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Bodycam Footage In Chad Wheeler Arrest Shows Intense Struggle

Bodycam footage of Chad Wheeler's arrest is released showing intense struggle with the former Seahawks players. The footage picks up the aftermath of his domestic violence altercation which he badly beat his girlfriend Alleah Taylor for refusing to bow to him.

Bodycam footage has been released in the domestic violence arrest of former Seahawks player Chad Wheeler. The footage shows his enraged state and intense struggle with police.

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Chad Wheeler may have pleaded not guilty to charges of domestic violence and resisting arrest, but the amount of evidence against him seems massive. His girlfriend is still recovering from injuries she sustained from refusing to bow to him and did her first public interview this week. Even though he pleads not guilty, he did take to social media for a half-assed apology for his actions, which felt more like a press release for football fans and not the victims of his anger.

According to TMZ, more evidence against him has been made public in the form of bodycam footage from his arrest.

The video starts on the evening of Jan. 22, with police literally kicking down the door to the home in Kent, Washington where Wheeler was living with then-girlfriend Alleah Taylor. Taylor had called 911 claiming Wheeler had beaten and strangled her within inches of her life.
Once cops enter the home, the video goes dark — police redacted the in-home footage for various legal reasons but the audio paints a crystal clear picture of the chaos that ensues.

The footage features yelling back and forth and Chad begging they please not shoot him while he continued to disobey orders and yell at his girlfriend. You just have to see it for yourself, which you can below.

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