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“To Tell The Truth” Exclusive: Vivica A. Fox Has A Simple Request… “Show Me The Abs!” [VIDEO]

In a clip from Anthony Anderson's game show "To Tell The Truth," guest judges Alfonson Ribeiro, Tom Lennon and Vivica A. Fox try to guess who the real "Mr. December" is.

This ish is pure comedy!

ABC's "To Tell The Truth" - Season Six

Source: Ron Batzdorff / Getty

We love a good game show and we are super excited to have an exclusive clip from the ABC game show “To Tell The Truth” hosted by Anthony Anderson. In a funny scene from this week’s episode, this clip has the guest judges guessing who is the real “Mr. December” is, and abs are revealed! This episode/clip also features guest stars Alfonso Ribeiro, Tom Lennon and Vivica A. Fox. Check it out below!

Give sis some credit for getting right to the meat of the matter! Shouldn’t be too hard figuring out who the real calendar model is after checking out those body-odys!

Can you believe this is the 6th season of “To Tell The Truth”? We love Anthony Anderson in this role as a game show host. Also it looks like quarantine has done wonders for his beard. He stepping into Zaddy status quite seamlessly.

Tonight’s show has a great panel too. We actually can’t believe Tom Lennon really went there with contestant number three. Tell the truth — did you laugh at the clip?

“To Tell The Truth” airs on Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC.

Will you be watching?!

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