple of months ago. It was reported that Bobby was offered a deal to snitch on Rowdy and others associated with the alleged crimes but declined and was sentenced to 7 years in prison in 2016.

Bobby almost had an even longer sentence after he and his girlfriend were caught sneaking a shiv into Rikers Island. He was ultimately convicted and sentenced to an additional four years that ran concurrently with his seven-year sentence which meant no additional prison time.

Things almost went left numerous times but Bobby made it home to the joy of Rap fans around the world awaiting the return of his legendary hat from the Heavens.

Upon release, Bobby will be on probation until 2026. His mother Leslie Pollard says she counted the hours until his release and is beyond thrilled that she’s getting her boy back who, after some quality time with family, will be back to making music.

Tell us down below and peep some Twitter chitter-chatter over Bobby’s first post-prison thirst trap on the flip.

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